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So I thought I'd propose a villain known as The Nazi Officer from Sabaton's music video for their song "Uprising." Now unlike the previous villains i have proposed who ended up getting deleted due to the songs by Sabaton being mere narrations of the events these historical figures caused, this guy is their own fictional character created for the music video.

Who is He? What Has He Done?

I'm just gonna kinda copy from the synopsis i made for the page because I'm being lazy and there's really not that much else to it.

The Nazi Officer is the head of the occupation in Warsaw who gets a telephone call about the resistance from the Polish. He then orders the deaths of 100 Poles for one German. His soldiers proceeded with his orders, taking men, women, and children alike from the rebellion and rounded them up to shoot them to death. However the citizens refused to back down and continued to rebel. Therefore, he gives the order to burn down Warsaw after drunkingly pouring liquor all over the model for Warsaw and sets it on fire. As a result most of the citizens at Warsaw are shot down and bombed. The officer later visitis the scene himself where he walks past several dead bodies and shoots any innocent civilians who are still alive to death.

Heinous Standard

I guess this is where I'm a bit in a mix. I'm not sure he really does anything unique by System Standards as I would say. However given that he pours liquor all over the model for Warsaw and set sit on fire once he gives orders to bomb the place, I feel this shows he takes personal pleasure in what he does even if it was common for Nazis.

Miltigating Factors

He guns down innocent civilians who are wounded and clearly knows what hurts people as it's shown by what I said earlier that he takes sadistic pleasure in what he does. He has no sympathy or excuse for anything. He's a genocidal Nazi for C--ist's sake.


I say he counts though again I'm still iffy on the system standards but I'll let you guys decide. If you wanna check out the video, it's a bit graphic.


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