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OK so here is my fourth and most likely last proposal of a villain from Spider-Man: The Animated Series. He is none other than the Hobgoblin, SPECIFICALLY his Earth-98311 counterpart, from the reality in which Spider-Carnage originated. At first i was hesitant to make this proposal cause, I didn't want to give the impression I was proposing him based solely on the fact that TV Tropes accepts him-especially since i had doubts at first. However it's not for that reason alone. Having thought it over and discussing it with some of the Tropers, I feel he could be a good candidate. But I understand if some of you have second thoughts cause I...kind of do still tbh.

And for the record, no I do not plan to make a separate page at the time being because i feel if I made a separate page for Hobgodblin's alternate reality counterpart, it would be pretty short. Maybe I'll change my mind in the future if i feel I could add more info but tbh, they're not THAT much different from each other so I don't see the point. Should he be accepted, I feel Type Dependant on Version is enough.

What is the Work?

Once again time for a little copy and pasting:

Spider-Man: The Animated Series is a TV show about our favorite wall crawler that ran from 1994 to 1998. It follows Peter Parker's life post high school where he is trying to juggle living his everyday life, working at the Daily Bugle and trying to find a romantic relationship, and fighting crime as Spiderman. Sometimes his two lives overlap and it takes a toll on him. But our hero always triumphs.

Who is He? What Has He Done?

Even though I am proposing specifically the alternate reality counterpart, I feel his backstory in the Prime Universe is necessary because, like i said, the universes aren't that different from each other so there's no reason to believe his backstory has changed.

The Hobgoblin was once a pity crook by the name of Jason Phillip Macendale who, upon coming across Norman Osborn, agreed to aid him in his crimes in exchange for wealth and weapons, thus the Hoblgoblin was born. He became an infamous criminal who used his weapons to steal and cause mayhem, teaming up with Kingpin at moments, and voiced ever so amazingly by Mark Hamill, essentially giving us the Marvel Animated Universe's version of the Joker.

Now on Earth-98311, Hobgogblin teams up with Green Goblin in aiding Spider-Carnage in his quest to destroy New York, and actually succeeding in bringing it down to hell on earth, there's damaged buildings, death and destruction everywhere. As I described in my proposal for Spider-Carnage, it's been turned into a wasteland. When Hobgoblin and Green Goblin break into the Daily Bugle, Hobgoblin threatens to drop Robbie Robertson, J. Jonah Jameson's friend and coworker, to his death if he doesn't help them break the security system to retrieve some equipment to help build Spider-Carnage's machine-which they believe is meant to brain wash the entire world, which of course we know is a lie as Spider-Carnage just wants to destroy all of reality.

When J.J gives in to their demands in hopes of saving Robbie, Hobgoblin drops the poor man to his seeming death anyways, but is thankfully saved by prime Spider-Man. Prime Spider-Man jumps into the building to stop them, but Green Goblin kidnaps Jameson while Hobgoblin detonates a bomb before leaving, which blows up the Bugle and almost kills Spider-Man.

Jameson mourns over his work, but Hobgoblin just insults him and uses his hand print to break the security system. He thanks Jameson and tosses him to the side of the building, which could have caused him to fall off. After that, he and the Green Goblin don't do too much on their own except near the end of the episode, where they try to kill Prime Spiderman and the ones from other worlds once they ambush Kingpin's whereabouts.

Miltigating Factors?

Ok here has been my reasons as to why I was hesitant to propose him. He doesn't have much screen time and I don't really see how his actions are any different from the Green Goblin to whom he's teaming up with or even Spider-Carnage who was ordering him to do so. Here's even a quote from my proposal on Spider-Carnage: "Hobgoblin and Green Goblin have nothing on him as they're just his henchmen following his orders. And even then they don't know the full picture of his plans".

Here are some things that made me re-think my doubts. As I said before, Earth-98311 is shown as not being too different from that of Prime Spider-Man's universe. In fact it's shown that the thing that serves as the catalyst for where these worlds split, is when Spider-Man is cloned and his memories are erased, which lead to the events of Spider-Carnage's birth and New York being destroyed. Therefore, it should follow that Green Goblin's and Hobgoblin's backstories aren't too different from that of the Prime Universe. Meaning that Green Goblin is still an artificial persona created by Norman Osborn, which may lead to some moral agency issues. Hobgoblin never had any excuse for his actions, he was a pity crook who went into crime and became a supervillain by his own free will. The Hobgoblin is not a split personality, just an alias. There's also the fact that in the prime universe, Green Goblin cared about his son Harry.

So even if Hobgoblin was following orders from Green Goblin in destroying New York, he still showed personal pleasure in doing so and doesn't fall on the same excuse as Green Goblin does in suffering from some mental illness. What also makes him stand out is him dropping Robbie to his seeming death despite Jameson's cooperation.

Also, even if we are to believe that Hobgoblin's love interest, Felicia, does in fact exist in this dimension, we know from the prime verse that he never truly cared about her. He tried to kill her and fully admitted he was only attracted to things about her like wealth and beauty. Wow what a guy.

Even though in the alternate dimension, he and Green Goblin seem to get along, as opposed to the prime universe, there's no indication he cares for him in any way. He's just fascinated by his blood lust.

Heinous Standard?

Alright this is yet another thing that made me question his ability to count. There's no evidence to suggest he was aware of Spider-Carnage's plans to destroy all of reality with the equipment they stole for him. But even then he was still willing to aid Spider-Carnage in creating a device that he thought would basically erase all of humanity of it's free will. While that may seem like standard take over the world villainy, what helps him to stand out is his visible destruction of New York and the supposed mass murder of innocents. This may not put him on the exact level of Spider-Carnage or Dormammu but it's still extremely dark by the TV Show's standards especially since we see the damage he caused. Besides, even if he wasn't aware of Spider-Carnage's true plans, there's no evidence he would have cared HAD he found out. I also feel him throwing Robbie to his supposed death just so he could hurt Jameson is pity enough, even for the standards of the show. It also shows he's capable of standing out beyond just doing what his boss tells him to do.

Now you might ask how alternate Hobbie stands out to his prime Universe's counterpart? Prime Hobbie is pretty standard tbh. He uses a machine that could create a black hole in the universe solely to steal stuff with. So he doesn't do much for the resources he has. The worst he probably does is blackmail Herbert Landon into giving him weapons in exchange for letting him commit genocide against mutants. But even then that's more of Landon's own actions. Hobgoblin was just indifferent to his crime. While that's still evil, it's hard to stand out given the genocidal part of it was solely on Landon himself. And it's just that one act.

EDIT: Alright I will like to add that I haven't seen the X-Men series unfortunately but i do know that that alone most likely adds to the standards of the show as a whole. I may still lean towards him qualifying though considering he has visibly destroyed all of New York and was planning to away his world's free will. But I'll let those who have seen both shows decide.


Like I said, I had my doubts, and I understand if you guys do too, but I think there are compelling enough arguments in his favor.