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So I mentioned this on Discord but I've been thinking about creating a PE removal proposal for Fusilli from Courage the Cowardly Dog.

What is the Work?

Courage the Cowardly Dog is a 90s Cartoon Network tv show that revolves around young Beagle named Courage who lives with his loving owner, Muriel, and her cranky husband Eustace Bagge. Throughout the series, the timid Courage must save his owners from horrific ghouls and monster who will try to harm his beloved Muriel and makes sure his family is safe despite his fearful nature.

Who is Fusilli? What Has He Done?

Fusilli is an alligator who has his own traveling theater where he promises others fame fortune should they star on his stage. Unbeknownst to them, his actually has the power to transform these unfortunate victims of his into puppets and has them fight each other for amusement once they perform on his stage. In a way he's killing them i suppose considering they are no longer conscious. It's revealed once Courage looks in one of his rooms that he has dozens of puppets, aka victims of his.

Fusilli's plans work on the naive Muriel who goes on stage with Eustace and they are both turned into puppets. As Fusilli uses their strings to make them fight each other for his own amusement, Courage confronts him while covered flour. A terrified Fusilli thinks he's a ghost and jumps on to his stage to escape from him. When Fusilli hears a false audience cheering him on, he bows to them and is turned into a puppet himself.

Courage takes his owners now puppified (ha ha) bodies and due to negative continuity, they are alive in later episodes.

Why Doesn't He Count?

Fusilli's actions aren't taken completely seriously considering that they come back to life due to negative continuity. Even before the episode ends, their "deaths" aren't portrayed as darkly as they could be and they're not even mourned by Courage. He just tries to make them act out their routine and ends the episode with a joke as he breaks the Fourth Wall, "sometimes a dog's gotta do what a dog's gotta do". At least with other PEs in the show the victims stay dead should they be killed There's also the fact that Fusillis's death is kind of comical. He literally falls for his own trap on his stage by bowing down to a fake audience that HE created and is turned into a puppet as a result. Need I also mention that he jumped to the stage in fear because he mistook Courage for a phantom? It's pretty comical if you ask me.


I just feel like his actions in the episode overall suffer from being inconsistently heinous. I say Cut.