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Ok so I thought I would propose another villain from the 90s Spiderderman animated series, Spider-Carnage. Now bare in mind, I am ONLY referring to the symbiote not the host known as the clone of Peter Parker. The actual Symbiote itself. If someone wants to make a separate page or they feel keeping them in one page under Type Dependent on Version is enough, treat yourself.

EDIT: Alright I decided to make them into two separate pages for convenience sake.

What is the Show?

I'll just copy and paste from my Mordo/Dormammu proposal:

Spider-Man: The Animated Series is a TV show about our favorite wall crawler that ran from 1994 to 1998. It follows Peter Parker's life post high school where he is trying to juggle living his everyday life, working at the Daily Bugle and trying to find a romantic relationship, and fighting crime as Spiderman. Sometimes his two lives overlap and it takes a toll on him. But our hero always triumphs.

Who is Spider-Carnage? What has He Done?

Spider-Carnage exists in an alternate reality where a clone of Peter Parker is given the same memory by the scientist, Dr. Miles Warren. He is given all of Peter Parker's past traumas such as having no guardians or friends and losing all of his family members, including Aunt May. The real Parker is erased of his memory and put under the impression that he is the clone and takes up the alias of Ben Reilly. However, Dr. Curt Connors, who knew both Ben and the clone, concluded after studying their genetic makeup that he was the real Peter Parker after all and that the one lead to believe to be the real one was, you guessed it, a clone. This broke the clone and he set to destroy Ben Reilly due to blaming him for the ruination of his life.

When Ben Reilly, now known as Scarlet Spider, tries to stop Kingpin from finishing a machine that will open doors to other realities, his clone jumps in with the intent of attacking them all, including the Scarlet Spider. During the fight, Kingpin's machine is activated by accident and summons a carnage symbiote, who bonds with the clone due to his own hatred for Scarlet Spider as well as humanity as a whole, driving the man insane and thus Spider-Carnage is born.

Upon teaming up with Kingpin, Spider-Carnage terrorizes all of New York by having the Green Goblin and the Hobgoblin massacre the whole place, turning it into literal Hell on Earth. All of Queens is burnt down there id destruction wherever one goes and it is basically a wasteland. Spider-Carnages plan is to use the goblins to steal parts from J Jonah Jameson to create finish Kingpin's machine so he may control one's minds. Unbeknownst to Kingpin, however, he's actually planning to use the machine to destroy the entire multiverse and put an end to reality itself as revenge for the clone's torment. Madame Web even shows a vision of what the effect would look like should it happen to Spiderman from the prime verse. Despite the fact that Kingpin believes Spider-Carnage's lies, even he is weary of him due to his insanity.

As Spiderman from the prime verse teams up with Spider-men from other universes to stop him, Spider-Carnage would continue to try to kill them. As the plan in opening the portals is starting to fail due to the interference from the other Spider-men, Spider-Carnage uses it to transport himself to Iron Spider-Man’s universe. When Prime Spiderman follows him there, Spider-Carnage tries to kill him with one of the Iron Spider-Man’s robots, When this plan fails, it is revealed that Spider-Carnage manipulated this world's Wilson Fisk (who was Iron Spiderman's lawyer in this version) into kidnapping him and once again lies about simply conducting some business with him when he actually plans to destroy all reality. Typical right? When Kingpin finds this out, he is as shocked and disgusted as everyone else.

When Spider-Carnage's plan is beginning to foil, he kidnaps Gwen Stacy, threatening to kill her if they don't let him go so he can destroy all of reality. Realizing that Uncle Ben must be alive in this dimension, Prime Spider-Man brings him to Spider-Carnage, where he proceeds to talk to the Peter Parker underneath. As the Parker clone realizes the error of his ways, he tries his best to fight off the symbiote but the symbiote refuses to back down. The clone is then forced to open an unbalanced portal which vaporizes him. Thus the clone sacrificed himself because the symbiote wouldn't let him go.

Miltigating Factors?

Like I said, I am referring to the symbiote itself, not the clone of Parker whom he possesses. While Parker was unstable to begin with, the symbiote only maximized the poor man's emotions upon bonding with him. The symbiote is treated within universe as a separate entity from the clone Parker, a force that is possessing him and making him do terrible things for it's own sadistic glee. This is established by both Ben Parker and the Prime Spiderman. This is empathized further when the symbiote refuses to let Parker go upon his redemption. It's also established earlier on that the symbiote bonding is specifically what drove him insane, even if he was somewhat broken to begin with. While it could be argued the symbiote is made of evil, I find this hard to believe given it uses Parker's intelligence to manipulate other into doing his bidding, and even tricking them in order to do so, by disguising his plans for the destruction of all of reality for simply ruling the world. This establishes a moral agency. And we see the effects of him destroying New York as well as what could happen should he succeed in destroying all of reality.

Heinous Standard?

The Spider-Carnage symbiote commits AAAAAAALOOOOT with the sources he has, even moreso than Dormammu who was a cosmic tryant, and whose only plans where to drain souls from several dimensions. Spider-Carnage came dangerously close to destroying all of reality itself and was successful in bringing down the New York within his world into ruin. It's probably the darkest episode in the show. Hobgoblin and Green Goblin have nothing on him as they're just his henchmen following his orders. And even then they don't know the full picture of his plans. Nor does Fisk.


I say he counts. You?