So allot of you people may be wondering why I haven't been available. Truth be told I've been under allot of stress lately. Some of you may know this but I recently moved. I moved out of the house with my roommates and into an apartment with my sister. Which was the biggest f-ckin mistake i've ever made. There is nothing between us. And what's worst is the decision to move was not one made by me. My parents didn't like my current situation and kind of manipulated me into it. I'm finally coming to grips with the fact that i have narcissistic parents-and my sister is no better. She's even aware that my parents have problems but continues to enable them and refuses to back me up which feels suffocating. And now I've decided i don't give a s-it what they think anymore and have just been looking for other living options and focusing on what I'm gonna do with my life until my lease is up in June. I had a great thing before I moved in with my sister: a house in the mountains, good wi fi, people I liked living with, and for only 500 dollars a month and I threw it all away becuse of how my parents felt. Now I live with my hard headed sister in a s-itty apartment where i once heard gun shots going off while i was in the parking lot. But I'm never making that mistake again. And I have been reaching out to other members of my family-aunts uncles and cousins which has been SO refreshing. I'm also finally seeing a therapist. And for those of you who are wondering in regards to one of my other updates-I do have a job with benefits now which is nice. But my grandpa has passed a few days ago. Though he lived longer than expected because we brought him home which I think lifted his spirits. And I'm helping with the funeral which feels good. All of you just please wish me luck I love you all, and I still want to be apart of this wiki it just hasn't been on my mind recently and I feel you all deserve to know the details.

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