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October still has 20 days left. And I still have plenty of horrific villains in stock for the scariest month of the year.

The Work

Blade is a 1998 dark fantasy action film based on the Marvel Comics superhero. Eric Brooks/Blade is a half-human/vampire (or dhampir) who fights evil vampires. One, in particular, goes by the name Deacon Frost, and his goal is to awaken the vampire god so he can take over humanity.

The Candidate

Frost is the leader of a gang of young vampires who were once ordinary humans turned into vampires. While the other vampires are simply driven by a thirst for blood, Frost wants to use his powers to take over the world. His plan involves attacking a pregnant Vanessa Brooks and use her son Eric, who has become a dhampir, and spill his blood to revive the vampire god La Magra. He wants to ascend to godhood to claim all human "cattle" just because he finds vampires superior. At the House of Erebus with elderly vampires, they rebuke Frost's idea to incite a war between humans and vampires, simply because Frost was not born as a vampire. Enraged, Frost and his goons imprison the council while the leader Dragonetti was executed by exposing him to the morning sun.

Meanwhile, the grown-up Eric takes the identity of "Blade", a vampire hunter. After rescuing hematologist Karen Jenson from one of the vampires taken in custody following Blade infiltrating a vampire rave club, Frost sends a policeman vampire Officer Krieger to kill Karen. Blade interferes and demands to know who sent him, but Krieger manages to escape to one of Frost's nightclubs. Angered Krieger failed his mission, Frost brutally kills him and drinks his blood. Later, Blade goes to confront Frost, finding him in a public park. Frost is holding a young girl hostage and threatens to slice her neck. Blade attempts to shoot Frost, only for him to throw his hostage straight into oncoming traffic. Blade rescues her, but this allows Frost to escape.

Karen soon finds both a vaccine to cure infected people of vampirism and learns that an anticoagulant EDTA explodes when combined with vampire blood. Suddenly, Frost and his men infiltrate their hideout and abduct Karen while leaving Blade's fatherly figure Abraham Whistler for dead. Blade mercy kills Whistler so he won't become a vampire and arms himself with the EDTA before ambushing Frost's penthouse to rescue Karen. However, it turned out it was a trap to lure Blade to Frost's lair with the help of... plot twist... HIS MOTHER! Get this... despite dying from her wounds after birthing Blade in the opening scene of the film, Vanessa somehow didn't die and instead became a vampire, something Frost sadistically rubs in Blade's face while they take him to the Temple of Eternal Night to begin the ritual.

After Blade is drained of his dhampir blood, Frost sacrifices the twelve other members of the council to use their pure vampire status to summon La Magra, granting Frost immortality. Meanwhile, Karen is tossed into a pit to become food for her former co-worker who was turned into a vampire/zombie-like hybrid but she escapes and allows Blade to drink her blood to recover his strength. With his regained powers, Blade defeats Frost's goons, including putting his mother out of her misery. With only Frost left, Blade does no damage as Frost immediately regenerates his body no matter how many times Blade cuts him. Fortunately, Blade injects Frost with the EDTA, causing his body to swell up and pop.

Any Factors?

None that I can point out. He's a sadistic sociopath who shows absolutely no mercy for anyone, even his minions, who he will kill with no remorse should they fail him, as seen with him killing Krieger when he failed his mission. He's also seen somewhat like a perverted pimp who makes sexual remarks towards others, but I wouldn't call those mitigating factors since he was only using them to complete his goal of becoming a god. He was also willing to have an innocent child involved by throwing her into a street to escape from the heroes.

One of his minions, Mercury, is said to be his lover, but after her death, he doesn't give a crap.

Work's Standards

While the other vampires are simply just regular monsters trying to survive by drinking human blood which turns them into vampires, Frost is the only true evil vampire given his goal to reduce all humans into his personal "cattle" by incarnating the vampire god La Magra.

The second Blade film has Jared Nomak who is a tragic villain because he was transformed into a monster by his father and hates himself for it, and Eli Damaskinos actually thanks Blade for killing Frost due to his willingness to kill other vampires. The third film has Drake/Dracula who has a similar goal of turning all people into his vampire slaves, but he has honorable respect towards Blade after his defeat and entrusts him that the vampire race will live on through him.


If it looks like a keeper, sounds like a keeper, then I say it's a keeper.

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