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Dr. Christopher Meddows

In this town, you're all his patients.

A proposal for Dr. Christopher Meddows, the mad scientist behind the creation of the Blob.

What's the Work

The 1988 remake of The Blob is a darker and edgier film than the original 1958 film with more mature content such as severe profanity and far gorier deaths. Instead of being an alien, the Blob is instead created by bacteria being exposed to space radiation, and the invention of Dr. Meddows.

Who is Dr. Meddows and what he's done

A scientist leading "germ warfare" to beat the Soviet Russians during the Cold War, Dr. Meddows creates his own bacteria and sends it into space to fall in a capsule resembling a meteor to test its worth. While in space, the bacteria mutate from radiation into the iconic pink sludge of the Blob before landing in Arborville, California. As the Blob began its rampage, Meddows and his soldiers quarantine the town, telling our two rebel teenage protagonists Meg and Brian his theory that the Blob was the result of alien bacteria that traced back to the extinction of the dinosaurs (which is quite the lie).

Meddows has Sherrif Briggs take Meg and Brian back to town, but Brian jumps out of the van to eavesdrop on Meddows telling his assistant Dr. Jennings his plan to trap the creature in the sewers, where Meg happened to be helping her brother Kevin and his friend Eddie, but Meddows doesn't care about the fate of a few kids, and even sends his men after them when he realizes that Brian went down there, seeing him as a threat to revealing the truth behind his plan. Kevin escapes by being pushed through a grate and Eddie is eaten, leaving Brian, Meg, and a wounded soldier in hot pursuit of the Blob. Meddows orders the three to be sealed in, demanding a van driver to put a tire over the manhole.

Brian manages to use the soldier's rocket launcher to blast open the blocked manhole and reveals to everyone that Meddows was the one behind the Blob, declaring that the whole "quarantine" was a plan to have the Blob eat everyone in the town. Meddows prepares to shoot Brian to shut him up only for the Blob to erupt from the manhole and drag Meddows down to be eaten by his own invention.

Mitigating Factors

While he did not intend for the Blob to turn out as savage as it became, Meddows has no redeeming qualities as he's still pleased over the test results, fully allowing the creature to consume everything it touches. He shows no remorse for anyone that the Blob eats, only using affability as manipulation to get away with his crimes and feed more people to his "pet". He's also willing to throw away his men as seen by locking them in the sewer, lacking any sympathy if they become Blob chow.

Although he claims that the Blob's destruction is all a test to assist America in winning the Cold War, he's far from an extremist as he deems the town expendable for his research and the testing of his monster.

Heinous Standards

Sets it, as the entire situation of a giant man-eating goop in a town full of innocent civilians is all his fault, and he doesn't care about who will die to take control of his creation. And for his soldiers, after Meddows' death, they immediately redeem themselves and assist the townsfolk in fighting the Blob. For the Blob itself, while it is far more intelligent and cunning than the original film incarnation as it is shown to toy with its prey, it still acts animalistic in nature.


He does far little onscreen compared to the mass-murdering that the Blob does, but he's still the one to blame and lacks any sympathy for his heinous crimes. The Blob may be a monster, but Meddows is the real monster here. Keep.

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Verdict: Pure Evil

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