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Thirty days left until Godzilla vs. Kong (here in America).

The Work

King Kong Escapes is a 1967 Toho film loosely based on Rankin/Bass' 1966 cartoon The King Kong Show. In this film, the iconic fifty-foot gorilla becomes a pawn under control of a mad scientist seeking world domination. Meet the mastermind, the evil scientific genius Dr. Who.

All puns aside, who is Doctor Who?

Who is Dr. Who

Dr. Who is a Time Lord who travels through time and space battling cataclysmic aliens in his TARDIS. Nah, I'm just pulling your leg, it's not THAT Dr. Who.

Dr. Who is a mad scientist aiding representative Madame Piranha of an anonymous country seeking nuclear power to take control of the world. Prior to the events in the film, Who was an associate with submarine commander Carl Nelson. When they discovered information on Kong, Who stole the blueprints and used them to build a robotic counterpart of Kong, Mechani-Kong. The plan was to use Mechani-Kong to mine out a new radioactive element found in the North Pole called "Element X", a material Who says has the power to kill thousands of millions. However, the radiation short-circuits Mechani-Kong. Who then sets plan B in action; to capture the real Kong to finish the job.

Meanwhile, Carl Nelson and his team locate Mondo Island and meet Kong. They then tell their discoveries to the UN Headquarters. One of the interviewers there was a disguised Piranha, who tells Who the directions to Mondo Island. Upon arrival, Who has helicopters use gas bombs to knock Kong unconscious and carry him away. A native man appears and warns Who that stealing Kong from the island would have dire effects. Who not only doesn't take the native seriously, but also shoots him for no reason. Nelson and his crew return to the island in time to hear the native's dying plea to rescue Kong.

In the North Pole, Who uses a floating light device to hypnotize Kong and is fitted with an earpiece. He commands Kong to continue mining for Element X. Kong does what he's told and mines out the Element X. He's able to withstand the radiation, but it undoes the hypnotism and Kong returns to normal. Kong attempts to break free of the mine but Who locks him in behind a gate. Who then kidnaps Nelson and his lieutenants Jiro Nomura and Susan Watson as they know how to communicate with Kong. After a failed effort for Piranha to seduce Nelson into joining her and Who, Who decides to execute them for they refuse to aid him. He attempts to torture Susan and Jiro to death within a freezing chamber, but this angers Kong and he breaks through the gate and escapes into the ocean towards Japan. Who decides to send Mechani-Kong after Kong, intending them to fight to decide which one is superior. Piranha steps out of the plan, telling the doctor that if the two were to battle in Tokyo, the city would be destroyed and thousands of lives would be at risk. Who simply laughs and calls her out as a "moralist".

Piranha decides to free Nelson and his crew and has them rush to Tokyo to stop the military from attacking Kong. During this, Watson tries to pacify Kong, cause as we know Kong has a thing for blonde gals. Just then Mechani-Kong arrives and battles Kong, managing to overpower him. It then grabs Watson and climbs the Tokyo Tower. Through a speaker on the robot, Who demands Kong to surrender or else he will drop Susan from the tower to her death. Kong refuses, prompting Mechani-Kong to drop Susan, but Kong catches her and climbs up the tower to battle Mechani-Kong. Meanwhile, Piranha turns against Who and demands him to stop. Who shoots and kills Piranha, but not before she pulls out Mechani-Kong's control cords, causing the robot to malfunction and plummet from the tower to its destruction. Who attempts to escape arrest from the military, but Kong catches up to his ship and destroys it, with Who crushed by debris. Kong then triumphantly swims back to Mondo Island.

Mitigating Factors

None I can think of. He's only interested in his own ego in using Element X for his schemes in world domination. While working with the unknown country, he's not loyal to them considering he thinks nothing about the others' morals or standards. Who demonstrates how ruthless he can be by shooting the native man while the others ignored him.

By the end of the film, he shows his true unredeemable colors when he allows Kong and Mechani-Kong to battle in Tokyo just to decide who is stronger; meaning he's willing to risk thousands of lives for a victor. And when his boss tells him to stop and resorts to sabotaging Mechani-Kong, he kills her with no remorse.

Heinous Standards

He's the worst when compared to the other characters in the film. Piranha redeems herself, Mechani-Kong follows Who's orders, and his other henchmen are not given enough characteristics to make them stand out. Gorosaurus is also in this film, but comparing a simple hungry dinosaur to a world dominating power-hungry scientist... yeah.


Sounds like a keeper.

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