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Hi doggie

This is my first blog post using the new UCP program, and already I have no clue what the heck I'm doing.

The Work

The Howling is a 1981 horror film loosely based on a 1977 novel of the same name. Our candidate to discuss only comes from the film adaptation, so that's the one I'll be discussing.

It follows LA news anchor Karen White and her husband Bill traveling to a secluded resort in the countryside called the Colony for a howling good time. As in, the local residents are werewolves. One of the residents stands out the most: Eddie Quist.

The Candidate

Hide your kids and lock your doors, cause there's another serial killer going about LA. Eddie Quist, also known as Eddie the Mangler given his mutilated victims, has a secret hidden from the press. Due to a phenomenon caused by the Colony, Eddie is able to shapeshift into a werewolf without the usage of a full moon. Karen becomes his next target, which comes aware to her given Eddie stalks her across the neighborhood. Teaming up the local police, they plot out a trap for Karen and Eddie to go on a "date" at the movie theater, where the police will be able to apprehend Eddie. Eddie takes the bait and gets to choose the movie to watch, but at the request to have his face hidden. The film in question? Nothing much... just your typical snuff film of Eddie raping his last victim. As Karen watches the film in horror, Eddie taunts her that the woman in the film is now dead and orders her to turn around, revealing his werewolf form, fully intending of doing the same to her. Fortunately, her screams alert the police outside, where they rush in and shoot Eddie dead. Despite being saved from the serial killing werewolf, Karen was traumatized so horribly she became amnesiac.

After weeks of therapy, Karen regains her memories, but suffers horrific nightmares about her encounter with Eddie. Her therapist sends her and Bill to recover at the Colony. While the Colony seems peaceful, little do they know that the more suspenseful people happen to be werewolves, including T.C. and Marsha Quist, Eddie's siblings. After some hanging out one drunk night, Bill is attacked by a werewolf and barely escapes alive. He is treated by Dr. Waggner. After treatment, Bill acts strangely such as eating meat despite being vegan and behaving somewhat aggressively. Karen calls her friends Chris and Terry up for assistance. Finding a sketch left behind by none other than Eddie, they connect him with the colony. At the local morgue, they discover that Eddie's body is not only gone but there is a large hole in the wall, suggesting something large either entered or escaped. The two separate with Terry returning to Eddie's shack.

Suddenly, a werewolf (later revealed to be T.C.) attacks Terry but she fends him off by chopping his hand off with an axe. Terry alerts Chris through a phone call in Dr. Waggner's office. He suggests she look through the file cabinet for information about Eddie. Once she finds Eddie's info, another werewolf ambushes her and mauls her while Chris listens. As Chris drives to the Colony as fast as he can (while picking up some silver bullets for his rifle), Karen runs into the office having heard Terry's screams and sees her friend's mutilated corpse on the desk next to, surprise, surprise, a human Eddie, revealing himself to be alive. Eddie asks Karen if she wants a piece of his mind by digging out the police's bullet from his skull and transforms back into a werewolf as Karen watches in fear. Before they could "continue where they last left off, Karen splashes a bottle of acid at Eddie's face and run for it.

Once Chris arrives, Eddie plays a tape recording of his and Terry's phone conversation. Once the tape reaches the part where Eddie kills Terry, Eddie shows himself in his human form (albeit badly burnt from the acid) and comments over Terry's "sexy voice". He taunts Chris to shoot him as he transforms into a werewolf, unaware that the gun was loaded with silver bullets. Before fully transforming, Chris shoots twice into Eddie's throat, killing him and avenging his girlfriend's death. After burning down the Colony to presumably kill the remaining werewolves (with only Marsha confirmed escaping), Karen shares a broadcast to alert the world over the existence of werewolves. However, Eddie's attack on her causes Karen to turn into a werewolf, forcing Chris to use his last silver bullet to mercy kill her.

Any Factors?

There's no excuse or backstory to elaborate any sympathy for him or his actions. He's a violent and sadistic werewolf serial killer who has snuff filmed himself raping at least one of his victims before killing her and shows sick satisfaction of having his next victim watch the recording before sharing the same fate.

Although he has two siblings, the film goes into no details to imply a relationship between one another.

Work's Standards

This is quite a large franchise with a whooping seven sequels, but only the second movie shares any connections to the original film.

While the other werewolves of the Colony are also savage beasts, they are perfectly normal in their human forms (even though they still act quite suspicious). Eddie is the only citizen who actively hunts and kills people in both forms of his for sadistic pleasure. Not to mention that he's the only Colony resident who happens to be a serial killing rapist.


He does sound heinous enough but I'll leave the deciding up to you guys.