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The Work

Love, Death & Robots is an adult animated anthology series on Netflix. Each episode, based on a short story, is made by different crews from different countries, with premises following a similar pattern consisting of... love, death, and robots.


"Good Hunting" is the eighth episode of the first season. It takes place in a Chinese village and follows Liang, a boy who befriends a huli jing (a shapeshifting fox-like creature that can take human form, similar to the kitsune of Japan) named Yan after his father kills her mother. Once Liang and Yan grow up into young adults, the British have colonized Hong Kong into a steampunk metropolis, with their industrial materials supplementing magic thus making Yan a permanent human. They have gone their separate ways with Liang becoming an automaton creator in the city. Months pass and he meets Yan once more, but something is very much different about her.

Who is the Governor

Without her ability to shapeshift and hunt, Yan has to make a living serving as a mistress to various Englishmen. One of her clients is none other than the governor of Hong Kong himself (his son in the short story). While presenting himself as a seemingly friendly chubby man, the governor showed no signs of affection for Yan, as he was a mechanophiliac who could only get "hard" for machines. He had one true goal to accomplish: to create the ultimate machine to satisfy his desires, seeing Yan as his perfect test subject. One night, the governor drugs a drink he made for Yan, causing her to fall unconscious. Once the Sun rises in the morning, Yan is no longer made of flesh and blood, she is made of nothing but metal.

Doesn't sound heinous enough? What if I told you that during the "operation", the governor had his surgeons intentionally wait until Yan woke up before dissecting her alive. That's right, Yan was awake during the whole ordeal and felt the whole thing. We're even shown her screaming in pain as the doctors saw off her legs. The short story has it worse, with the governor('s son) threatening to throw her into the street to live legless unless she allowed his doctors to continue with the operation.

With Yan reduced to an android, the governor uses her as his sex slave, forcing her to partake in his mechanic fetish for weeks on end. Whenever she resists his demands, he would promptly beat her nonstop until she accepted. One night, she has enough of his abuse and discovers that her machine powers make her stronger against regular people, and uses her "hunting" instincts to kill the governor by ripping his jaw in half, King Kong style. After meeting Jiang again, he transforms her body into a huli jing automaton, allowing Yan to vigilantly hunt anyone who causes harm across the city.

Mitigating Factors

Absolutely none. His lust for Yan is only a perverted obsession and nothing else.

Work's Standards

He easily stands out amongst the rest in the short. The only competitors have nothing in comparison to his actions. All we got is Liang's father who killed Yan's mother, but only because he thought she was trying to bewitch a man. There's also a trio of nobles who attack and undress a prostitute, but are killed by Yan before anything else could happen.


If there are any preventions, this is yet another example where the villain has only one confirmed victim under his belt, with very little to no evidence to imply he's done something like it before or after. However, what ranks him into PE territory is the horrendous fate worse than death he places Yan into: turning her into an android against her will (whilst awake to feel the pain no doubt) and uses her as his sex slave, beating her up anytime she refuses.

So yeah, if he counts, the tally is up to you guys.