Robbie Rotten

Don't let your kids watch it!

Presenting the most heinous villain of all time, and villain #1 for that matter.

What's the Work?

LazyTown is an Icelandic children's show about a girl named Stephanie who moves to LazyTown to visit her uncle, the mayor of a town where everyone is just so dang lazy. So with the help of the town superhero Sportacus, she plans to bring back the happiness in everyone's dull lives by making them more physically active.

Who is Robbie Rotten? What has he done?

Sporticus' nemesis, Robbie Rotten is the biggest sleaze in the town, as he plans to keep LazyTown in its lazy situation by encouraging people to stay home, eat junk food, and play video games 24/7. To do this, he wears disguises or builds inventions to ruin the fun of Stephanie, Sporticus, and their friends to ruin and discourage the fun active hobbies they make. Ironically, he puts so much effort into his schemes that he's just as active as his archenemies. Robbie also happens to be somewhat of a dimwit, and thus he never wins at the end of any episode.

His most famous appearance is when he finds three traveling performers (Bobby, Tobby, and Flobby) who looked exactly like him and manipulates them into becoming his minions to kidnap Sportacus and drag him out of town through the song "We Are Number One". But they happen to be just as dimwitted as him and cause more chaos than actual planning. Afterwards, they tell Robbie that they don't like being villains and leave to play sports, much to his anger.

Mitigating Factors

He steals candy from babies, you heartless monster! However, he is friendly to those who support the laziness, and he dances with Stephanie and Sporticus in the episode where even he gets bored of not doing his plans when they go somewhere.

Heinous Standards

There's hardly any villainous, or even antagonistic, characters in this show other than Robbie. There's Stingy, a greedy jerk who commits theft and copyright infringement, but that's mainly what he is, a greedy jerk. I haven't seen all of the episodes, but Robbie Rotten is, so far, the mastermind behind all of the inventions and schemes to prevent the children from having fun.

Final Verdict

Easy yes, this guy is beyond redemption.

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