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Sundowner Grenade Troll

There's a red sun over paradise.

Happy Memorial Day weekend. Let us honor our soldiers who have perished sacrificing their lives to keep our homes and people strong.

...Well, maybe not this guy.

The Work

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a 2013 hack-and-slash game and spin-off of the Metal Gear series. Set four years after the events of MGS4, Raiden, the main character of MGS2 and member of the PMC (private military company) Maverick Security Consulting Inc., is badly wounded by terrorists during a mission to protect the African Prime Minister N'mani. Having a chunk of his broken body replaced with machinery, Raiden goes out full revenge on the terrorists, cyborg ninja style.

The terrorists are from rival PMC Desperado Enforcement LLC, lead by the psychopathic sadist Sundowner. Let there be blood.

The Candidate

The sub-leader of Desperado Enforcement LLC, Sundowner is a hired killer by Senator Armstrong in his plan to profit over wars so they could end them as a business. First making his game debut by attacking N'mani and cutting down his bodyguards, Raiden asks what he wants. Sundowner replies that Africa was too peaceful and calls down a Metal Gear RAY to destroy the city and attack Raiden while he gets away with N'mani as his hostage. While Raiden defeats the RAY, Sundowner escapes the pursuing Maverick soldiers on a train. Once Raiden catches up on the train, he discovers that Sundowner was torturing N'mani and reveals he has no more use of his shield and slowly cuts N'mani's neck. As he lies wounded, Sundowner taunts N'mani over the benefits of war before impaling him on his machete and tossing him off the train. He escapes on a helicopter while he has Samuel Rodrigues (Jetstream Sam) distract Raiden, who slashes off Raiden's arm and eye before escaping. From there, Raiden is enhanced with a new mechanical body, becoming known as Jack the Ripper due to his sudden bursts of thrill-seeking craziness.

Later, after defeating Mistral, Raiden is sent to a Mexican laboratory where Desperado was conducting experiments on local orphan children by cutting out their brains, then shipping them to America where they are trained through VR and placed into cybernetic bodies to create soldiers, similar to Raiden, which is why he grows protective of George, one orphan who managed to escape through the waste pipes. From footage that Raiden hacked from a cyborg guard, Sundowner was just there observing the work, telling the head scientist that they should ship out before the NGO investigates the lab.

So it turns out that Desperado was allied with World Marshal, the PMC supporting Senator Armstrong, selling them the harvested child organs outside of the brain. In Denver, while racing to the World Marshal headquarters, Sundowner observes Raiden as he fights through Sam's attempts to break him that the cyborgs he killed still have feelings and defeated Monsoon. Once Raiden enters the building, Sundowner taunts Raiden to let his Jack the Ripper ego out and go nuts.

At the top of the building, we are shown just as heartless as Sundowner is, having been the one who assigns the "still alive" brains of the children with the VR technology, where he encourages them to kill as many people as possible, including innocent civilians, sending "pleasurable" jolts whenever they accomplished a murder with the reward of a new cyborg body. When Raiden questions why he would do this to children, Sundowner proclaims that children could be molded to perform all sorts of atrocities to keep a good war going. He then brings Raiden to the helipad where he could enjoy slashing him apart and prevent him from stopping Armstrong's Operation Tecumseh that would initiate in three hours and bring the PMCs to a level unseen since 9/11.

Raiden manages to defeat Sundowner and knocks him off the building, but he manages to grab a helicopter and orders it to shoot missiles at Raiden, destroying the top floors of the skyscraper and thus the chamber with all of his "students". But Raiden manages to grab a Slider and rides it back to the damaged roof, throwing it at the chopper. The explosion knocks Sundowner towards Raiden, allowing him to slice the fat bald bastard into pieces. Following each boss Raiden defeats, they give him a posthumous call explaining their motive or thanking them for a good fight. Sundowner's is a taunt that Raiden will be unable to stop Armstrong, though that's later proven wrong.

The Factors

He's got somewhat of an excuse in that he grew up in poverty and was forced to attend the military to make a living. So in a way, he's known warfare for the majority of his life and its the reason why he's grown so custom to violence. However, that doesn't excuse the extremely brutal ways he finds to torture his victims, such as when he slowly sliced N'mani's neck to please himself watching the suffering in his eyes. Jetstream Sam and Monsoon show some sadism, but their sides are nowhere as close as Sundowner's.

He also shows a lack of any honorable or redeeming factors, showing no remorse in turning the brains of children (which are still conscious through special medication), and twisting their innocent minds with violent visual reality simulators so he could create an army of insanely hostile cyborgs.

He also has some silly hammy quotes to say such as "I'm f-cking invincible!" during his boss battle; but all of his humor is played very sadistically in tone such as making jokes to taunt his enemies as he slowly cuts them apart.

The Standards

Similar to my proposal for Bergan from Final Fantasy XII, all of the other villains in this game have an extremist or sympathetic backstory behind their actions. Senator Armstrong wants to use war as a business so he can essentially end all wars as a business, seeing his actions as necessary for the benefit of America. In his own words, he wants to "Make America Great Again". Jetstream Sam admits he lost all reasons why he fights, and does it since it's the "only thing he ever knew". Khamsin sees his actions as necessary for liberty and the future, regardless of how many must be sacrificed. Mistral fell to the dark side after killing the thugs who murdered her family. Monsoon lost his sanity after having to be rebuilt as a cyborg after being caught in the middle of a gang shootout, even thanking Raiden posthumously for finishing him off.

Sundowner is clearly in it for the bloodshed only and wants to cause war for profit. He lacks any of the honorable qualities that the other characters have, only interested in his own benefits.

The Verdict

Sundowner lives up to his name given the lack of light in his heart. That and his horrible war crimes makes me give him a yes.

Yes: 7
No: 0
Undecided: 0
Score: +7
Verdict: Pure Evil

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