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"Bring me the head of Ernest P. Worrell!"

Here's another unexpected character to propose. What do you have to say about Trantor the Troll?

The Work

Ernest Scared Stupid is a 1991 family-friendly comedy horror film and the last theatrical film to star Ernest P. Worrell, a fictional man with zero IQ who uses ridiculous schemes to save the day.

In this film, while helping his middle school friends build a treehouse, Ernest accidentally releases an ancient evil on the town of Briarville, Missouri. As told by a prophecy, he must be the one to save the town and ultimately, the world from a terrible power-hungry troll.

Who is Trantor

A hundred years ago in the year 1891, Briarville was haunted by Trantor, a demonic two-nosed troll with the ability to convert the souls of people and turn them into wooden dolls. As part of a ritual, by sacrificing five children turned into dolls, Trantor could unleash an army of trolls so he can, you guessed it, take over the world. He already turned four children into dolls and sought his fifth victim. Upon finding her, it was a trap laid out by the village elder Revered Phineas Worrell. Trantor was sealed within a grave and buried alive under an oak tree. But as he was sealed away, Trantor laid a curse upon the Worrell family, ensuring their descendants will become dumber until one would be foolish enough to release him on a full moon night before Halloween.

In the present day (1991), the curse came to fulfillment when Ernest builds his treehouse on the same tree the troll was sealed under. Crazy old lady Hackmore warns Ernest of the legend, but he doesn't take her seriously. Wanting to prove her wrong, Ernest follows the ritual and... to nobody in the audience's surprise, releases Trantor. Upon his revival, Trantor immediately begins hunting down five children across Briarville to summon his troll army. Ernest tries to explain the situation to the neighbors, but nobody believes him and is ignored for they were too busy preparing for a Halloween party.

Over the night and the next day, Trantor quickly turns children into wooden dolls, including Ernest's friends. His first victim is Joey, after he falls into a muddy hole and Trantor mimics the voice of Ernest to lure him to him. The second is some random boy on a skateboard. The third is Elizabeth, having snuck into her house to jumpscare the audience by lying next to her in her bed. Fourth is Gregg, Kenny's friend, as he mimics Elizabeth's voice to lure Kenny away to obtain Gregg. Trantor chases after Kenny to be his fifth, but is repelled by the arrival of a milkman truck. Meanwhile, Ernest learns from Hackmore (revealing herself as the sister of one of Trantor's original victims), the only thing to stop Trantor is "the heart of a child and a mother's care". Along the way, Trantor makes multiple attempts to kill Ernest, but is thwarted each time by the presence of milk.

On Halloween night, Ernest heads to the party hosted at the school, as there were multiple children attending for Trantor to obtain his fifth victim. Sure enough, Trantor shows up, and everyone dismisses him for someone in a costume. One of the mayor's sons picks a fight with him, prompting Trantor to turn him into his fifth doll and wreak havoc. Ernest arrives to fight Trantor, but because of his stupidity, he thinks "a mother's care" refers to Bulgarian "miak" and not milk, and promptly gets his butt beaten and slammed into an ice cream truck. Trantor flees because Ernest has ice cream on his hands, but has the last laugh as he turned Rimshot, Ernest's canine companion, into a doll to taunt Ernest.

With all five dolls, Trantor completes the ritual and unleashes his army of trolls, growing out of pods that emerge from the tree. He orders them to devour all the townsfolk and bring him Ernest's head. Fortunately, a mob shows up and with the help of Kenny, destroys the army with water guns filled with milk. But once only Trantor was left, he summons the powers of the underworld to make himself invincible, even resistant to milk. To further taunt Ernest, Trantor turns Kenny, Ernest's best friend, into a doll as well and steps on it before preparing one last time to kill Ernest, trapping everyone else in a wall of fire.

However, thanks to Hackmore's advice, Ernest realizes that "a mother's care" is symbolized by unconditional love from "the heart of a child". Thus Ernest defeats Trantor with the power of love itself, by... ugh... giving him a hug and a kiss to his snot-filled nose. Eww. The difference between the hearts of Ernest and Trantor promptly overwhelms the troll and he explodes, turning everyone transformed into dolls back to normal (including the children from 1891 and Rimshot).

Mitigating Factors

Nah. Trantor's a sadistic troll seeking nothing but power and places numerous children and a dog into fates worse than death by turning them into wooden dolls. He calls his troll army his "children", but the film doesn't go further in his relationship with them other than seeing them as his pawns. At most, he simply shows anger when his plans were foiled.

Any issues? He's beaten at the end by Ernest filling him up with love to destroy him. This could possibly indicate Trantor is a being made of evil, but nothing is given to imply he is. Nothing's stated about Trantor having a choice in evil, in-fact by looking at the way he grins as he turns the kids into dolls, he most certainly enjoys being evil.

Work's Standards

It's a silly movie from a silly series, and the villains are quite basic such as thieves and kidnappers. Other times the conflict is just caused by Ernest's hijinks and stupidity. Trantor, however, is played dead seriously with little to no laughs. Not to mention almost all of his victims were innocent children. Also, none of the other villains in the Ernest franchise have a complex goal involving world domination.

The only one who could come any close would be Felix Nash from Ernest Goes to Jail, given he has an attempted rape under his belt. But compared with Trantor's actions, he doesn't meet the heinous scale.


I think he does just enough to get some mention.

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