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Sergei (Asura's Wrath)

Oh goodie, I'm doing another removal. Keep yourselves on your seats cause I have plenty in store for the next few months.

What's the Work

Last month, I reviewed a video game called Asura's Wrath when I proposed Chakravartin. For those who missed my proposal, the game follows demigod Asura as one of the eight Guardian Generals of Gaea, protecting the planet from manifestations of the planet's rage called Gohma. When the Gohma become aggregated enough, the source of the Gohma reveals itself, Gohma Vlitra, a beast so massive it rips off a chunk of the frickin' planet when it awakes. After their recent success of defeating Gohma Vlitra, the Guardian Generals suddenly betray Asura, killing his wife Durga, kidnap his daughter Mithra, and frame him for the death of the 128th Emperor of Shinkoku, Strada. When Asura is like "What the hell," they strip him of his status and kick him down into the bottom layer of the underworld, Naraka. Finding himself on the edge of a large pillar, an amnesiac Asura climbs to the top, regaining his memories as he climbs. Emerging in a much-changed world as roughly 12,000 years went by, Asura goes full commando to rescue his daughter and get revenge on his former generals, now known as the Seven Deities.

There's one more character in the game who is also under the Pure Evil category that I honestly don't see, especially compared to crap committed by Chakravartin. Here's Sergei.

Who's Sergei

One of the Seven Deities, Sergei is one of the right hands for Deus. An admirer of the arts, Sergei finds enjoyment in watching death and destruction fold around him. Under Deus' orders, Sergei kills Durga in the plan to usurp Asura's position.

Cut to 12,500 years later when Asura escapes from Naraka where we learn that the Seven Deities have been collecting trillions of human souls to destroy Vlitra the next time it emerges from Gaea. After Asura kills Wyzen, Kalrow, and Augus, Deus sends Sergei and Yasha out to fight some Gohma in the area, which they do. Meanwhile, Asura, having been consumed by his wrath after Olga's forces bombed a village that killed a girl resembling Mithra, attacks Sergei's forces simply for approaching him and destroys them all. Once Sergei is left, Asura brutally slices him and grabs him by the head. Sergei instead takes his time in complementing Asura's power and taunts him and Yasha over his doings of killing Durga, prompting Asura to throw him on the ground and stomp on his head.

Why does he not Count

  • Sure he's the most psychopathic of the Seven Deities given none of the others go over how much they enjoy causing destruction, but in the scale of the heinous standards, he's not the worst. He claims to have killed millions, but Durga is the only onscreen victim that we see him kill, and it's only the aftermath that Asura witnesses with her dying from her wound. In the game, the other deities show their destructive measures that go beyond a single onscreen victim, such as Kalrow unleashing a horde of Shinkokus on a group of mortal worshippers and Olga leading her ships bombing an entire village killing dozens including the girl that Asura grows protective over. And don't forget Chakravartin; he caused the entire clash between humanity, demigods, and the Gohma by releasing the Gohma in the first place so he can find a "successor", destroying the planet numerous times through the eons so an heir can be born to replace him so he could bring "prosperity" to other worlds.
  • During the final boss of the DLC in one of the cutscenes, after Asura turns giant-sized from absorbing the energy beam fired at Gaea from Chakravartin's ship, there is a scene where the spirit of Durga can be seen proudly watching Asura fly off to confront Chakravartin and rescue Mithra. Then come the spirits of the Seven Deities who join her in watching Asura, including Sergei. IDK, but that just seems out of place for a villain who's... you know... pure evil?.

What's the Verdict

Seems like a cut.

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