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"Luke, I am your father's great great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandfather!"

Oh goodie. He's doing another Star Wars removal blog.

What's the Work

Star Wars: The Old Republic is an MMORPG set thousands of years before the events of the films. You're given the option of joining the Galactic Republic or the Sith Empire, with the story playing out based on your actions in-game.

Who is Darth Nox

One of the eight playable characters and an underling for the Empire, Darth Nox is a male or female and the heir of the Sith Lord Aloysius Kallig. Their mission is to restore the Kallig bloodline and bring down the Jedi of the Republic. Once an Imperial slave, Nox proved strong in the Force and was sent to Korriban to complete their training to become a true Sith or die trying. While everyone remarks them as nothing more than a slave than Sith, Nox still pulls through. Through the game's story, Nox defeats Darth Zash and Darth Thanaton to become a member of the Dark Council. And depending further on what events they choose to follow, they could potentially become a member of the Empire's Fury to serve the great Emperor Valkorion and assist in destroying the Republic once and for all.

Why they don't count

The problem here is due to the whole player dependent storyline. Nox is not required to complete any of the objectives they don't want to do. Heck, it is possible for them to go through a complete redemption and join the Republic to take down the Empire.

Also, Nox is given plenty of "Pet the Dog" opportunities such as giving respect to their apprentice Xalek and the Kaleesh. And some of the player dependent dialogue you can choose can make Nox more relatable to their comrades, such as gladly telling Xalek about their culture or choosing not to tell Talos about his brother's death while training in Korriban out of respect.


If any of the Darths in this game count, top pier is easily Jadus for supporting countless terrorists, torturing people into becoming his slaves and soldiers, and attempting to murder his own daughter to usurp her position in the Dark Council. Nox doesn't do any of that.

Nox is an easy cutter.

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