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Alright. After re-watching this movie and taking closer notes, I now regret getting this one approved over a year and a half ago.

The Work

Virus is a 1999 sci-fi horror film based on a Dark Horse comic. An energy source from an unknown portion in space arrives on the planet and takes possession of a Russian research vessel, with the only ones capable of stopping it being a salvage crew.

Who is the Intelligence

The Intelligence is an alien entity from an unknown portion of the galaxy. It arrived on Earth when it infected the Mir space station, then beaming itself down into the Akademik Vladislav Volkov research vessel. According to Nadia, the sole survivor of the crew, the first thing the Intelligence did was scan through the computers of the vessel with information on killing people, then it used the automated workshops to convert the vessel crew into cyborgs under its control. And it plans to do this to everyone on the planet, as the vessel's destination is Lord Howe Island where the Intelligence plans to take control of a military station to gain access to the world's military forces.

Then our heroes come in, the salvage crew who find the vessel after she went missing for a week. Things already seem suspicious as the security cameras always look towards them, and the electric anchor drops and crushes their vessel. Then things get even worse when the cyborg crew attacks them and even a giant machine called the Goliath Machine that serves as a bodyguard to defend the ship from "viruses", all operating under the Intelligence's hive mind. One by one, Goliath kills off the crew and their bodies are also converted into machines. When they try to communicate with the Intelligence itself through the computers, it tells them that it is "aware", and it sees humanity as a "virus" which it plans to convert into spare parts. Fortunately, the crew creates an explosion that sinks the vessel and the energy disperses in the seawater.

Why does it not qualify

In my original proposal, I claimed that the Intelligence's moral agency was 100% Chaotic Evil. That is true, but after taking a closer look, may not exactly be the case. The reason why it wants to convert all of humanity into spare parts in the first place is not out of jealousy, envy, hatred, etc., but survival. Because humans act differently than its hive mind, the alien finds them incomprehensible. And when the crew "virus" comes across and climb aboard the vessel "the body", the Intelligence believes they are trying to kill it. Hence it wants to wipe out all of humanity out of delusion, believing that its methods will protect it and the rest of the universe from becoming infected from the "viruses".

Finding Pure Evil in logic like that is nothing but Fridge Horror.


If anyone begs to differ, feel free to disagree.