Hello, I come here to propose a villain from the Barbie film franchise to be pure evil.

What's The Work?

It is a Barbie franchise film that portrays she as Princess Rapunzel, based on the traditional German fairy tale. In it, Barbie Rapunzel is the daughter of a king and was kidnapped as a baby by an evil witch named Gothel (based on Dame Gothel from the original tale), who created her in a castle hidden from everyone by a spell in the forest. Rapunzel grew up being used as a maid by the witch and having only the company of her animal friends, a rabbit and a female dragon cub, having painting as his main hobby. One day, Rapunzel discovers a secret passage in the castle he lives in, which leads to the village of a kingdom. In this kingdom, she meets a prince, who is the son of the king of that realm, who in turn is an enemy of Rapunzel's father.

Who are she? What they she done?

Gothel is an evil witch whose backstory involved a romance between her and the king who is Rapunzel's father. For some reason, the king rejected her as his loving partner, which made him thirst for revenge. In hatred of the king who rejected her, Gothel eventually kidnaps the newborn Princess Rapunzel and imprisons her in the forest castle, hidden from everyone by a spell. In addition to kidnapping the princess, Gothel purposely caused King Fredrick, from the other kingdom, who is the prince's father, to be accused by Rapunzel's father of stealing his daughter, which ended up triggering a war between the two kingdoms. Rapunzel grew up being abused by Gothel, who mistreated her a lot and made her a maid, in addition to stimulating her pet, the wicked Otto, to try to eat Rapunzel's pet rabbit. Gothel also mistreats Rapunzel's animals. And she was irritated when the princess used part of her free time to paint her pictures. When Rapunzel discovers that there is a world beyond the castle in the forest where she lives and meets a prince, who in turn is the son of the enemy king of Rapunzel's father, Gothel ends up discovering that Rapunzel leaves to meet the boy and begins the abuse. her even more so that she reveals the guy's name. Upon learning that the romance between Rapunzel and this guy could ruin his plans, which consisted of promoting a war between the kingdom of Rapunzel's father and the kingdom of the prince, Gothel demanded that Rapunzel speak the boy's name, which the princess really did not knew. Insisting that the princess lied about not knowing the boy's name, Gothel started breaking Rapunzel's painting things as a punishment and after breaking many of these things, she deliberately tries to do the same with Rapunzel's pet rabbit. Gothel transforms the room where Rapunzel sleeps, turning it into a tower, making it impossible not only to jump out of the windows, but also to remove all doors from the room. Rapunzel eventually receives a magic brush that allows her to create a portal to the same village she visited before. The other day, when she asks Rapunzel the same question again, she receives the same answer, because the princess does not really know the name of the prince. This time, Gothel not only uses his power to destroy the magical painting by which Rapunzel had access to the outside world, but also casts a spell that surrounds the tower, trapping everyone with a lying heart in it, since Gothel faithfully believed that Rapunzel lied in his statement, to keep you stuck in the tower forever. In addition, she also cut Rapunzel's long hair so that she could disguise herself and discover who the boy was with the princess. Then she arrests the father of Rapunzel's dragon friend, the dragon Hugo, claiming that he failed to raise such a weak daughter, which Gothel also physically abused, casting a spell that certainly hurt her when the little dragon was trapped in the tower window. When the witch goes to the castle in disguise as Rapunzel to find the prince, she tries to kill him and his younger brother. As he does not have a really lying heart, Rapunzel manages to escape the tower and eventually arrives at the Prince's palace, where a confrontation between the two kings is taking place, which accuse each other. Then if unsuccessfully trying to kill the prince, Gothel arrives at the palace and confesses to the two kings the whole truth and that it was she who kidnapped the princess. When Rapunzel arrives at the palace, Gothel deliberately tries to murder her and her pets, only to go through the secret passage and end up trapped in the tower where Rapunzel was kept. Unlike Rapunzel, Gothel remains trapped by the same spell she cast, since she was the one who really had a lying heart and not the princess.

Heinous Standard

To begin with, Gothel deliberately provoked a war between two kingdoms, which certainly meant many deaths, just because the king who was Rapunzel's father lovingly rejected her. It created a strong enmity between two kingdoms and a war that lasted only years and probably affected many people's lives for personal reasons alone. Without feeling any remorse for all the bad consequences generated by the war that it unleashed.

Not to mention the way she treated the princess she kidnapped. Gothel not only kidnapped and isolated the princess for years from the world, but he also abused her psychologically, repressed and enslaved her. The way Barbie's Gothel treats Rapunzel makes Tangled Gothel look like a very good mother. The princess is really mistreated and despised by the woman who raised her, who takes pleasure in abusing her and causing her pain, as well as putting her ferret to try to eat her pet rabbit. Unlike the Tangled Gothel, Barbia's never treated Rapunzel as her daughter or anything like that. Gothel de Tangled still showed some affection for Rapunzel, even if it was out of interest. Barbie's Gothel has always shown herself to be a bad and cruel person. While her mistreatment of Rapunzel can be considered acts of generic or standard villainy, there are a few things that stand out: having popped the painting objects may not have been a heinous action because they are objects, however, doing exactly the same with an animal, a living organism, certainly stands out as being an act of villainy more than heinous, even if by threat, which only shows how psychologically she is willing to abuse Rapunzel so that she stops "lying".

Gothel shows no sympathy for anyone, be it human or animal, not even for his pet ferret. In the end, she tries to murder the prince, her younger brother (a child), as well as Rapunzel and her friends. In addition, she also intended to trap Rapunzel for eternity in a tower, which is not just because the spell only held lying hearts, which Gothel did not have.

Freudian Excuse/Mitigating Factors

To be rejected out of a love interest certainly does not justify everything she has done. She has no redeeming characteristics or mitigating factors, does not show any love, sympathy or consideration for anyone and is willing to cause the death of anyone who crosses her path, regardless of factors such as age.

Final verdict

She may not seem like a great villain, but I believe her villainy is hideous enough to qualify her.

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