This is my second proposal for PE. I would like to propose Dr. Zara , from Abominable to be a pure evil villain.

​​​​What's The Work?

Abominable is a animation movie from DreamWorks that retract the journey of a group of friends through China to the Himalayas to take home a specimen of Yeti, the abominable snowmen who was kidnapped and imprisoned in a laboratory for scientific tests, before fleeing and taking refuge in the home of a girl living in Hong Kong, while the professional team of Dr. Zara, who works for the bussinessman Burnish, sets out in search of the fugitive Yeti.

Who is the Dr. Zara? What She Did?

Zara is a zoologist that works for the entrepreneur Burnish. At first, she shows herself to be a kind woman who cares a lot about animal life, telling Burnish that it is important that the Yeti is not harmed in its capture. However, this is nothing more than a mask to hide your true character and personality. Dr. Zara wants to capture the Yeti for Burnish, but actually, she has ulterior motives with the creature, to do research on it. She and her team follow the creature's trail through China along with the children to the Himalayas. Showing himself to be a kind person, Dr. Zara is actually a cruel, evil woman, who is capable of anything to get what he wants. Contrary to what is shown, she despises animal life, as is shown when she discards the mouse she was carrying, even though the animal is of a rare species. She also has no hesitation in getting rid of the children to get them out of her way. When she and her group finally arrive in Hymalaia to capture the Yeti, their chief Burnish, who wanted to capture the Yeti to prove its existence to the world, redeems himself, recognizing that the creature must return home and that humanity must continue without knowing about its existence, refusing to capture it. At this time, Zara reveals who he really is and gives a reassuring shot to Burnish, who makes him pass out, also ordering the children to be arrested, in order to get rid of (possibly kill) them later. She says that for her plans, the dead Yeti is better than alive. Finally, she fights against the protagonist Yi and crosses the moral horizon when throwing her to die in the mountain abyss, before kidnapping the Yeti and the boys. The girl just didn't die because she held on to a rope. Then she plays the violin that activates the yeti and makes it escape from the cage. Zara's obsession with killing the Yeti results in the end of her and her team, when she, taking the wheel of the car, ignores her companion's warnings to slow down and launches the car towards the creature, burying it in the snow mountain and triggering an avalanche that throws your car containing her and his cronies in the cliff, killing everyone.

Mitigating Factors

Absolutely none. She wants to capture the Yeti to do research, but it is not clear what kind of research and for what purposes she wants this research. There is really no explicit or even explicit mitigating factor that explains her obsession with capturing the Yeti, the only thing that can really explain is the greed she has in capturing and killing rare animals.

Heinous Standard

For a colorful, playful and beautiful animated film, Zara is a very hideous villain. Zara revealed to be able to cross all limits to get what she wants. In addition to being extremely selfish and greddy, she has no regard for life, both human and animal, very contrary to what he appears to be at the beginning, he is not even selective about his age, being willing to harm, throwing a reassuring dart, and (perhaps even killing) an elderly (Burnish) as well as killing minors, not hesitating to throw Yi from a deadly height, and planning to get rid of the other two boys (a teenager and a child). Not to mention Yeti itself, who is a cub. She also shows no regard for her employees, including putting their lives at risk. In addition, she tried to use an electroshock weapon to torture the Yeti shortly after it was captured.

Final Verdict

She is considered the most obscure and cruel female villain in dreamwork, due to her cruelty and willingness to whatever it takes to get what she wants, including murdering children, teenagers and even harming elderly. Her lack of scruples, redeeming aspects and her lack of consideration for human and animal life make me say YES to her.

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