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My third and last PE propouse this week. After Leonard Dekkom was proposed and approved, I watched the movie and saw that another villain was also worthy of a proposal - Duncan Taylor.

What's The Work?

Geostorm is a Sci-fiction movie in which, after the earth suffered drastic climatic changes and was plagued by a series of natural disasters, scientists and authorities from around the world came together to build a satellite that could solve such problems and called him Ducth Boy, which would work by controlling the climate and wheater. However, one day, a virus enters the Dutch Boy's system and begins to generate a series of natural disasters around the world, causing mass destruction and death. In the end, they discover that the person responsible for implanting this virus and causing all this damage to the land through the Dutch Boy was Secretary of State Leonard Dekkom. that it intended to decimate all those it considers economic rivals of the USA, to guarantee that the North American country again has the hegemony that it had in the past. However, Dekkom did not this work alone. For that, he needed the help of a corrupt software engineer who worked on the Dutch Boy's system.

Who is the Duncan Taylor? What He Did?

Duncan Taylor is the Dutch Boy's Software Engineer, who for greed's sake and for a salary much richer than the salary paid to scientists, decided to help Leonard Dekkon in his terrorist plans to wipe out much of the world's population. As a software engineer, he was responsible for carrying out the service of putting virus in the Dutch Boy's system, which generated all the disasters caused by the satellite, making him almost directly responsible, in addition to Dekkon, for all the destruction and deaths caused for the Dutch Boy's failures. In addition, when a team set out to fix the problems that the Dutch Boy was causing, Taylor implanted another virus in the team's spaceship, which programmed it for self-destruction, which would eventually kill everyone who was there. When Jake recognized that he was the only person who could have put this virus in the system and confronted him, beating him up, Taylor revealed his true face and how sociopathic he is. Not only does he reveal that he came across the task purely for money, but he also shows sadism by asking Jake if he wasn't curious to see the world burn. He tries to shoot Jake, but ends up breaking the window of the lunar module and being sucked out.

Mitigating Factors

Absolutely none. The only motivation for him to assist Dekkom in his terrorist plans is greed, sociopathy and the desire to receive much more money than he, as a scientist and software engineer, receives, since Dekkon only needed to bribe him with a salary higher for that he would use the Dutch Boy for killing countless people around the world, in addition to the ship's own team. Furthermore, he shows no redemptive aspect or any tragic history. Receiving little money would never justify accepting the death of billions of innocent people around the world. Even after Jake talks about his daughter, Duncan still doesn't care and goes to fight with him. If his life or loved ones (if he actually has) had been threatened by Dekkom and that had motivated him to implant the virus in the system, we could consider it. However, he was bribed and accepted with great pleasure.

Heinous Standard

He certainly does it because he is willing to cause mass destruction and the terrible death of millions of innocent people around the world, in addition to killing the entire Dutch Boy team, and doing all of this simply to earn more money than he wins, without care a second about the lives that will be lost. Which in itself demonstrates extreme selfishness and sociopathy. Duncan is no less bad than Dekkom, who devised the plan, while he, as a software engineer, was in charge of executing it with the greatest joy, which he demonstrates by asking Jake with a smile on his face: "You are not curious to see the world burn?”.  As I said, he accepted a bribe that served his interests regardless of the massive loss of life and did nothing forced or threatened.

Final Verdict?

Like Dekkom, I believe that he should also be considered a Pure Evil villain because of his sadism, his predisposition to cause millions of deaths, which does not differ from that of Dekkom, helping him out of pure financial interest, and his sociopathy, in not matter with the deaths of billions of people, but with their own selfish gains over those deaths.

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