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Hello guys, I bring another villain from a Brazilian Soap Opera to propose as pure evil.

What is the work?

A Dona do Pedaço is a 2019 brazillian soap opera that tells the history of a woman named Maria da Paz, who, fleeing the conflicts that occurred between her family and an enemy family, goes to the city where she makes cakes to survive and over time, this becomes a very successful business that makes her rich.

Who is she and what she did?

Josiane is Maria da Paz's daughter, who grew in the wealth provided by the mother's hard work. Josiane hates her mother for being a cake maker and wishing to become a digital influencer, Josiane begins to steal money from her mother and eventually applies a blow to her that takes her tudp, including the cake factory.

While planning to hit his mother, Josiane also joins her mother's newest fiance, who at first was also a goldgiger who wanted to hit Maria da Paz. She becomes a lover of her mother's future husband, causing her to be deceived and not even imagine that her own daughter had relations with her husband under her roof. When a moment of love between Josiane and her mother's lover is photographed by the family's butler, he uses the photo to blackmail his mistress's daughter and to get revenge on Josiane for having always humiliated and treated him badly. It is at that moment that Josiane becomes a murderer and kills the butler by throwing him coldly in front of a bus without feeling any feeling of remorse or shock for what she had to do so that her affair with her mother's husband does not come up. Josiane is eventually blackmailed by the boyfriend of the buttler, who was a homosexual, and she throws him from the top of a high place directly to his death, again without thinking twice or feeling any remorse.

In the meantime, Josiane manipulates her mother, convincing her to sell her current apartment and buy a mansion, only to eventually expel her from this mansion when she takes everything away, making Maria da Paz go to live with the same woman welcomed during his arrival in the city. Before that, Josiane and Regis are eventually caught kissing by Maria da Paz herself, causing her to freak out and shoot her partner, which sends her to jail. Josiane without any remorse confirms that the case has been going on for a long time, and when the police arrive to take her mother, she protests her, not because she cares about Regis (in the end we will know why she doesn't really love him), but because he wanted his mother out of the game, only to expel her from home when she was released. Regis recovers from the shot and over time, he is abandoning his Golddiger tendencies as he starts to really love Maria da Paz and he keeps getting more and more distant from Josiane, until the point where he leaves her as a lover and accomplice. Although apparent, Josiane never really loved Regis, nor did she ever love anyone other than herself or money.

Josiane also sent this cousin to burn down the warehouse where the ingredients of the cake factory were used to sabotage production.

Remember when she murdered the butler? Well, another villain from the novel, Fabiana, who in turn is Josiane's cousin, photographed the moment and used the photo for a long period of time to blackmail Josiane, after she became the owner of the cake factory and the Maria da Paz's fortune. Afraid of going to jail, Josiane sells the factory, which generates great distrust on the part of Maria da Paz and other people. Fabiana blackmailed her for several moments and in the majority, Josiane tried to murder her, from strangulation to even using a weapon against her, seriously injuring herself in one of these moments. Eventually, Fabiana manages to take all of Josiane's fortune and leave her on the street in bitterness just as she did with her mother, forcing her to leave the mansion. It is at that moment that Josiane shamelessly and falsely humbles herself to several people in a gentle way, among them the biological father, who rejects his request only for Josiane to reveal to him all the contempt she feels for being her daughter and calls him disgusting. Surprisingly, even for her mother she humbles herself, pretending to be even redeemed and wanting a second chance. To prove it, Maria da Paz puts her daughter to sell cakes on the street, only to reveal that Josiane never really redeemed herself, when she aggressively throws cakes at customers on the street.

Josiane then resorts to an agent who takes care of her career as a digital influencer, only to be dismissed by her, since Josiane's work never generated profit or return to the company, leaving her extremely irritated to the point of freaking out with the agent, locking herself up in the room and almost photographing and almost trying to kill her, even getting a pair of scissors for that, and given what she has done and would still do along the plot, it is not to be doubted that in fact Josiane could have her killed. The photographer is only saved because someone knocks on the door and thinking she is the maid, Josiane tells her to dismiss her, however, it was actually her boyfriend, making her escape Josiane's threat. Later, the photographer tells her boyfriend and her friends that she was almost killed, to their disbelief.

To get rid of the threat of going to jail, Josiane hires her cousin, the youngest member of the rival family of Maria da Paz's family and who is her cousin for being her father's nephew, who belongs to this family, to assault Fabiana and take his cell phone, where is the photo of the butler’s murder, but not in time to be able to copy the files from Fabiana’s cell phone, which saves the photo despite Josiane having hired a hacker to delete everything she had on her cell have stolen it. The guy who copied the files on Fabiana's cell phone before he was robbed was having a relationship with her and did it as a favor to Josiane's real boyfriend, who is not Regis. While maintaining a relationship with her mother's partner, Josiane had a boyfriend named Theo, who inevitably fought with her when she discovered the betrayal, however, still gave her a chance and continued dating, and she in turn, pretending that loved her. However, when he saw Josiane losing everything to Fabiana, he became suspicious of what kind of thing Fabiana held that gave him the ability to manipulate his girlfriend. Having managed to copy the photo of the butler's murder, it was useless for Josiane to steal her cousin's cell phone and hire a rack to erase everything, and Theo is horrified that his girlfriend was able to kill someone. Shocked, he confronts her and even after all, he decides to forgive her and forget what he saw, promising not to denounce her, since unlike her, he really loved her despite being the person she is. Even so, Josiane takes him to a motel where she tries to kill him by striking him numerous times with an ice pick, leaving him in a pool of blood and running away without providing help. Even so Theo survives and then tells everything, sending Josiane directly to the jail, where she is beaten by the detainee chief for treating them all, including her badly and arrogantly, since nothing lowers her ego.

Yes, and it is worth mentioning that before being arrested, being poor Josiane finds several jobs and in all of them she is fired because of her arrogance and empathy. In the last one, working at a fair, she throws fish at the lady who welcomed her mother and everyone who was there. During her conviction, Josiana once again insults her mother and shows all the hatred she feels for being the daughter of a cake maker. On the day she threw her out of the house, Josiane called her ridiculous, in addition to also insulting her grandmother, saying without any consideration for Maria da Paz to take her mother's worthless together.

In prison, Josiane knows the possibility of reducing her sentence for good behavior and decides to become evangelical, which manages to deceive the viewer for a while, making them believe in her real redemption, at least until the last chapter, where she meets with Regis after leaving jail with reduced sentence, which also became evangelical, but that unlike her, he really redeemed himself. By proposing that two of them marry and live a life of missionaries, Josiane at first accepts, but the moment she goes to kiss him on a viaduct, she reveals that she never really redeemed herself by throwing him up, killing him and making everyone believe it was suicide. She did this because in the same night she met another evangelical missionary, from a wealthy family and became interested in him so that he might be a victim of her as a golddiger, but she was committed to Regis, who in turn was poor and did not interest her. In the end, she leaves with the rich missionary to marry him and the soap opera ends with a demonic close-up of her face, representing all the wickedness of Josiane.

Mitigating factors/Freudian excuse

Josiane apparently presents a Freudian excuse for her actions: when she was a child, she was bullied at school for being the daughter of a cake maker, which aroused all this hatred and can be demonstrated in the scene where she was put by her mother to sell cakes on the street and freaked out due to a flashback, throwing cakes at costumers on street when called cakemaker. However, this is an excuse too small and insufficient to justify so many evils committed against the family itself, including its grandmother, who eventually helps to cover up its crimes, and against other people, being more of a case of Freudian Excuse is not a excuse, since the bullying she suffered was limited to laughter, isolation and verbal abuse, never reaching, as far as is known, more serious levels.

And throughout the show, she demonstrated that she does not feel love for anyone other than herself or money and that if she shows affection or affection for someone it is nothing but interest and faux affable evil, quite demonstrated with Maria da Paz when she was convincing the mother to buy the mansion and put everything in her name, just to take everything from Maria later.

Henious Standart

Of all the villains in this novel, Josiane is undoubtedly the most cruel, henious, cold, obscure, taken seriously and has no comic strokes, sympathizers or redeeming qualities. The only villain, or set of villains, that is seen surpassing the Moral Event Horizon are the members of the family that is the enemy of the protagonist's family, who, due to this conflict, kill Maria's sister in front of her daughters, and not it is known for certain whether they actually intended to kill the children or not, who fled, in addition, they had little screen time and their actions are very much part of the scenario. Other than that, A Dona do Pedaço is a somewhat saccharine novel and Josiane becomes particularly hideous by the standards of that novel. The other main villain who can be taken seriously and who stands out a little is precisely one of the younger members of this rival family, Josiane's cousin, who, unlike his family, remains an antagonist throughout the plot. However, he cannot be pure evil since in the end he becomes Fabiana's lover and seems to really feel something for her, something that Josiane doesn't feel for anyone. Furthermore, he can still be considered a generic assassin, who only follows his family's legacy. However, Josiane stands out, since she was not raised by a family of murderers, she received love and yet, purely out of ambition, she became a cold and diabolical villain capable of hating her own mother and committing atrocities without an ounce of feeling. None of the main villains arrives to be as hideous and disagreeable as Josiane, since she is the only one to do evil against her mother, in addition to committing several other atrocities.


I believe that Josiane can qualify, so I give her insurance YES.

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