A picture illustrating the devil's wording by delivering the reward to Sko-ella.

In this proposal I bring a villain of folklore, from an old Swedish legend.

Who is the candidate?

The candidate in question is the woman who, according to legend, terrified the devil himself. Her name: Sko-ella.

According to legend, the devil wanted to separate a couple, but all his attempts were in vain, since the love that connected this couple was very strong.

So one time, he decided to ask a woman for help to separate this couple, Sko-ella. In exchange, Sko-ella, who really wanted a red shoe. Knowing his desires, the devil promised her the best and redest shoe if she managed to separate the couple. Sko-ella accepted the bet and did her part.

Putting the plan into practice, cunning Sko-ella went to the woman, pretending to be a friend, and convinced her to cut strands from her husband's beard or chest so that she could cast a spell of eternal love and thus stay with him forever. Naive, the woman believed her.

At the same time, Sko-ella also cheated on the woman's husband, without her knowing it. She told him that his wife would try to kill him while he slept, because, according to Sko-ella, his wife was obsessed with the idea that she was being betrayed by her husband, to the point of resolving to kill him out of jealousy, causing him to arm himself with a knife to defend himself.

With the idea that his wife tried to kill him, the man armed with a knife pretended to be asleep and vulnerable to his wife, who saw that it was the ideal opportunity to collect the beard hair he needed to do the spell. With the knife, she knelt next to her husband to collect his hair. Believing that his wife was about to kill him, the man stabbed his wife several times, killing her.

In this cruel and nefarious way, Sko-ella had managed to separate the couple definitively. As agreed, Sko-ella met with the devil to get his payment and tell him that he finally managed to separate that couple. Since that task had been difficult even for the devil, he was impressed to learn that a simple mortal had managed to accomplish what he did not even after so many attempts, at the same time, curious to know how she did it.

As he proudly told what she had done, the devil himself was horrified by Sko-ella, in knowing that she made her husband kill his wife so that she could have a pair of shoes, which neither he, the devil, was able or would be able to do, proving that Sko-ella is worse than the devil. And according to legend, he was even terrified and afraid of her. Incredibly, the devil wanted anything but no the couple's death, showing that even he has more standards than Sko-ella.

Horrified at her, the devil didn't even want to go near the woman and used a long stick to hand her the pair of shoes. While he was unable to separate the devil at all, the cunning Sko-ella was more cruel than the devil and separated them with death and worse than she herself having killed one of them, she made her husband kill his own wife. Sko-ella got the pair of shoes ans the legend then spread by placing her as the woman who terrified the devil

Mitigating Factors

Unlike the devil himself, who despite all the evil he represents in culture, showed to have moral standarts that even he dares to cross, Sko-ella is a complete sociopath, without redeeming qualities and with no quarms to get what she want and all she did was simply because she wanted an futile object, out of sheer vanity. That is, absolutely no freudian excuse.

Henious Standart

The legend itself made clear that even the devil can be far less evil than Sko-ella and that even he has the redeeming quality of being horrified by what she did, while Sko-ella showed a true sociopath Being, capable of making a man kill her wife just for a pair of shoes.

The devil, with all the evil representation he has in Judeo-Christian culture, could have done the same thing as Sko-ella or even worse, since, theoretically, he is the author of all evil. However, curiously, the legend shows that even he has limits that he does not cross and that the human being undoubtedly manages to be more perverse sometimes, that is the case of Sko-ella, who is worse than the devil himself.

Any evil act would not be enough to horrify the devil at this point, and what Sko-ella caused is even more perverse because, because of a set up and lies, she made a husband kill his own wife, a husband who probably loved her, just as she loved her, which made her be deceived by Sko-ella directly to her dead at the hands of the man she loves.

Just to make it clear, what makes her particularly hideous was not the fact that the devil was horrified by her, but rather that she cheated on a couple and made the husband kill his wife just so she could get his pair of shoes .


I have no doubt that Sko-ella is pure evil.

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