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This is my first ever Pure Evil Proposal Request. I'm just getting started.

What's The Work?

One-Eye is the main antagonist of the 2012 South Korean computer-animated epic adventure film Speckles the Tarbosaurus (also known in the United States as The Dino King).

= Who is he? What has He Done?

He is an vicious, violent, sadistic and scarred Tyrannosaurus rex with red-colored skin and crocodile-like body armor who serves as Speckles' arch nemesis. He is bent on killing Speckles and his family, as well as causing havoc in the valley for his own environment.

One-Eye, in the beginning of the film, brutally killed an Ankylosaurus by pushing a large boulder onto its clubbed tail and biting its neck. After hearing Speckles' family going hunting again, he started an enormous dinosaur stampede, which resulted in the deaths of Speckles' brother Quicks and his two unnamed twin sisters. Then, One-Eye battled Speckles' mother and pushed her off the cliff to her demise. Towards the end of the film, during his final battle with Speckles, One-Eye gets attacked and killed by two oversized Tylosaurus.

Mitigating Factors

None, as far as I can tell.

Heinous Standards

First off, One-Eye has started an enormous dinosaur stampede and killed Speckles' entire family, including his mother, usurping the Tarbosaurus family as ruler of the dinosaurs. When Speckles and his mate Blue Eyes were fully grown, One-Eye approached them and forced Blue Eyes to mate with him. Yep, this children's film has interspecies rape in it! During the film's climax, he killed Speckles Jr.'s offspring by headbutting him off a cliff into the sea. After, the malevolent T. rex attempted to kill Speckles Jr., until his pops came in to stop the sadistic predator once and for all. One-Eye is then devoured by two Tylosaurus as I mentioned in the "Who is he? What has He Done?" segment.

Final Verdict

Yes, indeed.

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