What is the work?

Country Justice: Revenge of The Rednecks, a 2005 computer game developed by Silverfish Studios and published by ValuSoft.

Who Is The Villain?

The Mad Scientist is the main antagonist who is directly responsible for all the events during the game, despite only appearing in person at the very end.

What has he done?

The Mad Scientist is responsible for a multitude of crimes:

  • Pollution: Illegally dumping toxic chemicals/radioactive waste into a river where many of the residents in the fictional town of Yahoo, Mississippi get their drinking water from.
  • Animal Cruelty: Dumping said chemicals horribly mutated many of the animals in the area and also kidnapping Dixie, the main protagonist Steve Earl's pet goat, in order to use her to try and become immortal in an experiment that would've killed her in the process.
  • Kidnapping/Murder: Kidnapping the residents of Yahoo and performing illegal experiments on them, either turning them into zombies or outright killing them.
  • Terrorism: After turning kidnapped residents into zombies, he lets them loose in the town just to see what will happen, not caring if anyone dies in the process.
  • Attempted Murder: Once Steve Earl makes it to the power plant where the Mad Scientist works, he sends several security guards after Steve Earl in an attempt to kill him.

Heinous Standard

The only other notable villains in County Justice are the "Hatfield Brothers" who are rivals with Steve Earl. When he goes to their farm looking dor Dixie, they try killing him on sight. Despite this, they are incredibly minor antagonists who were relatively innocent compared to the Mad Scientist.

Mitigating Factors



The Mad Scientist was an uncaring mad man willing to do anything in his pursuits of immortality, even at the costs of countless unknown lives.

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