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Top 10: Multiverse

10. Ellie (Slenderverse)

Ellie is the main antagonist of OneHundredYardStare and for a good reason, her psychotic personality and loyalty to her master, The Slender Man, makes her one of the most creepy and dangerous antagonists of the Slenderverse.

9. Patrick Andersen (Slenderverse)

Michael Andersen's evil alter ego and archenemy, Patrick is a sadistic and sarcastic individual, even willing to kill Stormy to achieve his goals.

8. The Archangel (Architectverse)

The Architectverse's Grim Reaper, he is the North Woods Project's most prominent antagonist. He is also pretty similiar to The Slender Man himself, even having his own "Slenderwalking" ability.

7. Mr. Collector (Slenderverse)

The world's most profilic Serial Killer, he is the main antagonist of APCollection and one of the most poweful antagonists in the Slenderverse. He uses his dimension-travelling ability to kill as many innocent people as he can, making him one of the most evil antagonists.

6. The Carver (Arknverse)

The Carver is pretty much Satan, he's evil, powerful and of course, the Arknverse's most prominent antagonist. He is also the fifth ArknAngel, which is pretty cool.

5. Victor (Slenderverse)

Quite possibly the Slenderverse's tertiary antagonist, he is the main antagonist of many series and the protagonist of his own series, MyDarkJournal. Oh and he's also subscribed to my channel, i guess i'm screwed.

4. Xakk Stewart's Evil Alter Ego (Slenderverse)

Xakk is a great protagonist, one of my favorites, but his evil alter ego easily surpasses him in awesomeness level. There's nothing better than a crazy serial-killing psychopath as your alter ego.

3. Jeff the Killer (Architectverse)

Gabe Gazic made a hell of a job portraying this maniac. I'm not a big fan of the creepypasta, but Jeff's Architectverse counterpart deserves to be my favorite Architectverse antagonist.

2. Clowny (Slenderverse)

Cannibalistic serial-killer and child murderer Clowny is one of the most disturbing and dangerous antagonists of the Slenderverse. Initially appearing as a creepy stalker, he is a serial killer who eats his victims and films his murders. Also, he totally crossed the MEH when he murdered a child named Chance, killed his parents, burned his house down and filmed the whole before sending the footage to the protagonist, David Evans.

1. HABIT (Slenderverse)

The Slenderverse's secondary antagonist, he is a serial killer and mass murderer who was responsable for multiple tragedies and serial killer cases in the past, making him the Slenderverse's most deranged and cruel antagonist. He was possibly created to be Slendy's polar opposite: While Slendy prefers to indirectly attack the Slenderverse heroes by using his Proxies, HABIT likes to do the job himself with a big smile on his face.