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Oddly confused why no one nominated the demonic - Pazuzu (The Exorcist)


Pazuzu is the main demon from the Exorcist movie. In the start, Pazuzu lorded a pagan temple. Anyone who came to the temple, the Pazuzu would murder them. In the end, the only two survivors of the massacre we're Merrin and a young kid. After in the movie, a young girl by the name Regan plays with the Ouija board. Pazuzu would instantly and rapidly take control over her. Pazuzu would then start controlling her as a demon. Pazuzu would abuse Regan sexually in various ways and make Regan abuse other people sexually. 

Regan's mom then became upset about her recent behavior. Two priests then tried to get Pazuzu out of her, which they failed. After the mom tried medically helping Regan. But Regan rapidly started attacking the doctors and therapists which to help her. When the two priests tried to defeat the demon, both of them struggled to contain the powers of the Pazuzu

Regan's mother became desperate and sought two priests to exorcise the demon from her daughter after several failed attempts to solve the problem by more scientific methods (with Regan violently attacking doctors and therapists). That proved trickier than expected as even the priests were reluctant to perform an exorcism due to the belief that such things were confined to the Dark Ages. One of the priests ended up dying from a heart attack. While the second priest gets possessed by the demon, making the priest commit suicide. Pauzuz kept abusing Merrin until she died. 


He clearly seems to be a demon just hungry for new victims. Pazuzu would just rapidly abuse them in all ways. Pazuzu won't leave his victims until they die. It's possible that Pazuzu will hunt then even when they're dead. Pazuzu is clearly just wanting to make every victim of his suffer without any remorse. Pazuzu just wants to kill everyone and abuse them.


Pazuzu literally has no remorse for any of his actions. He just wants to make everyone to be in pain and just feel his power of destruction. 


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