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This is my first nomination. I highly believe that the SCP-106 deserves to be a Pure-Evil villain.

Who Is He

SCP-106 is a Keter classed-humanoid creature from the SCP-Foundation. Keter stands for that the villain is automatically damaging. SCP-106 in the video-game is the only character which is unstoppable in a way. SCP-106's goal is to leave the SCP-Foundation in order to make a chaos in the world. If the SCP-106 caughts his victim, he would rapidly pull them into his pocket-dimension. It's also notable that SCP-106 mainly likes kids and teenagers to torture. When the victims are in the Pocket-Dimension SCP-106 would toy with them and just wait the right moment to kill his victims.

Mitigating Factors

He literally has the goal of killing as much victims as he can. If he gets the opportunity he would create a chaos in the world, trying to take as much lifes as he literally can.


Pull innocent SCP-Workers and Kids-Teenagers in-order to brutally murder and torture them for his own-pleasure.


Just like Scarlet Knight, The SCP-106 has no remorse for all of his actions. He would constantly continue trying to expand his dimension filled of corpses.

Final Verdicts

You Decide.

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