So, first off i want to say thank you for approving my first nomination. Now the second villain i want to nominate is the horrifying The Woman to Eat the Children . I think we need more Creepypasta villains in-here. 

Who is she?

She is an unamed-woman which originates from the Creepypasta Fandom. She appears to be an middle-aged blonde female, which is an cannibal. Her backstory is noted that she was abandoned when she was a little girl. She lived on the streets and she didn't had any food. It's not really known what caused her to become an cannibal, but as she became older, she decided to start eating little children, probably becuase she wants to create a revenge because she is seeing kids which have better lifes, then when she was a little girl.

The story goes that a little boy just looked straight into her eyes, as a shadow went around the little boy, while the women said that he should go to sleep and that he should hush. The boy then tried to push her away, but ther wasn't any chance to defeat her. She ended up pushing her own teeth inside of the boys cheek, drilling his skin and muscles. She even ended up pushing her own nails inside of the boy, letting the innocent boy brutally suffer in this agony. 

She ended up pushin the nails deeply into the boys skull, drilling the boys skull, while the boys eyes rolled over instantly from the huge pain which activated. She wasn't over yet, she took a knife out of her pocket, with out any remorse she started stabbing the innocent boy. She continiously eated the boys flesh.

An archaeologist found a paper of an man which  made a report towards the women, saying that she devoured his three-year old daughter. On the paper it is also written that the man's body was found lifeless after he created the report towards her. 


She clearly just sees everyone as a child, just wanting to eat on flesh for her own-gain, for her own pleasure. Her motive is pure-revenge towards society letting her suffer when she was a little kid. It's possible that the girl got abused by someone which ended up making her into this massive monster.


It looks like she just wants to get as much children as she can, in order to please her self. Pretty much she's just removing innocent little children from existence just for her own pleasurement. 


It dosen't seem like she has any remorse for the killings. In fact anyone who would speak against her, she would try her hardest to track them down and kill them as well so she could hide her-self. 


You Decide. 

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