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I believe Piconjo should be Pure-Evil.

Who is He?

Piconjo is one of the most evilest villains from the Newgrounds Community. It's unknown he was really created. It is believed that Piconjo is an old-version of the Newgrounds hero but sometimes villain Pico. Some even say that Piconjo is Pico's older brother. Piconjo originates from various cartoons. He's most notable evil behavior is shown at PICONJO: Berserk.

In Berserk, Piconjo is seen going on a killing spree and he appears to be rapidly agressive. His obvious main goal is to just kill as much victims as he can, as well of take over Newgrounds and just lead Newgrounds in his own eyes. He's most known for appearing in Newgrounds Rumble, a fighting video-game, where Piconjo killed various characters in game brutally with his huge-sword. He clearly has no remorse. In another cratoon, Piconjo is seen raping a victim and making the victim take drugs. In the end, Piconjo would kill that victim for pure pleasurement. 

Migating Factors

He really is just an angry-guy. It's believed that the reason of his behavior is because him not fitting society. As you can see, he looks very different then an average persona. He looks very depressingly-angry for obvious reasons. He just wants pure-revenge.  He is also motivated to just keep killing victims to become a leader of Newgrounds to torture the whole community. 

Sympathy Factors

He clearly has no sympathy for anyone. In Newgrounds Rumble he even fights Pico his brother to the point of killing him. Piconjo is just created to make everyone suffer. He clearly gets pleasurement from pain of others. He has no remorse for any of his actions, instead he would just ignore them and keep making more and more suffering to anyone.

Final Score

Personally it's a yes from me. He literally makes all of his villanous-behavior because of pleasurement. He has no remorse and he just wants to keep killing, raping and drugging victims.

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