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What a beautiful beast

So recently when I was walking around in the streets and entered a model shop and successfully found a model of XMA-01 Rafflesia, the Mobile Armor from Gundam F91, which instantly reminds me of its pilot Carozzo "Iron Mask" Ronah. And speaking of its pilot, it also happens to be the candidate of this proposal! And without further ado, lets gooooooo! By the way, feel free to listen to this beatiful song when reading this proposal!

What is the work?

So this badass looking mech and its monstrous pilot both come from the anime movie Mobile Suit Gundam F91, it is essentially is one of the attempt to start a Universal Century story without any Principality of Zeon shenanigans. In this movie, the main protagonist Seabook Arno who share the same voice with Bernard Wiseman for some reason who was chilln' in the space colony Frontier IV was attacked by the definitely not Galactic Empire inspired Crossbone Vanguard who desired to rule the Earth with space aristocracy as they sent these mobile suits that looks like they are wearing gas masks to invade it, thus dragging Seabook into one of the most boring and wasted battle in Gundam history....

Who is Carozzo Ronah?

Carozzo Ronah is the son-in-law of Meitzer Ronah and the second-in-command of Crossbone Vanguard, being as obsessed with aristocracy as with Meitzer Ronah if not more, he joined Meitzer in sucessing the goal...

What has he done?

The Darth Vader clone here has done quite a lot, his obsession with aristocracy is so bad that it drives his wife Nadia and daughter Cecily away from him to be with Theo Fairchild (Fairchild..? What a weird name), which seriously wounded his ego. However, Carozzo is still unwilling to give up in aristocracy and eventually went through a surgery that transform him into a cybernewtype willingly at the cost of his humanity. Soon, Carozzo returned as the fearsome Iron Mask to the Crossbone Vanguard and becomes Meitzer's right hand and will do anything to help him accomplish his goal in "cleansing 90 % humanity", however, Carozzoz has his plan kept as a secret to prevent Meitzer from knowing it.

However, before carrying out his plan, Carozzo would did a speech in the space colony in the Crossbone Vanguard colony, after that Carozzo would met Nadia and Theo after they escaped from the attack on Frontier IV, after Nadia called out Carozzo for sealing his feeling behind a mask, Iron Mask threatened that the mask is the only thing that keeps him from killing her , Caozzo then departed and Theo suddenly dropped dead with Carozzo being heavily implied to be responsible.

Soon, Carozzo started his secret plan: As it turns out, Carozzo has his men to secretly build disk-shaped automatons known as Bugs, which would actively search for and kill humans to success in wiping out 90% of humanity, which Carozzo is aware that even Meitzer won't approve of (Usage of Bugs). He had the Bugs to be released on the Frontier 1 colony and the Bugs slaughtered the population in the colony. Luckily, Seabook and Cecily entered the colony and destroyed the Bugs and sunk the ship that controlled the Bugs.

Carozzo's force was then attacked by Federation reinforcements, but he piloted the Mobile Armor Rafflesia and wiped them out, Seabook and Cecily then found and attacked Carozzo in the F91 Gundam and the Vigna Ghina respectively. Carozzo was to tear open the cockpit of Vigna Ghina and coldly throw Cecily into outer space, however, when he fought the F91, Seabook activated its V.S.B.R. system which would left afterimage with mass, thus confusing Carozzo, eventually, in utter confusion and frustration, Carozzo ended up accidentally striking his cockpit with the Tentacle Rod, thus succeeding in what every Gundam villains didn't achieve: accidentally killing himself.

Heinous Standard

The horror of the Bugs

As you probably already know, Gundam, especially in the Universal Century, has quite a crazy heinous standard, people drop space colony on a regular basis with Gihren being the most infamous example and then there is Colonel Killing who wanted to nuke a neutral Colony to destroy a Federation Mobile Suit, hell, even the non-PE ones, such as Zoltan fired recklessly in a colony. As a result, the heinous standard of Gundam is really high.

Despite that, Mr. Not Darth Vader here still stand out, afterall, he unleashed the Bugs to slaughter in the colony Froniter 1 with a lot of people being shown getting killed by these things, not to mention the thing about wanting to kill 90% of humanity with the Bugs, which is designed to target personals, so yeah...also, Carozoo throw his daughter into space, umm, why are late Univercal Century villains such bad parnets?

Morality Issue

It is understandable if you think Carozzo might be amoral, but don't forget he willing put himself into a status of locking away his emotion to makes him more willing to commit his plan, and even before the transformation, Carozzo already is a aristocracy fanatic

Mitigating Factors

Did he cares about Nadia? No, he threatens to kill her by telling her that the mask is the only thing that keep him away from killing her by locking away his emotions, also the whole thing about killing Theo in front of her. As for Cecily...again, Carozzo throws her into space, that should be enough to expalin it.

Final Thoughts