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Decided to make a PE proposal for my childhood nightmare fuel.

Live-Action Herobrine

What is the work?

Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children is a film about a bunch of children with paranormal abilities such as floating, summoning fire, controlling plant and being Medusa known as the Pecliars and their headmistress, an adult Pecliar, known as Ymbrynes, Peregrine that had the ability to shapeshift into bird and manipulate time. And they all live in a time loop and had a fight against monsters known as Hollows, the leader of Hollows? Nick Fur-umm, I mean Mr. Barron.

Who is Mr. Barron?

Mr. Barron was originally a Peculiar with the ability to shapeshift into other people that desired immortality, in order to achieve this, he, together with serval Peculiars carried out an experiment, sure, they gained immortality, but not without a price...

What has Mr. Barron done?

The experiment they carried out turned them into invisible monsters known as Hollows, in order to become human again, Mr. Barron together with serval Hollows killed other Peculiars and devoured their eyeballs, becoming the humanoid with white eyes known as Wights, Barron also mainly target Pecliars children. 

In order to continue their experiments, Barron and his Wights and Hollows attacked a time loop with Peculiars in it in Blackpool and killed all of the children in there. With only their headmistress, Miss Avocet escaped, in order to find the time loop that Peregrine was in, Mr. Barron shapeshifted into a psychiatrist and manipulated the family to go to the island of Cairnholm, where Mr. Barron was aware that a time loop with Peculiars existed.

Soon, the main protagonist, Jake, who is now aware of being a Peculiar with the ability to see Hollows find that a victim was killed by a Hollow on Cairnholm, thus he go to a cave, which is the tunnel that is connected to the time loop to warn his Peculiars friends and Peregrine, however, he was followed by Barron, who held Jake hostage to force Peregrine to surrender. Barron then left Jake and other Peculiars to be devoured by a Hollow, however, they escaped and the Hollow was killed by a bomb.

Then, in order to rescue Peregrine, Jake and the other Peculiars go to the time loop where Barron will carry out his experiment, after defeating Barron's Wights and most of the Hollows, Barron was surrounded and shapeshifted into Jake in order to confuse the Peculiars, however, this action is proven to be his fatal mistake as one of Barron's Hollow mistaken Barron as Jake and devoured Barron. As for the Hollow, it was quickly killed by Jake, thus successfully rescuing Peregrine and other Ymbrynes.

Heinous Standard

Barron himself is easily the most heinous villain of the film, as other Wights were just under his commands and doesn't even have much screen time and personalities when compared to Barron. As for the crime done by Barron, not much to be said. His actions of mainly targeting Peculiars children to devour their eyes, trying to catch a bunch of Ymbrynes and killed them in his experiment to become immortal make him very nasty.

Mitigating Factors

Nope, Barron has none of those.

Final Though

An easy keep

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