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Gundam War in the Pocket is probably one of the saddest Gundam series. And Colonel Killing is responsible for the tragic ending. He is already in the pure evil category, but is not yet approved.

What is the work?

Gundam War in the Pocket is a Gundam series which focus on the view of the One Year War of a ten-years old boy.

Who is Killing?

Colonel Killing is a die-hard loyalist of Gihren Zabi, who is in charge of Operation Rubicon, where he had the Cyclops Team to capture Earth Federation's new MS, Gundam NT1. However, this operation was rejected by Killing' supervisor, as a result, Killing murdered him.

Soon, the Gundam NT1 is brought to Side-6, which is a neutral space colony, after serval failed attempts of the Cyclops Team to capture or destroy the Gundam. Killing threatens to nuke the space colony in order to make Bernard Wiseman, the last surviving member of Cyclops Team to destroy the Gundam. At that point Bernard is trying to flee, but when he knew what Killing is doing, he decided to go back to protect the space colony by fighting the Gundam, he ultimately destroy it, but is too killed. At the same time, Killing's fleet was captured before they can fires the nuclear missiles.

In the end, after hearing of the news of Gihren's demise, Killing commit suicide.

Heinous Standard

Killing is easily the most evil villain in War in the Pocket and is still very heinous when compared with other pure evil universal century villains. As he tried to nuke a neutral space colony which has around millions population in it. He also murdered his supervisor just because he rejected Operation Rubicon.  He also faithfully worship Gihren Zabi, who is pure evil.

Mitigating circumstances


Final thoughts

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