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Getter Beam!!!! Getter Robo is one of the most classic mecha genre out there, together with Mazinger and Gundam. As a result, it should be no suprise that there are quite a lot of antagonists in the series too. And today's candidate, Emperor Burai, is one of the most despicable among the villains Getter Team faced. Also, in today's proposal, there will be a special guest as my co-host....Meet Nena Trinity as my co-host!

  • Nena: Hello~

What is the work?

  • Nena: So, what is the work you are talking about? Better not be that bastard
  • Tadi: Relax, is not about that is about...a even crazier psycho came from a manga...

So, the manga Getter Robo G is the sequeal of the manag Getter Robo, after the defeat of the Dinosaur Empire, a new threat known as Hundred Demon Empire rises, and its up to Ryoma, Hyatato and Benki to pilot the Getter Robo G, a combining super robot formed by three fighters to stop Emperor Burai, the emperor of Hundred Demon Empire.

  • Nena: I wonder if I can pilot it with my brothers! Then we will finally achieve our goal as Gundam Meister!
  • Tadi:You will definitely achieve your goal with the power of getter ray! Anyway, lets look at who Burai is!

Who is Emperor Burai?

Originally, Emperor Burai was a scientist that went to research in the polar region, he found a crashed spaceship, after exploring it, he was accidentslly merged with an alein brain and became a horned creature. Suddenly gaining a lot of advanced knowledge of technology, Burai's mind was consumed by his greed...he started his first act by slaugtering other scientists.

  • Nena:Umm..Seems generic to me, even I have done things worse.
  • Tadi:That is just the starter...

What has Burai done?

Burai made his first appearence midway during the event in Getter Robo. When Ryoma was brought to a hospital in order to cure his memory lose, a mechasaurs attacked the hospital on Emperor Gore's order...everything seems normal until...the patients in the hospitals suddenly has a horn on there forehead and they ganged up, destroying the mechasaurs, much to Gore's shock. Then, Burai contracted Gore, telling him about his rise and the hospital, in reality, was built on Burai's order to lure patients n, converting them into Oni Soldiers, the main force of Hundred Demon Empire. Later, Ryoma escaped.

Soon, after Mushani's self-destruct, the Dinosaur Empire was greatly damaged, they had no choice but to leave Emperor Gore behind. Gore, desiring a warrior's death, charged towards the newly built Getter Robo G, only for Burai to have a Hyyaki Beast to kill Gore, giving him a humilitaing death, much to Ryoma and Hayato's displeasure as well.

  • Nena:He is already creeping me out....he and the Hundred Demon Empire must be destroyed! Should we do an armed intervention?
  • Tadi:No need...anyway, if you think that is the worst of are wrong,

With the Dinosaur Empire gone, Burai offically started his global conquest, and the only obstacle to Burai is the Getter Robo G. In order to have the Getter Robo G destroyed, he had his minions to help Ryuji, Hayato's counsin and Ryuji's gang to convert themselves into cyborgs, who all combined into a giant robot. However, seeing how Ryuji released Hayato so that they could have a fair fight, Burai had his minons to brainwash them, thus forcing Hayato to kill his counsin.

Later, Burai was invited by his minion Jyuboki to a building which is secretly built by the Hundred Demon Empire during the building's open day, thus a lot of people came to celebrate it, which is filled with booby traps, Burai then had them trapped activiated, slaugtering many people in it for Burai's amusement, such as impaling citziens with spikes and even gassing an entire room to kill the people in it all for fun. Later, Ryoma came to rescue them, with only Hayato and three other people shown to survived Buari's masscare. In the end, Burai escaped while Jyuboki was killed.

Later, in an attempt to rule Earth, Burai had a commander brain which is the same type that merged with him to control some space monsters to attack Getter Robo G, later, Buari attempted to merge with it so that he could control the monsters into helping him to take over the world. However, before he can achieve this, Getter Robo G destroyed the commander brain, foiling Burai's plan again.

After that, Burai managed to aknowledged the existence of a bateriological bomb(A bomb that release bacteria) and had General Hidler to obtain it, as Burai plans to use it in his world domination. However, Hidler was killed by the Getter Robo G.

Later, both the Hundred Demon Empire and Saotaome Research Lab discovered remains of Uzhara, an ancient robot of the Atlantis. However, the Uzhara rebuilt itself and attacked the Getter Robo G. Burai then used the Getter Team's absence to his advangates by sending his force to take over Tokyo and sent a small squal to infiltrate the Uzhara, killing the surviving Atlanteans. Burai also had the citzens in Tokyo taken hostages and use them as meat sheild therefore the air force can't attack the Hundred Demon Empire. Buari even had some hostages executed to so that he is serious. Later, when the Getter Robo G managed to recurit the Uzhara, Burai threatened the Getter Team to surrounder or he would kill ten thousands of the hostages, even had his minons shot some dead to show that he is serious. However, the Getter Robo G amd Uzhara attacked from below, pushing the Hundred Demon Empire into space. Finally, the Getter Robo G, with its strongest attack Shine Spark, incinerated the Hundred Demon Empire and finally killing Buri for good.....except that isn't the end of Burai.

Later, in the manga Shin Getter Robo, Burzi's remain was collected by the Andromeda Country, which gave him a cyborg body and sent him to destroy the Saotome Researc Lab and the Getter Robo, however, Burzi was quickly killed by the Getter Team, finally ending Buari for good.

  • Nena:.....what a freak...glad that the Hundred Demon Empire doesn't exist in AD!
  • Tadi:Ya....

Heinous Standard

In the original Getter Robo timeline, Burai is easily very heinous, sure, Emperor Gore wanted to wipe out humanity too, but the reason behind it is that Gore wanted to take over earth before they hibernate again, also, Gore is pretty honoursble, as for the Andromeda Country, they have a good reason to attempt to destroy the Getter Robo, as the Getter Robo's final form, Getter Emperor, is the one that destroyed their homeworld. The only villain that is as awful as Burai is Professor Lando, who conveted people into cyborgs and have no problems in using nukes. As for Burai? Brainwashing, the massacre he did for fun in the building...attempting to release bio-weapon and taking an entire city's citizens hostages really made him stand out.

Redeeming quality

In The manga Shin Getter Robo, Burai seems to have redeemed as his ghost helped Dr. Saotome in developing Shin Getter Robo....however, that is all false, as it turns out the Getter Ray has the abilities to completely transform a person into another person, so that Burai ghost is no longer the brutal warlord we knew about...sonyeah, he is brianwashed as a ghost....thus, this redeeming factor is pretty much rendered null.

Final Thought

  • Nena:Well....Burai is certainly very nasty and ruthless....I mean, we Team Trinity blew up bases randomly too, but at least we won,t hold hostages...
  • Tadi:Yeah...anyway, thisnis the end of this proposal, bye folks!

Special thanks to DeltaHorizon020, it was his proposal's formalt that inspired me into making this proposal, thanks!

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