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In Dragon Quest X:Lore of the Ancient Dragon, there is Nadraga... The Dragon God that is blinded by his wrath...
Nadraga Grin

What is the work?

Dragon Quest X is a Dragon Quest series that is exclusive to Japan. It is a MMORPG that is about the events of Astoria, the world where the story take place. 

Who is Nadraga?

Nadraga is the Dragon God, who created the Dragon Race, he believes that Dragons are the stronger species and shall rule other species, this eventually triggers a war between him and his siblings. Nadraga teams with the Great Source Of Darkness, which is said the ultimate enemy of Astoria. The battle costed a lot of lives, and in the end Nadraga is sealed away together with the Dragon Race.

However, Nadraga is eventually resurrected, and he plans to destroy Astoria to kill everything as his revenge. He tried to destroy Astoria, but Bjørn the Behemoose get in his way to stop him. However even Bjørn is no match for Nadraga, Crow, one of the ally of the heroes tell them that the only way to stop Nadraga is destroy his heart. So the heroes enters Nadraga's body to destroy his heart.

Eventually, Nadraga learns that the Dragon Race are against him too. And Nadraga than wanted to destroy Dragon Race together with Astoria. But is ultimately defeated and destroyed.

Heinous Standard

The heinous standard of Dragon Quest is rather high, as there are the children-enslaving Bishop Ladja and Grandmaster Nimzo, torturous Mortamor, who wanted to utterly destroy the concept of hope. And Orgodemir, a god wannabe that cursed a kingdom's every new born to turns into monster. Even in other versions of Dragon Quest X, we got sympathetic viillains such as Madesagora, who admitted to feel bad for forcing brother and sister to fight to their deatj. As for the Dragon God, Nadraga's action of triggering war against his own siblings and even team up with their supposed enemy is pretty heinous, together with the fact that he wanted to destroy Astoria and even his own Dragon Races as his revenge of getting sealed away, which he deserves,he clearly stands out. The only villain that is worse than him is Kyronos, who actually sucessed in destroying Astoria.

Mitigating factors

Nadraga believes that he is doing good for the Dragon Race and loved them, however, in the end he let his anger consume him and wanted to destroy the Dragon Race too. So he pretty much destroyed his only mitigating factor.

Final thoughts

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