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Finished reading the manga Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam and there is a pe candidate, aka Crux Dogatie.

What is the work

Mobile Suit Crossbone Gundam take place after the event of Gundam F91, where the exchange student Tobia Arronax was dragged into the conflict between Jupiter Empire and Crossbone Vanguard.

Who is Crux Dogatie? What has he done?

Crux Dogatie is one of the first colonists that is sent to Jupiter to develop. However, the Earth Federation didn't offer any help to him despite Jupiter being a harsh environment. As a result, Crux has to develop the Jupiter Empire all by himself, which takes seventy years, which made him hate the Earth Federation. His hatred only got worse when the Earth Federation proposed a political marriage to him when he is over eighty years old in order to control Jupiter.

Crux ruled Jupiter Empire with an iron fist, strictly controlling its resources and even population, as for the military, it suffered the most as soldiers were usually executed if they escaped with their Mobile Suit destroyed.

In order to succeed in his revenge on Earth, he presents himself and the Jupiter Empire as peaceful in order to gain the trust of the Earth Federation. In reality, he spread the idea of destroying the Earth Federation and taking over Earth to his people. However, this is too a lie, as what Dogatie wanted is to destroy all life forms on Earth, which is something only known by high-ranking members.

Dogatie made his first appearance when Kincade and Tobia raid a Jupiter Empire base and acquired the information of Dogatie's hideout, which is a headquarter on Io, one of the moons of Jupiter. Despite the effort of Jupiter Empire's heavy defense, Kincade and Tobia still managed to raid the headquarter, however, the Dogatie is nothing but a decoy, which awakened the nine bio-brains of Dogatie. The Bio Dogatie then revealed that the main force of the Jupiter Empire is already heading to Earth just before activating the headquarters' self-destruction system even though there are a lot of Jupiter Empire soldiers in it. Luckily, the self-destruction system was stopped by Dogatie's daughter, Bernadette Briett. Tobia and Bernadette are soon kidnapped by Jupiter Empire and are brought to a Jupitris-class ship, where Dogatie is located. She asks her father to stop the invasion of Earth. However, Dogatie told her his true plan and he never loved her and only use her to calm down the people. Much to Bernadette's horror. Dogatie also shows his nine bio-brains units to them, which is all identical.

Tobia is soon able to escape, but Bernadette is forced to stay. Dogatie and his forces than arrives Earth and manipulated the Earth Federation to believe that Crossbone Vanguard is the invader, he even forced his daughter to be the pilot of Elegolea, which is in reality piloted by Dogatie's bio-brain without caring about the possibility that she might end up getting killed and even said that if she died, their morale will be boosted.

In the end, the real Dogatie and his bio-brains piloted the EMA-010 Divinidad to face the Federation army, at first, the Divinidads have the upper hand, however, the space colonies, being aware of Dogatie's threat, send their army to assist the Federation, overwhelming and destroying the Divinidads. In the end, the real Dogatie and Tobia dropped to earth, and after a tough battle, Tobia lost all of his weapons, and when Dogatie is ready to kill him with the mega particle cannon, Tobia crashed the Crossbone Gundam X-3 into the cannon with I-field being turned on at the highest output, Tobia ejected, and the Divinidad heavily damaged itself as the Gundam reflected the beam back to it.

In his final moments, Dogatie sees the illusion of the Earth burning, which, in reality, is the burning cockpit of Divinidad. Tobia is then rescued by Kincade, who used the screw whip of the Crossbone Gundam Kai to pierce the remains of Divinidad's cockpit, killing Dogatie once and for all. With Dogatie's demise, peace is finally achieved for some time.

Heinous Standard

Crux Dogatie easily past the standard, as he attempted to render Earth uninhabitable and wipe out all living things on Earth and is even willing to have his daughter killed for it, which makes him as awful as the likes of Gihren and Fonse. Not to mention the way he ruled Jupiter Empire by greatly limiting resources and executing soldiers that got their Mobile Suit destroyed. Thus, Dogatie is definitely heinous enough.

Mitigating Circumstances

Sure, Crux Dogatie is ignored by the Earth Federation and received a political marriage from it, but those that justify his desire of rendering the Earth uninhabitable? Definitely not. His relationship with his wife is also rendered null as when he found his wife's kindness reflected how cruel he has been, Dogatie, however, instead of redeeming himself, decided to turn his feelings of

inferior into hatred, not to mention that Dogatie openly admitted that he hated everyone during his final fight with Tobia, so he pretty much lost his redeeming quality.

Final Thought

Easy yes

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