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So, today I think I will propose an especially vile dictator from the internet myth series SCP mythos, lets say this human somehow managed to be so twisted and vile that even Bobble the Clown out of all anomalies are disturbed by him, anyway, lets meet Dr. Elliott Emerson!

What is the work?

The SCP Foundation is a famous Internet creepy pasta series that has their own website. Anyway, in their setting, the SCP Foundation follows the motto of "Secure, Contain and Protect" to contain supernatural creatures or items to keep them away from harming or acknowledged by humanity. However, in the SCP Mythos, while we got a lot of vile supernatural creatures, the SCP Mythos also has no shortage of showing how vile can a human become, and today, our candidate Elliott Emerson, the site director of Site 13 in an alternate universe, is a perfect example of this. And in this tale, the SCP Foundation suddenly has to dealt with a foundation site that manifested out of nowhere in the form of SCP-1730.

Who is Emerson?

Emerson originally is a researcher working under Dr. Jack Bright in an alternate universe's SCP Foundation where it is a puppet of the Global Occult Coalition. However, Emerson, who is hungry for power, framed his boss for a murder to get himself to be promoted to be the director of the SCP Foundation's Site 13. And for all workers and anomalies in Site-13, it would be the start of their nightmare....

What has he done?

After becoming the director of Site-13, Emerson runs it like some sort of concentration camp, where he only address his staffs with numbers as if he treat them as mere objects and would have done cruel experiments on the anomalies beings he could get his hand on, where he would torture them and do the 'invasive testing' on both supernatural animals and humans, and even threw many of his victims into the incinerator or the 'body pit', where the anomalies would be dissolved. And according to one of the test log, Emerson has one unlucky entity to be exposed to extreme cold, extreme heat, submerging it in water and finally, electrocute it, reducing it to a 'body that wasn't salvageable'. Unsuprisingly, the Ethics Committee is not happy about his, however, Emerson has its leader to be executed for being a 'traitor'. His ex-girlfriend, Assistant Director Dr. Hadley protested about most of Emerson's experiment, Emerson then had her demoted to a junior researcher in just three months

At some point, Emerson would electrocute an entity to death for refusing to be tested, and Emerson would later even ordered to have all of the humanoid anomalies to be terminated, and that even includes a young boy named Elijah who had the mind of a kid and the ability to suck out other people's blood. However,Dr. Hadley once again protested, and some guards then stripped her naked and beat her to near death, with Emerson doing nothing about it. Hadley then sabotaged the body pit to save Elijah and stared a mass containment bleach in Site-13 as her revenge. Emerson then decided to activate a device called the Thresher that would teleport Site-13 to other universe and left the problems for other reality to deal with instead for facing the consequence.

At some point, Site-13 manifested in the universe where most of the tales of the SCP Mythos take place, the SCP Foundation named it SCP-1730 and sent multiple squads to explore it. Many of them are slaughtered by the monsters in Site-13, while one of the squad found an alternate version of the infamous Bobble the Clown, who was now a broken shell of his former self. Bobble told the squad that he, together with some of the anomalies 'got lucky' and was experimented with to see 'what sounds they made when they wanted to die', as for the not so lucky anomalies, they were. dumped into the body pit and apparently has done 'worse things', all done by Emerson, and according to Bulbble, Emerson enjoyed watching those experiments being carried out. The squad asked Bobble what were the 'worse things', to where Bobble replied with an unnerving 'every worse things'. Before the squad left for further exploration, Bobble even asked them to 'rape Emerson to death' for him. At some point, the squad would indeed encounter Emerson, who was now strapped on a monster's head as a charred body, doomed to suffer forever in pain as a punishment of his crime.

Heinous Standard

Elliot Emerson is easily the most vile site director in the SCP universe given how he runs Site-13 like a concentration camp and would carry out cruel experiments on the supernatural beings. It really says a lot about Emerson when even Bobble the clown, a being that sent children videos of him committing murders and cannibalism was actually disturbed by him. In fact, Emerson might even be able to stand face to face with other vile beings such as 106 and 953 in terms of crime due to his sheer cruelty.

Mitigating Factors

According to a letter from Hadley to Emerson, Emerson used to be a nice guy, but 'has changed so much in a few years' after the promotion, so yeah, Emerson has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Also, according to Emerson's co-worker Dr. Scott, he believes that Emerson was ordered by Manaford to do the deeds and Scott even saw Emerson as a friend, however, base on Hadley, someone who used to be Emerson's gf has a nasty opinion on him and the fact that as Bobble pointed out, Emerson enjoyed the cruel experiments? Yeah...

Final Thoughts

Easy yes, what do you think?