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Imagine a viillain from mecha video game: What do you think of? Sympathetic soldiers? Hegemonic scientists? Invasive aliens? Genocidal cosmic being? ........The deity worshipped by the protagonist(formerly)...?
Ende the Devourer

Does this look like the God of Wisdom to you?

What is the work?

Super Robot Wars X is a strategy game that involves a lot of giant mecha from anime or manga fighting against their enemies. It is basically a crossover series! In SRW X, the story take place in a world called Al-Warth.

Who is Ende the Devourer?

Ende the Devourer is a divine beast that created Al-Warth as he recognised it did. And Ende is worshipped by a group of cult called  Keepers of Order. Ende is also capable of feeding on emotions. This divine beast seems to be nice, isn't? However, it is eventually revealed that Ende is extremely sinister. As Ende actually liked to feed on negative emotions, which is not necessary for his survival, and is more like a form of entertainment. Which is the solo reason why Ende created Al-Warth. Ende also had the Keepers of Order to stir up conflict in Al-Warth to cause more negative emotions for Ende's twisted enjoyment. Eventually, Ende is bored with the negative emotions in Al-Warth, so he summoned other people from other dimensions to Al-Warth in order to feed on more emotions. Some of these people from other dimensions are even reduced to an empty husk because Ende devoured all of their emotions.  

Than, Ende started to have the Keepers of Order to attack Al-Warth's people directly for more negative emotions. Thus causing more people to realize the ture nature of the God of Wisdom and Keepers of Order. 

Near the end of the game, Ende lost interest in Al-Warth, which cause the world to crumble as Ende is bored. After the demise of Anti-Spiral, Ende finally appears physically in front of X-Cross, the main protagonist group of the game, Ende told them that he is now done with Al-Warth and didn't care about its destruction, and now he wants to get in other dimensions to cause even more chaos to have more negative emotions for Ende to enjoy himself. In order to show them how powerful he is, Ende devoured the entire planet of Al-Warth in front of them, but later spit it out because he taste positive emotions, which disgusted Ende. The final battle than started, Ende summoned serval clones of Celric Obsidian, the deceased leader of Keepers of Order to fight X-Cross, nevertheless, Ende is still destroyed in the end and his role of divine beast is replaced by Spero, one of the companion of X-Cross. Thus ending Ende's terror.....for a while.

In the expansion pack of Super Robot Wars T, Ende is resurrected by a group called Atrium. Ende, now desire revenge, corrupted Nevanlinna, who is an AI that originally redeemed herself by teaching her what is hatred. After a brief battle, Ende and Nevanlinna fused together to become Nevanende, the ture fnal boss of the game, nevertheless, they are still destroyed for good after a tough battle.

Heinous Standard

The heinous standard of Super Robot Wars is ridiculously high, it is extremely common to have villains that desired destruction of the universe. As it got Anti-Spiral from Gurren Laggan, Keisar Ephes from Super Robot Wars Alpha Dr.Hell from Mazinger Z: Infinity and even Lord Embryo from Cross Ange. However, Ende the Devourer, who is supposed to protect Al-Warth, is willing left it to be destroyed just because he ' lost interest in it'. The reason why Ende created Al-Warth also show that he only cared about himself, as he did it just to devour negative emotions. In order to bring more negative emotions, Ende also bring chaos to Al-Warth by having the Keepers of Order to stir up conflict and attacking innocents. Which lasted for 3000 years. And in the end Ende plans to do the same thing to other worlds. Also, divine beasts have moral standard, just look at Spero who did a heroic sacrifice in the end. 

Mitigating factors

Ende did a truce with Anti-Spiral, but who would want Anti-Spiral to be their enemy? Also, it is pretty clear that Ende 'protect' Al-Warth from Anti-Spiral because he want to continues to feed on negative emotions.

Final thoughts

Seems like a easy yes.

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