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GAGAGA GAGA GAOGAIGAR, GAGAGA GENSIC GAOGAIGAR. The GaoGaiGar franchise is easily the most iconic Brave series anime. With a bunch of courageous man, woman and robot saving the world. In fact, this series is so iconic and well loved that it even got a sequel anime and later a sequel novel of said sequel. And today, our candidate come from the sequel anime, meet Pillnus ! And you know she is a real piece of work when she is the only villain from the series that requires a mature template on her page. Also the "Who is Pillnus? What has she done?" part will be the same as her page since they are too written by me.

What is the work?

GaoGaiGar Final is the sequel anime of King of Braves GaoGaiGar. After the defeat of the 31 Machine Primevals and Zonuda, the Gutsy Galaxy Guard face a new threat, known as 11 Planetary Masters of Sol. As they attempted to drawn the dark matters from the Solar System to rebuild the destroyed the Trinary System which would results in the destruction of solar system. And Pillnus is one of the Plaentary Masters.

Who is Pillnus? What has she done?

Pillnus is one of the Planetary Masters that desired to use the Pas-Q machine to rebuild the Trinary System. She first appeared when Renais tried to stop the Planetary Masters from reclaiming the Q-Parts, where Pillnus appeared and kicked Renais into a river before she retreated into Pia Decem's ship, Pia Decem PIT.

Later, as the GGG followed the Planetary Masters into Reli-Earth, fellow Planetary Master Palparepa released chemicals to make most of the GGG members to lose their will to fight. Despite Renais being unaffected due to her cybernetic nature she was stalked by Pillnus, who managed to capture, restrain, and torture Renais until she broke free. Pillnus, together with other Planetary Masters, later watched Palparepa defeating Guy Shishiou.

After Renais rescued a captured Soldato J, they encountered Pillnus and Pia Decem again. Pillnus tried to use her chains against Renais again, but this time, Renais is able to reflect them back at Renais, wounding her while Soldato J defeated Pia Decem. Before Renais and J could kill their opponents, however, Palus Abel stepped in and restrained Renais and J. Despite this, Pillnus and the other two Planetary Masters were later forced to retreat when Mamoru, Mikoto and the Gun machines stepped in.

Pillnus and Abel then boarded Decem's ship, Pia Decem PIT, where she watched the battle between King J-Der and Pia Decem PIT until Abel had a captured Kaidou forcefully shut down the J-Jewl of J-Der, who then had Decem to slam J-Der into J-Ark. The trio then entered J-Ark.

While Abel was trying to rewrite the program of Tomoro 0117, Pillnus and Decem raided the bridge of J-Ark and combatted Renais and J. This time, Pillnus fired into Renais and started to cause her to overheat. Later, Decem also defeated J. Before they can finish them off, Renais activated her G-Stone with her courage, which later caused a chain reaction that activated J's J-Jewl as well, being able to dodge the attack and continue to combat Pillnus and Decem. Before they can continue their duel, due to Guy suddenly obtaining the Genesic GaoGaiGar, Palus Abel ordered Pillnus and Decem to retreat from the J-Ark and regroup in the Pia Decem PIT which transformed into the giant mecha Pia Decem PEAK. However, King J-Der pushed Pia Decem PEAK to Repli-Los Glaciarwa, where they started the final battle.

In the Pia Decem PEAK, Pillnus would witness the battle between the Pia Decem PEAK and King J-Der until the King J-Der took out Pia Decem PEAK and Pia Decem with a point-blank shot from the Maser Cannon. Then, J and Renais raided the remains of Pia Decem PEAK and crushed Pillnus' core, the Loud G-Stone, causing Pillnus to disintegrate in front of Palus Abel.

Despite this, Palus Abel had Pisa Sol use the Pas-Q Machine to replicate the fallen Planetary Masters, including a swarm of Pillnuses who were grinning ominously around Renais and J. However, all copies of Pillnus were eventually destroyed after Guy used the Goldion Crusher to demolish Pas-Q machine and Pisa Sol.

Heinous Standard?

GaoGaiGar has no shortage of villains that would try to screw up the universe in a number of ways, the Primevals from the original series tried to mechanize the entire universe into Zonders, and the Plaentary Masters tries to let the Earth's universe to collapse to rebuild the Trinary System. And as a Planetary Master, Pillnus assisted in that goal too, however, in the very least, the other 10 Planetary Masters and the Primevals nor anyone from BioNet (Criminal Organisation on Earth) never did rape. Pillnus has the dishonour of being the only rapist in the show, which is very heavily implied that she has done to Renais (Included with licking). Thus, Pillnus easily stands out, not to mention that she is very sadistic and tortured Renais and Soldato J to the point that she got so distracted from it that Palus Abel, who is also a sadist herself, have to call Pillnus out for spending too much times toying with Renais and J.

Mitigating Factors?

First, are the Planetary Masters amoral? Unlikely, as the heroes made an attempt to talk them out of their goal, and their response is that since the Pas-Q machine is already activated, it can't be stopped. And not to mention some of them, such as Pillnus and Palus Abel, clearly enjoyed their mission on trying to the heroes. However, Palus Abel does has her own redeeming qualities of caring about other fellow Planetary Masters and indeed seen rebuilding the Trinary System as their duty. However, for Pillnus? Not so much, she is never shown to care about her allies, and didn't say anything about the Trinary System and instead spend her time mocking and torturing Renais. As a result, it is possible that Pillnus didn't care about her duty.

Final Thought

Weak yes.