After watching Zeta Gundam TV version,  I realized that Bask Om , who is a villain I previously proposed is much more messed up than I thought. However, I also find out that The Man From Jupiter is also very messed up.
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Scirocco's most famous sence

What is the work?

Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, with alot of characters killed off and most importantly, Waverider watermelon for Paptimus Scirocco.

Who is Paptimus Scirocco?

Scirocco is a very powerful Newtype summoned by the Titans officer, Bask and Jamitov. He first appears in his PMX-000 Messala and easily shot down many AEUG soldiers that are trying to attack Jaburo. But soon retreated when Kamile and Char intervened.

Soon, Scirocco, under Jamaican's command joined Operation Apollo, which involve occupying Von Braun City on the moon. However Scirocco didn't obey and dropped to Von Braun City in his ship, and threaten to destroy the city if it didn't accept a ceasefire. Thus forcing AEUG to retreat. 

Scirocco also manipulated Sarah Zabiarov, who is only 15 years old to join him on the battlefield together with Sydle, who is also vey young. Their first mission is to accompany Jerid Messa, however they faced the main protagonist Kamile, and Sydle is quickly shot down. Although both Jerid and Sarah feel guilty for her death, Scirocco coldly tell them that Sydle is just not experienced.

Scirocco also murdered Jamitov Hymem, the leader of Titans when they failed alliance with Haman Karn. He also had Reccoa who is former AEUG member that defected to Titans to kill Bask Om. With the death of Scirocco's boss, he is able to gain full control on Titans. However, Sarah is killed right after the death of Jamitov in order to let Scirocco retreat.

However, AEUG gained control on the Gryps II laser and use it to destroy Titans fleet. Thus foiling Scirocco's plan. Scirocco is soon killed by Kamile when the man from Jupiter is trying to retreat back to the Jupitris-class ship. With his last breath, Scirocco broke Kamile's mind and left him psychotic, and later, vegetative.

Heinous Standard

Scirocco manipulated Sarah and Sydle to fight for him and is not saddened by their death at all. Scirocco doesn't care about his men at all. As he often refuse to send re-enforcement, which lead to the demise of Sydle. He also threatens to destroy a city. Oh, Scirocco is also a traitor as he killed Jamitov and Bask. In the end, he even made Kamille to become vegetative.

Mitigating factors

At least he never pump toxic gas into space colonies like how Bask Om did.

Final thoughts

Do you think Scirocco is pure evil? I am actually not sure this time!

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