I am surprised that no one has proposed this vile villain with a massive body count

What is the work?

Star Wars, takes place in a galaxy far, far away, it that galaxy, the galactic empire is getting mercilessly attacked by the evil Rebellion lead by the evil Principality of Zeon lead by the evil Leia, and our candidate, Luke, is the right hand.

What has he done?

He nearly killed his father Darth Vader, blew up a planet-sized space station, killing everyone on it, and assisted in destroying another planet-sized space station, thus resulting in a massive body count

Heinous Standard

He blew up a planet-sized space station, thus he has a very high body count! Who cares if said space station can blew up planets! He still, did it!

Mitigating Factors

A lot, but he still killed a lot of people when he blew up the space station so it doesn't matter

Final thought

Yes, the above proposal is sponsored by Emperor Palpatine

And obviously, this is a joke proposal for April' Fools

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