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Well, since I am on the whitelist, might as well take the opportunity to propose a character I've desired to propose for quite some time for my very first PE proposal: Mr. Dark. Let's get it.

What's the Work?

Something Wicked This Way Comes is a film about how a couple of boys named Will Halloway and Jim Nightshade discover a carnival happening at the town. They decide to go to the carnival and try to have some fun there, though the longer they stayed, the more they learned about its dark secrets and what goes on there. They eventually discover that the carnival is really a group of supernatural beings called the Autumn People who are known for destroying people by granting their wishes and consume people's souls while they're at it led by today's candidate: Mr. Dark and that they intend to repeat the process with their town as well. As such, it is up to them to try to find a way to put a stop to their wicked doings with the help of Will's father, Charles.

Who is he? What has he done?

Mr. Dark is the leader of the Autumn People. What he has been doing with them is pretend to be a circus, come into a town every once in a while, try to lure in whatever innocent folks they can with their temptations, and then consume their souls. The process would cause them to turn into Autumn People and join his crew themselves. He and them have been known for destroying people by granting their wishes, suggesting a decent body count for him as well. One fine day, he and his fellow folk arrive in Green Town and host a carnival expedition, luring in many people to join it. During the host, he manages to get 4 people, Mr. Crosetti by using his lust for exotic women, Ed by helping him get a real new arm and a real new leg (who would later be de-aged into child-hood), Mr. Tetley by giving him $1,000,000 through a lottery win and sending him on an eternal ferris wheel trip, and Ms. Foley by turning her young to the point where she regained the beauty she used to have albeit with no vision at all. It is also shown that he has turned some of the humans into something like statues having them be put in a state where they would be still with their eyes closed.

Later on, he is seen torturing Tom Fury by electrocuting him with an electric chair, seeking to gain information about when the future storm arrives as the storm serves as a lethal threat to him due to the deadly danger it poses to him. However, Jim and Will accidentally reveal themselves to stop him which leads him to have the Dust Witch summon an army of spiders and chase after the little boys in an attempt to kill them due to them knowing too much. However, they manage to escape the spiders which leads to Mr. Dark activating a party search with the Autumn People for the boys under the guise of a carnival parade through town. Along the way, he meets Charles and asks him on information on where the boys are to which he pretends to not know only for Mr. Dark to let him know that he does know of his connection to them before continuing the search and the "parade."

Later on, he appears again while Charles was reading information with the boys about him with the boys ending up running away to hide as they sense Mr. Dark coming nearby. Mr. Dark then arrives and tries to lure the boys out with temptations to no avail. When Charles tells him that he knows who they are, Mr. Dark merely gloats about how people's torments call them like dogs in the night and on how well they feed and how sadistic he is and stuff. He then tries to make a deal with Charles, promising to make him young again under the account of telling him where Will and Jim are. Charles stays silent and as such, Mr. Dark begins cruelly and sadistically aging him as he interrogates him with no answer, eventually getting Will and Jim to shout though he continues to age Charles some more and then torments him a bit more by crushing his hand, causing it to bleed before proceeding to look for Will and Jim while trying to tempt them with their desires. Eventually, he finds them and has the Dust Witch quiet them and still them.

He then takes Will and Jim away with him but not before having her give Charles a brief taste of death so that he may recognize it when it comes again for the evulz. One of the boys, Will, escapes and gets lost in a mirror maze while looking for Charles who is also looking for him in the mirror maze with Mr. Dark talking to him through echoes behind the mirrors, telling him about his previous 4 victims before cruelly taunting him by calling him a failure as a father and a man and lying to him about his son, Will, hating him and that he's lost him and Jim too, while trying to drown him in his regrets only for Jim to arrive and reveal Dark's lies by telling him that he loves him, motivating Charles to break the glass and save him from drowning from Mr. Dark's sinister powers. As such, Tom Fury gets freed by the arrival of the storm with its lightning and kills the Dust Witch with a lightning rod, saving Charles from any further temptations or torments from her. Mr. Dark then tries to tempt Jim again and tries to have him join on his magic merry-go-round, nearly killing him only for Charles to save him before lightning strikes the merry-go-round, electrocuting Mr. Dark to death and killing the Autumn people as well, putting an end to their villainous deeds and terrorism.

Heinous Standards

Easy pass. He's the leader of the Autumn people and is pretty much the instigator of their actions, being the orderer of them and such, with him partaking in them themselves, committing a murder with a good enough kill and body count, very bad torture, and not to mention trying to kill a couple kids too, so he's pretty much top of the heinousness chain.

Migitating Factors

Nope. Taken seriously? Yep. Moral agency? Nothing indicates he has issues with his. No redeeming qualities? You got it. Yeah he does make deals and gives people what they want but it's only so that he can destroy them and for pragmatic purposes as well, so nothing honorable about this at all.


Solid yes to me.