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Paradox appears to everyone as the mythological creature known as a dragon. His main body color is green, but he has a darker green stripe going down his back. His eyes are typically a pale green with a small slitted pupil in the center, but it usually turns red when he is enraged. He has markings that go from underneath his eyes and stop at the base of his jaw. His left arm is robotic, the lost of the appendage unknown. His body, unlike Bill Cipher, does not change based off of his mood. He has a low, sort of raspy voice, that deepens and turns menacing like a typical demon. His left horn attached to the top of his head is broken off half way, so the broken tips appear jagged and sharp.


As a Time demon, Paradox is very manipulative and aggressive. He is not as cunning as Cipher is, but he is sly and assertive. Paradox becomes very enraged easily, especially when compared to Bill. He doesn't play tricks as much as he drops hints and takes what he wants. He is a very tortured creature, who uses his past as his fuel for his attacks. He threatens to use his time manipulation against those that anger him. He has proven that he is a psychotic, manipulative madman who should never be trusted or messed with. He is very intelligent, which leads him to get every offended when his smarts are challenged.

Although his terrifying personality always take over his highly intelligent mind, he can be cowardly or even scared when he comes close to death.


Paradox and Bill were best friends when they were trapped in the second dimension together. They agreed with each other that their talents were wasted in this dimension and plotted to escape. Paradox managed to find a weak spot in their prison and the two demons escaped together. After escaping, Bill created the Mindscape and Paradox created the Time Zone. Trying to convince the dream demon to stay with him in his time zone, Paradox watched as Bill fled to a town called Gravity Falls. When the triangle demon returned, the time demon attacked his former friend. After a long and painful battle, Bill tore Paradox's left arm clean from his body then fled again. When Bill got his hands on Stanford's rift, Weirdmageddon began, trapping Paradox in his zone.

After Cipher was erased by Stanford, Paradox, with his new robotic arm, escaped his prison and went to Gravity Falls. He tormented now 23 year old Dipper and his girlfriend, Jane, their entire lives. When Cipher returned, Paradox was more than happy to attack his former friend.

"You took my one arm, and I see you only have one eye, so how about I return the Favor!"
~ Paradox, after attacking Bill and pinning him to the ground.