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Before I'm going to do this EP. I'm sorry if I'm going to be a bit ranty in this segment because I need this to get out from my chest and here's my unscripted rant before I'll do my EP:

"I want to tell you something. While I quit the site for good, I still lurk on TV Tropes to see if everything changes or checking several candidates that were added. That's why despite I quit TV Tropes, I still know several of the candidates that they had put such as Cheshire Cat from Alice Mare, Tamamo no Mae, Adompha and Dwerulas, Kirio Kikuhara, Monaca Towa, Cathy Ward from Angels of Death, Ghirahim, Dogen and so on (The former three I had successfully EPd by myself). So even though I quit the site for personal reasons, I still know what some of the users of TV Tropes were doing.

And then there's something that gives me a bit of a headache...

You see, upon reflection, I'm suddenly become not a big fan towards litigation of several candidates. Why? Because sometimes it exposes how an incompetent fool that I am and how it kind of mocks the hardwork that this user had put through. Sure, I might litigate some of the candidates in the future but this one...Oh good lord this one is a final nail in the coffin when it comes on exposing my incompetence and made me question myself on why should I bother to do something if my hardwork feels rather...Unappreciated after ended up getting this candidate in question downvoted until someone brought in a new evidence...

You see, this happened with the candidate that I almost put in TV Tropes, Akivasha, hadn't it been for the fact that it was shot down by the arguments from the same user who will put her up in TV Tropes that was flimsy at best. This won't be so bad, but the fact that some candidates that I proposed that ended up getting relitigated by other users 4 times in a row, it feels rather...Infuriating if you ask me. That and the same guy who downvoted it also the same guy who ended up arguing that she should have been gone up. Yes, you could consider me to be a selfish and hypocritical prick but man, it feels rather infuriating when you put your hardwork and effort on the proposal but got voted down in the first time but when someone brought in a new evidence or give a second chance, everyone voted without a second thought. And if you consider that she is fit on going up right now as a Complete Monster...WHY DON'T YOU JUST DO IT IN THE FIRST PLACE AND SUPPORT MY OWN GODDAMN PROPOSAL FOR GOD'S SAKE!!! IT'S JUST EXPOSE MY INCOMPETENCE AS A HUMAN BEING MORE AND MORE!

Again, this won't be so bad hadn't the EP was shot down due to the flimsy arguments by the same user who proposed her now back then. I really hate this, I really do as this exposed my incompetence more and more and question my decision on whether making an account in TV Tropes was a grave mistake that I have chosen while saying this to my heart: Why should I even bother to propose something or contributing towards something while others do it for you anyways and at the end of the day, I just need to be a good sheep by voting yes or no. I should have stop during Yuuto Ijika proposal but man... Clearly making a TV Tropes account to participate in the cleanup thread was a mistake decision on my part after seeing this proposal in question."

Anyways, sorry for the long rant. I need to get this out from my chest and probably this would making me a bit of a huge hypocritical jerk. But after seeing this proposal, it becomes clear why I didn't regret on choosing to leave the site for good. Not only several people had already found their niche that I already tried to be infested in, but when your candidate got shot down, it's okay, your candidate will most likely be relitigated by another user while you sitting here like a good boy waiting the candidate to be approved. Anyways, here's the proposal on Akivasha and sorry if this ended up copying my proposal from TV Tropes because I did her proposal in the first place before being brought up again and I still don't believe in self-plagiarism so yeah...

What's The Work

Kull the Conqueror is a 1997 fantasy film loosely based on Robert E. Howard's novel, The Hour of the Dragon. The story tells us about Kull, a barbarian from Atlantis who initially wants to join Valusia's elite Dragon Legion led by General Taligaro, but ended up becoming a king of Valusia after defeating the Mad King Borna who decides to screw with his heirs and tries to make Kull the king in his last moments. Unfortunately, Taligaro and the King's other relative, Ducalon, refuses to accept this and tries to take down Kull from the throne once and for all.

In order to take the throne from Kull, they ended up conspiring with a sorcerer named Enaros and both of them tries to revive an evil ancient queen named Akivasha, which is the candidate that I want to bring today.

Who is She/What Has She Done

Okay, so Akivasha from my research is actually a minor villain from Conan. But here, she's got a lot of expanded role and was revealed to be the Witch Queen of Achreon. Prior to the main story, the narrator tells us that Akivasha ruled the world as it was engulfed in flames and the demons in Akivasha's period are ruling over the human. We saw the gory-discretion shot by seeing the fire which enhances how Akivasha's regime looks like. Fortunately however, the God named Valka destroyed Akivasha's evil empire but leave on of the Achreon Flames in order to leave the bad example to avoid for the mankind to come.

When Taligaro and his cousin, Ducalon, are salty because of the fact Kull got the throne and not them and both of them are failed to assassinate Kull during his coronation, the two then conspire with Enaros and revives Akivasha and during her revival, the moon turns into a scary face. Seemingly lost her memory a little bit, after she knows what happen with Achreon, she then plans to bring back again Achreon with her own agenda by conspiring with Taligaro and Ducalon.

When Kull become the king and tries to pick the suitable queen to rule by his side, Kull endded up being enchanted by Akivasha's beauty while the latter tries to enthrall him so that she could become the queen of Valusia. However, Zareta the fortune teller warns Kull of the bad things to come but thanks to Akivasha's hypnosis, Kull ended up forgetting Zareta's warnings.

After their first Woo Hoo together, Akivasha then had other plan on her sleeve by putting Kull in a deathlike slumber and tries to frame Zareta for regicide. Until it was revealed that she keeps Kull as a personal play-toy and when Enaros protest this decision, she burned Enaros's hand. Akivasha then tries to use Kull for her own ends by asking him to become the king so that they can rule together. When Kull refuses her offer, Akivasha, in a fit of rage, throws a knife through the wall which almost hits Enaros's crotch and it was revealed that she intends to open the gates of hell in order to revive the Achreon Empire that she had.

When Enaros found out that Akivasha still lusts for Kull, she then burns his face for the first time and when Kull travels through north in order to obtain the Breath of Valka that can defeat Akivasha, she then sends Taligaro to kill Kull. However, at first, Taligaro seems pissed off because he felt that he was betrayed by her because she said that Kull was dead when in reality, he's not. She then threatens Taligaro and said that she changed the pact and after this, the two seemingly make amends because Akivasha manipulated him under the pretense that he will be given his earthly desires after he killed Kull.

In the meantime, Akivasha then puts a Villain With Good Publicity facade in order to trick the citizens of Valusia that the king is still dead and she will "avenge" the king's death by capturing the Fortune Teller. Oh yeah, and after this, she burns Enaros's face again for the second time due to his protests regarding being a loyal servant.

After Ducalon warns her that her opinion causes the unrest between the nobles which is what Akivasha's intended in order to revive her kingdom, she then kills Ducalon after the latter tries to stab him by burning him alive. After the eclipse happened, she changes herself into her demon form and tries to protect herself by using a sacred flame. During her final moments, she then tries to manipulate Kull again under the pretense that she will become his wife and he will become the King of Archeon. Fortunately Kull manages to defeat the evil sorceress by kissing her which resulted on him transferring Breath of Valka to her. (The reason why he got breath of Valka in the first place is thanks to the fact that he got it from Zareta so yeah...)

Freudian Excuse/Mitigating Factors

None that given actually. Honestly her love of Kull? While initially enchanted by Kull at first and tries to offer Kull immortality and throne, she then drops all of her nice facade after Kull refuses towards her advances and nevermind the fact that she will try to kill Kull with no remorse when he tried to defeat her and her love with Kull in the end feels like a fucking manipulation to me rather than actual love. Also, she doesn't love Taligaro and just manipulate him for her own ends and doesn't intend to share her power with Taligaro so yeah...

Heinous Standard

Well there's King Borna of course who slaughter his heirs and on his dying breath, he decides to give the crown to Kull in order to screws his offspring because why not. And then there's a law regarding slavery and initially I want to consider Taligaro but I feel he's too much on borderline standard villainy unlike Akivasha. Akivasha however? Intending to bring Hell on Earth in order to restore her empire with no intention of sharing, Being a Bad Boss by burning his loyal servant's face and when getting called out by one of her co-conspirators, she brutally burns him and then she tries to frame an innocent fortune teller for killing the king after she put him in a deep sleep... Yea, I don't know if you said this is a standard villainy or not. Also, no need to worry as I feel that the film itself takes in another continuity from Conan's universe so no issue here.

Final Verdict

Keeper, no ifs no buts. I had a bit of a headache when seeing that proposal and I still am. Sorry for the extreme rant that I had to let it out on because it just proves my incompetence as a human being in general and feel that quitting TV Tropes was a good decision on my part and making an account in there around 2/3 years ago was a huge mistake. Anyways, now if you excuse me, I'm going to back to work when it comes to do a cleanup on the wiki...So many pages that I want to create and don't worry, I want to try and make a blogpost that are not related to PE candidates so yep.

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