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DISCLAIMER: Post uses some dialogues and stuff. If you want to have some readability, ignore the dialogues in the end.

Since I saw a certain user doing a proposal with a certain character from a franchise that I took an interest in, it's my turn to propose a certain character in the same franchise. What is the franchise in question and which one is the character? Well let's find out first! WARNING! Spoiler ahead:

  • The Host: Howdy folks! Long time no see, I am your current host for this EP. Anyways, my current waifu, Makima, is now pretty busy doing some stuff. So in the end, I decided to bring our adopted daughter to accompany me for this special, may I introduce you, Spark Knight Klee of the Knights of Favonius!
  • Klee: Ta-dah! Klee is here! I am the Spark Knight of Knights of Favonius! What can Klee do for you papa?
  • The Host: Hi Klee! Wanna help to accompany me in hosting this effortpost?
  • Klee: Effortpost? What’s that? Klee really wants to know.
  • The Host: Well, an effortpost is actually about telling the story about a certain villain and what they did and tell them if they are either the most evil villain or the most magnificent villain.
  • Klee: Oh! So it is like a bedtime story? Klee really likes stories!
  • The Host: Yep! Papa will tell you the best story if you want to tune in my child! Today, I am going to tell you a story about a very evil evil man. Do you want to hear it?
  • Klee: Sure! Why not Papa? Papa is truly the best alongside Master Jean, Razor, Albedo, Mona, Diona, Sucrose, Amber, Lisa and Uncle Kaeya because you always tell Klee about this story about a very very bad or magnificent person.
  • The Host: What about your other uncle? Diluc?
  • Klee: He's one of the weird grown-ups. He's so grumpy all the time... Why does he never smile?
  • The Host: Oh! I see... What about mama Makima then?
  • Klee: Mama Makima is the best. Even though she is kinda scary…
  • The Host: That’s completely understandable. Even then, Mama Makima still loves you and wants to try her best to nurture you to be a good child.
  • Klee: Klee forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me Papa!
  • The Host: It’s alright. Ayways, with that being said, while Papa is still telling you the story, there will be a special guest just for you. Do you want to meet with your new friends?
  • Klee: Friend!? Oh! Klee would love to make some new friends! I want to go fish-blasting together with them!
  • The Host: Alright then, let's start the EP shall we and I'll promise that once it's done, you will definitely be going to play with your new friends. For fish-blasting. I am not sure though. Remember what Mama Makima has said to you. Don’t go fish-blasting otherwise she would scold you again
  • Klee: Oh! Klee now remembers about it. Sorry about that Papa.
  • The Host: That’s okay. You can play with the new friend however you want. Anyways, let’s start the EP now!
  • Klee: Yay! Papa is the best!

What’s The Work

So our candidate here comes from Dragalia Lost, which is a mobile game created by two companies known as Cygames who are best known for Rage of Bahamut and Granblue Fantasy and Nintendo who is best known for creating Mario series and so many interesting games like Metroid, Fire Emblem, Zelda and so on. The story tells us about the adventures of the Seventh Scion, Euden, who is a fl00fy cinnamon bun that could attract ara-ara big tiddy goth milfs :3 (Suddenly, a brick was mysteriously thrown from the audience seat towards the Host as the host managed to evade it but the building window behind the host got smashed and formed a huge hole as the audience became a bit frantic after seeing the incident.)

  • Klee: That was scary! Papa! Are you okay? Klee is scared!!! (Suddenly Klee ended up panicking like crazy until the Host tries to calm her down)
  • The Host: It’s okay Klee, a consequence for me telling shitty jokes again.
  • Klee: Ummmppphh… I hope Papa is okay.
    (The host then attempts to calmed down the frantic audience)
  • The Host: Alright people! Calm down, that’s just a minor inconvenience. Anyways, I’ll call the security to kick out that person who tried to throw a brick at me from the studio. SECURITY!
  • The Two Securities: Aye Aye! Sir!
    (As the host called the security who are none other than Diluc and Kaeya themselves, they then tried to kick the troublesome person out of the studio although in the end, the person ended up missing without a trace)

Huh… Strange, now where was I? Oh yeah, Dragalia Lost is a mobile game that tells us the story about the adventures of the Seventh Scion, Euden, and his companions as he attempts to make some pacts with dragons in order to rid the world of evil. Things went south after Euden's father was possessed by an unknown entity and Euden's sister, Zethia, had no choice but to join his father to save Euden from harm considering she is an Auspex after all. Things truly went downhill after said entity successfully possessed Zethia and became the Empress of a tyrannical empire known as Dyrenell Empire. It is up to Euden and his companions to defeat the evil tyranny of the Dyrenell Empire once and for all and save Zethia.

(The Host in his Inner Thoughts: Hope I don’t get bricks thrown at me again this time)

  • Klee: Ooooo… Klee is interested in this story papa! Can you tell me more about it?
  • The Host: Sure my child, anything to impress you! The story is pretty interesting as the time went by but I think you’re probably going to be confused by this point.
  • Klee: No papa! Klee is interested in the story. Klee will become a good girl and listen to it.
  • The Host: Alright then, I’ll try my best to tell you the story, my precious Klee. Anyways, you are interested in meeting with new friends right?
  • Klee: Yay friends! I wanna meet with them!
  • The Host: Alright, here they are. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you… The crow witch, Venna, and her own child!
    (After the host introduces their names, Venna and her child who is revealed to be a cute scarecrow boy suddenly enters the room)
  • The Host: Hi Venna! You look stunning today in that crow dress! Who is that child besides you?
  • Venna: Thank you my dear. Oh! This is my adoptive son, Ryo. Please say hi to him.
  • The Host: Hi there adorable little scarecrow! How are you doing?
  • Ryo: Hi! I am Ryo. I am doing fine, I’m just accompanying my mother after her son went missing without a trace.
  • Venna: It is a sad state to see. I’m developing an Empty Nest Syndrome because of it. So I’ll let Ryo accompany me for a while on this talk show. Anyways, who is this adorable elf besides you?
  • Klee: Hi Ryo! Hi Auntie Venna! I am Spark Knight Klee of the Knights of Favonius. I hope we can be friends together. (Klee then shakes Ryo’s hands)
  • Ryo: It’s a pleasure to meet you Klee! I would love to be friends with you just like with Necrotary and Embry! I think you’re cute!
  • Klee: Thanks! Klee loves compliments! You’re cute too albeit a bit scary.
  • Ryo: Yeah, my form kinda changes when it hits nighttime so I can understand why you find me scary to a certain degree.
  • Klee: It’s okay! Klee loves all people! Klee found everyone to be the best! Except Uncle Diluc who didn't smile at the time. Do you want to play with Klee?
  • Ryo: Sure! Why not!
  • Venna: So... How are you doing right now? And where’s your wife Makima?
  • The Host: She’s currently doing some government work lately, and alas, my little Klee is here to accompany me so there’s that.
  • Venna: I see, well that’s a shame. Since I would love to meet your wife again to talk about some stuff and all as she wants me to teach her some cooking skills.
  • The Host: Gotcha! Anyways, shall I continue my storytelling?
  • Venna: I’ll hear you out.
    (While Klee and Ryo are playing together as the host was talking to Venna, the host then calls their name)
  • The Host: Klee! Ryo! Do you want to hear a cool story together?
  • Ryo and Klee: Oh! We love stories! We want to hear it.
  • Host: Alright then. Let’s continue telling stories together.
  • Venna: I’ll hear it out too by the way. Hope it’s not something stupid again just like what you did with me.
  • The Host: Trust me Venna my dear, it won’t be something stupid if you ask me.
  • Venna: Alright, I’m listening.
  • The Host: Thank you.

Now where was I, oh yeah! Anyways, I kind of mention that a certain entity possesses both the King and the Auspex. The entity itself is called Morsayati and he is hellbent on trying to reshape the world by releasing the Flow Eternal, a river of power who gets its power from human emotions, which would kill all the dragons across the world. Interestingly however, Morsayati is not our candidate because it was revealed that he has agency problems from his origin story, The Forgotten Truths. The candidate in question? Is actually a mere human from Morsayati’s origin story that causes so much damage in the long run that it left a long-lasting impact in the story. I am gonna talk about Colonel Augus, the man behind nearly all of the mishaps that happened in Dragalia Lost.

Who is He/What Has He Done

  • Venna: Oh… A human who is the evil mastermind behind this? I am interested in your story. Carry on! As I have bigger plans with this species at all hehe…
  • Klee and Ryo: Yeah! We are interested in this evil human being! Can you tell us about this awful person?
  • The Host: Alright, now sit back and listen because I will tell you a rather... Interesting story...

Alright, so our story begins when Zethia was still possessed by Morsayati.In order to get Zethia to know the truth, Morsayati decided to send Zethia to a thousand years ago in the past through spiritual projection, which is revealed to be an advanced and bustling civilization where Zethia’s goddess, Ilia, lived there. After being sent into the past, Zethia then meet with a white-haired scientist who is revealed to be Ilia, whose appearance is stark contrast from the goddess Zethia had learned from the histories, as she was chased by the general of Royal Army, Augus, and his cohorts so that he could capture Ilia for his own nefarious plans, which is revealed to be bringing him to Ilia’s personal lab for his own nefarious purposes as he claims that he did this for humanity’s best interest despite Ilia called him out on it. Discovering Zethia was nearby, she then uses Zethia as a hostage so that Ilia would comply with him much to Ilia’s disappointment as she had no choice but to obey Augus’ order.

After Ilia brought Augus to her laboratory, Ilia then orders Augus to release Zethia as he promised. However, Augus refused to do so and revealed his true plan: See, Augus himself took an interest with the research Ilia had done which is opening the otherworldly gates with the Omega Keys that Ilia’s parents left for her so that he could summon the Otherworldly Creatures to use them as a weapon to win the war against the dragons. Aware about the huge calamity it would bring, Zethia pleads Augus not to do so only for him to respond with threatening her by ordering his men to murder her and making an assumption that Ilia was in cahoots with Zethia. In order to save Zethia, Ilia decided to open the gates despite warning Augus that the mechanics of the gate hasn't been perfected yet and also tells Augus that she won't be responsible if he doesn't get the results that he wanted.

As the gates were opened, Augus suddenly became ecstatic like a crazy fanboy after getting what he wanted as he attempted to harness its powers so that he could subjugate the dragons and that humanities across the world would reign supreme towards them. However, this also resulted in several fiends emerging from the gate as they attempted to attack Augus, Zethia and Ilia. However, in the end, Zethia and Ilia manage to use the opportunity to escape the chaos that ensued as Augus and his cohorts were distracted and what happens next? The lab goes KABOOM!

  • Klee: Did someone say Kaboom!? Klee loves playing with bombs! They are useful for fish blasting.
  • Ryo: Wait, you use bombs for fish blasting? Why? Animals are humans too. I have met with one crow that has been talking to me and warning me to not get closer to mom.
  • Klee: Oh, I’m sorry Ryo. Klee feels bad for what she has done… Klee loves eating fish, that's all. Klee means no harm. Although mama Makima and papa tend to scold me a lot and before that, I got scolded by Master Jean, the acting Grandmaster of Knights of Favonius before I was adopted by papa and mama.
  • The Host: Yes Klee, fish blasting is bad. No matter the circumstances.
  • Klee: I see… Sorry papa!
  • Venna: Ryo, I want to ask you a question: Can you tell me who this crow person is?
    (Venna’s inner thoughts: Why do I have a feeling that I knew this person from afar… Something doesn’t seem right.)
  • Ryo: I don’t even know either mom, he just said that it’s dangerous to get close to you. Even then, you are still the best mother out there and I don’t believe what the crow had said to you.
  • Venna: Thanks for cheering me up Ryo!
  • Klee: Poor Ryo. Wanna play with Klee again so that you could be entertained?
  • Ryo: Sure, as long as it’s not something related to killing fish with bombs again okay?
  • Klee: Okay, Klee promises not to do it!
  • Ryo: Alright then! Let’s continue our game!
  • Klee: Yay!
  • Venna: So… Is the story over yet? Is this Augus person dead or not?
  • The Host: You will know once I completed the story my dear, we are not done yet.
  • Venna: I see, very well then. Continue. Although I kind of find his ambitions to be… Interesting if you ask me. As if he could do it in the first place which is impossible to do heh…
  • The Host: I… I see. Well then, I’ll continue the story anyways.

Now where was I? Oh yeah. After the lab goes KABOOM! (As Klee hears that word, she becomes overjoyed with excitement again while playing with dolls together) and both Ilia and Zethia escape, a mysterious light suddenly follows them which is revealed to be a light that comes from a portal that Ilia had opened. Taking an interest in the mysterious light, Ilia then decided to bring it to her home and treat it as a pet. However, Ilia’s stepmother who is revealed to be a faerie princess, Meene, reminds Ilia that humanity and dragons are conflicting with each other and also warns Ilia bringing a thing from another world would exacerbate the Dragon’s anger due to their hatred towards otherworldly creatures. However, Ilia decided to ignore Meene’s warnings and insisted on keeping the mysterious Light as she then decided to create a male  homunculus out of the Light through alchemy and named him Mordecai.

  • Ryo: Wait, did someone tell a story about someone creating a human being!? I am interested.
  • The Host: Yes Ryo, that was me who told that story.
  • Ryo: Really? Well ummmm… How should I put this? If I’m being honest, my father actually created me from a scarecrow and then revived me through his magic. I didn’t believe it at first but after seeing how I ended up changing my form from a real boy to a scarecrow, I have no choice but to believe it.
  • The Host: Well your father must be a powerful fellow then.
  • Ryo: Yep! I even told mom about it. Too bad that he’s unable to walk and uses magic to do so.
  • The Host: Oh! That’s terrible. I really feel bad for your father, being unable to walk must be painful.
  • Ryo: Yeah, but at least I tried my best to help my father by doing some chores at the farm. I even managed to help my father find some mushrooms alone in the forbidden forest despite me being warned before because I wanted him to conserve his energy for the Harvest Festival to which me and my father will celebrate it. If I didn’t go to the forest, I wouldn’t meet with my wonderful mom today.
  • Venna: I can definitely confirm Ryo’s stories given that he was created through magic after all and I even helped him to build a bridge so that he could go home meeting with his father. As a result, our bond becomes stronger than before. Speaking of which, I do have my plans to become stronger as well.
  • Klee: Wait Ryo! Are you created through magic? Klee is excited to have friends like that.
  • Ryo: Yeah Klee, I was created through magic, like I said, I didn’t believe it but here we are.
  • Klee: Ooooo… Klee loves making friends like that! Klee does have a good friend that has the same origin as you. His name is Albedo and he is an awesome big brother to Klee!
  • Ryo: Really? This Albedo person is interesting. Can you tell me more about him?
  • Klee: Well… Big Brother Albedo was created from this process named Alchemy as Klee becomes confused and my mom entrusted him to me. After a long time, Klee and Big Brother Albedo become friends. He even told me about a pattern of the lizards whose tails can be used as gunpowder. He even gave Klee a secret code. Whenever he puts a sign on his workshop door saying "Experiment in Progress," that's code for "Come back later, Klee." Big Brother Albedo is really nice and he's so patient with Klee, so Klee doesn't mind waiting until he's finished with his work.
  • Ryo: Albedo sounds like a wonderful person! I would like to meet with him in the future! Also, isn’t Makima your mother or not?
  • Ryo: Oh, about that, Klee doesn’t know how to tell you this but mama Makima is my second adoptive mama. I was entrusted by my real mama, Alice, to the Knights of Favonius so that Master Jean would take care of me but right now she entrusted me to my second adoptive papa and mama right now because Master Jean is currently busy.
  • Ryo: Oh I see, whatever kind of struggles she had endured, I hope that this Master Jean person is okay. I would love to meet with her sometimes.
  • Klee: Sure! You would love to see Master Jean. She’s the best but she’s a little bit scary.
  • Ryo: Oh very well then, perhaps another time.
  • The Host: So, anyone here wanted to continue my story?
  • Ryo and Klee: Please continue!
  • Venna: Yeah, sure, I am listening.

Alright then, now where was I? Oh yeah! As both Ilia formed a bond with Mordecai and Zethia, knowing the fact that Zethia is actually from another world, it was then revealed that Augus survived the fiend onslaught and then executes his nefarious plan: Ruining the ecosystem so that the Dragons would get enraged as Augus plans to lure them all into the capital as they will be killed with the mana bombs that he implemented through the cities. Oh and get a load of this crap: Augus decided to not inform the citizens about his horrific plan and alas, the city would go KABOOM! And Augus plans would kill millions of innocent people as a result.

  • Venna: Told you something was off about this Augus fellow. I thought he and his soldiers were dead the moment the fiends stepped in through the portal as the laboratory managed to explode. I wonder how he managed to survive the chaos? Maybe I should learn a trick or two from them.
  • The Host: Yeah, I guess it’s because of convenience my dear… Haha!
  • Klee: Did somebody say kaboom!? Klee loves Kaboom!
  • The Host: Yes my dear child Klee, I did say kaboom. But this time, this is not a good version of Kaboom!
  • Klee: Oh! Klee doesn’t like the sound of this.
  • The Host: You should be my child. Because that Kaboom in question would kill millions of innocent people.
  • Klee: Oh... Yeah, Klee is scared after hearing this.
  • Ryo: Wait, did you say he also destroys the ecosystem? Like how to be exact?
  • The Host: Destroying forest and contaminating the lakes. Take your pick? It was so bad that the dragons went into a frenzy because of this.
  • Ryo: That’s… Horrible! I thought the fish-blasting was bad but this is just awful. There are so many innocent creatures that live there.
    (Suddenly Klee ended up frowning after hearing what Ryo had said)
  • Ryo: S...Sorry Klee! I didn’t mean to hurt you. I really am sorry after saying that. Your fish-blasting is good. Those people on the other hand, they are worse than you ever become. You are a good kid, Klee! And I hope you understand that.
  • Klee: Maybe Klee thinks fish-blasting is a bad idea in the first place but… Thanks for cheering me up a bit. But yeah, I agree that Augus guy is the worst!
  • Ryo: Wanna play again to cheer up your mood?
  • Klee: Sure! Right now I want you to play with Dodoco, one of my bestest friends in the whole world too!
  • Ryo: Oh! I would love to meet this Dodoco person, where are they? (Suddenly, Klee tries to search for Dodoco by doing a 360° in order to find it)
  • Klee: Dodoco? Dodoco, where are you?
  • Ryo: Is it a doll located at the left side of your backpack? I found it cute!
  • Klee: (Suddenly Klee becomes angry) Dodoco is not a doll! Dodoco is my best friend!
  • The Host: (Whispers to Ryo) Pssssttt… Hey kid, I know Dodoco’s a doll that was located on Klee’s left side of a backpack. Just call it Klee’s best friend, then you can entertain Klee’s mood. Just don’t call it a regular doll.
  • Ryo: Ah! Thanks for the advice Mr. Host Guy, I didn’t know! (Suddenly Ryo’s face then turned back to Klee) I’m sorry Klee! I got carried away. Even then, let’s try to make amends and meet with this Dodoco person. I’m sure we could make a good company.
  • Klee: Really, you mean it? You want to play with me and Dodoco?
  • Ryo: Yes! I mean it!
  • Klee: Yay! Ryo is the best!
  • Venna: So, as the kids were playing, shall we continue the storytelling then? I really can’t wait for it to be finished.
  • The Host: Sure, why not.

Now then, where was I? Ah yeah! After Ilia manages to hear what Augus had planned through her hideout, she then becomes appalled by it. As a result, she then decides to defuse the bombs scattered across the capital as Zethia, Mordecai and Meene decide to help her doing so. However, during their journey, they were barricaded with the android robots as it was revealed that Augus was the one who put them on the line. Offering Ilia to join his side so that they could rule supreme under the pretense he would save the citizens, Ilia decided to refuse Augus' offers due to Mordecai and Zethia's concerns. This resulted in Augus getting enraged and letting the androids intentionally burn the forest, which causes the dragons that live there to become enraged and attempts to kill Ilia and her allies until their lives are saved by Midgardsormr.

Seeing the horrifying things in the world Morsayati sent her to, Zethia then remembers her role to fix what was broken. As a result, Zethia decides to persuade Ilia to make a pact with the Holywyrm, Elysium, so that humankind and dragons would form a kinship together for generations to come and thus create a better future. However, Ilia declined Zethia's offer as the Holywyrm doesn't see the same things as Zethia do while also revealing the fact that the Holywyrm had an interest to make a pact with her which is rather different from Zethia's perception where humans and dragons form a bond together. In the end, the Holywyrm manages to find Ilia easier and show themselves in front of her eyes. Not gonna try to start a drama due to the choice of pronouns here as I don’t want to offend several people. However, I need to note something: Elysium is called a “he” but at the same time, they are voiced by a female seiyuu known as Yoshiko Sakakibara, who is best known for voicing Haman Karn from Gundam, Integra from Hellsing and Queen Nehelenia from Sailor Moon.

  • Venna: Regarding those female characters you mentioned, those three sound pretty interesting, I wonder what they look like in terms of appearance?
  • The Host: Very well then, here are the pictures of three of them. (The host then decided to give the three pictures about the characters voiced by Yoshiko Sakakibara)
  • Venna: They look pretty interesting. I like the pink haired one and the woman with the black, white and purple dress. They look very beautiful to me, especially the woman with the black dress as I do nearly resemble her to a certain degree. And the woman with pink hair? She really looks pretty domineering. I wonder who these two women are from the pictures you had shown to me?
  • The Host: Oh! That pink haired woman is named Haman Karn and the woman with black dress? Her name is Queen Nehelenia. They came from a show called  Gundam and Sailor Moon respectively.
  • Venna: Oh, I see. I kind of wanted to know what type of shows Gundam and Sailor Moon are. Can you explain it to me?
  • The Host: Oh! Well, Gundam is a show about giant robots fighting in space as it also had some political intrigue while Sailor Moon is a story about schoolgirls becoming magical girls to fight against evil forces such as Queen Nehelenia and stuff.
  • Venna: Oh. So, this Queen Nehelenia person is an evil person? I should have figured it out a long time ago since I do kind of have the same aesthetic with her and I was labelled as an evil witch after all by the townsfolk.
  • The Host: Ah right, I remember that you were a witch that was treated as an outcast by the town.
  • Venna: Yeah, the townsfolk didn’t like me so much they put several scarecrows out of their homes. Like, I can handle one scarecrow, but seeing more is just nauseating to look at so I decided to take a shortcut to go to this studio with Ryo.
  • The Host: That’s fair, being treated like an outcast does suck after all.
  • Venna: It is! But I had no choice anyway to stay in the forest just to protect myself. Which reminds me a bit, I wonder why you have trouble when trying to determine Elysium’s pronouns to the point that you don’t want to offend several people?
  • The Host: Uhhhh,.. This is a long story and I don’t think you will be disinterested with what I’m gonna explain.
  • Venna: Carry on, I am open for explanation and let me find a solution for you.
  • The Host: Well uhh… You see, this is actually related to some values that changed overtime. You see, I need to be careful because I don’t want to offend several transgender people and their community. They do have a history with being oppressed by several people after all. Not just transgender people, but also some LGBTQ+ community people. I came from a very conservative country, but since I also made friends with people from these communities, I really need to be careful to not offend these people especially with trans people considering I don’t want to accidentally misgender a character despite their pronouns while also being voiced by the person who is opposite of their pronouns. I know there are some female voice actors that voiced male characters and vice versa, but yeah… This is a total landmine to talk about especially for the fact that Transgender oppression is a very serious topic that should be handled with tact.
  • Venna: I see, well then. I might be a witch but I think there is a decent solution if you want to avoid all of this: Why don’t you call this character in question in their actual pronoun just like Transgender people being called with their preferable pronoun? That way, we can avoid this landmine right?
  • The Host: Maybe you do have a point, but then again, it’s a very risky subject to talk to and it should be handled with tact. Perhaps I will follow your advice and should call Elysium with the right pronoun in order to not step on the landmine.
  • Venna: Alright then, well, here’s a question: What was the preferable choice for Elysium’s pronouns?
  • The Host: This is a tough one… Elysium is considered gender neutral in the original Japanese version since Dragalia is a Japanese work while the English Version treats him as masculine.
  • Venna: Alright, if that’s the case, let’s try to call it what the original Japanese version perceives Elysium as. Calling Elysium by “them” pronoun should be a safe option. At least in my books considering you don’t want to offend people right?
  • The Host: You know, maybe you’re right, let’s try with what you have got Venna!
  • Venna: That’s the spirit!  Well, I know how it is to be oppressed and I also know that some wrong words can trigger their trauma. So I think going with a safer route works here.
  • The Host: Again, thanks for this! Let’s continue our storytime shall we...

Alright, after some inconveniences aside, let’s settle with “Them” pronouns on Elysium so that some of you in the audience seat won't be offended with my choice. Regardless, if you guys feel offended, feel free to tell me. Anyways, now where was I? Oh yeah! So, let’s talk about Elysium shall we: So here’s the thing about Elysium and why Ilia refuses to make a pact with them: It was then revealed that Elysium? Is actually a control freak that desired to control all lifeforms subservient to them. While also perceiving human beings as nothing but barbaric species that are still young. Augus’ actions really proves Elysium’s point as not only his actions burning the manas would kill several dragons and millions of innocent people, but it could destroy the world in a brink of an eye. Of course, both Ilia and Mirdgardsormr were heavily disapproving Elysium’s actions as both of them don’t want to see humankind being enslaved by Elysium for eternity but at the same time, Ilia had no choice but to do so due to the fact that Augus would cause a huge damage if Ilia refuses to make a pact with Elysium.

Alas, after making a pact with Elysium, Ilia was then pierced with a strike of light, which caused her to fall unconscious. Unfortunately however, Mordecai accidentally witnessed the horror and as a result, assuming that Elysium killed her and got his hatred the best out of him, turning into a separate entity known as Morsayati. If you ask me, Morsayati does look like a huge dark lizard with a scary skull-like face but alas, Morsayati ended up causing rampage across the world with his putrid aura also corrupting the dragons and humans into fiends that attacked the humans senselessly. As a result, Elysium decided to use this opportunity to restart the world anew, much to Zethia's horror, after seeing the truth and Elysium's callousness as Elysium fights against Morsayati for days, which causes several cities across the world destroyed and civilization itself crumbling apart.

  • Klee: Ooooo… Did somebody say a big lizard?
  • The Host: Yes Klee, papa did say a big lizard. What’s the matter?
  • Klee: Well ummm… You see, during Klee’s birthday, when Klee wanted to have a great big adventure before her birthday, Klee found a big lizard in a giant cave and then blasted it to oblivion! Klee even has this strange stone from this big lizard!
  • Both Ryo, Venna and the Host: Klee, you did what!?
  • Klee: Oomph… Why did people get angry with Klee? I’m really sorry if Klee did a very bad thing.
  • The Host: No no no Klee… Why are you doing borderline dangerous stuff like that?
  • Ryo: What your father said, why did you blast that big lizard to oblivion?
  • Klee: Uhhhh… The Big Lizard attempts to attack Klee and it’s a really scary lizard as well. If Klee did a bad thing, again, I’m really sorry. Mama Makima will be angry at me again.
  • Both Ryo and the Host: Klee, you need to be considerate with your actions okay. I don’t want you to be in danger too.
  • Klee: If that’s what papa and Ryo thinks, I can understand it. Klee will never do anything bad again and Klee doesn’t want to be punished by Mama Makima. By the way, can I blast those two big lizards that you tell me in the story?
  • Both Ryo and the Host: No Klee. I think it’s for your own good.
  • Klee: Oh… Klee remembers, I’m really sorry.
  • The Host: Alright, shall I finish the story to entertain yourself Klee?
  • Klee: Sure, Klee will hear it until the end!
  • Ryo: Yeah, me too.
    (Venna’s Inner Thoughts: Why do I have a feeling that I need to be careful with this kid. Regardless, I need to watch out because I have a feeling that she has a formidable power to crush me in the future.)

Alright, so let’s finish the story shall we. Now where was I? Oh yeah… As Zethia and co. returns to Ilia’s hideout to save themselves from Elysium and Morsayati’s rampage, Ilia then regains her consciousness despite her frail physical condition and alas, she decided to let Elysium restart the world anew and also deciding to found a religion for the surviving humans that could revere Elysium and vilify Morsayati in order to keep Elysium’s anger in check while also taking a personal responsibility on Mordecai/Morsayati’s havoc. After regaining her senses, she decided to help Morsayati by approaching him. On one hand, it causes Mordecai to calm down as he manages to free himself from Morsayati. At the same time, however, Mordecai's hatred becomes so large that it is unable to dissipate and still causes rampage across the city and the battlefield.

When Morsayati was causing a rampage, Augus is seen being enamoured by it and decided to control Morsayati for his own gain so that he could rule the world as a god while using his Mana Cannon that could wipe entire landscapes to weaken Morsayati. In the end, Morsayati ended up killing him while Augus died like a fanatical lunatic.With the help of dragons, Zethia and Elysium, both Ilia and Mordecai manages to seal Morsayati for a time being as they enter the Otherworld to do so, while Elysium made a world that hinders progress to be made, turning it into a medieval realm while Meene ended up becoming heartbroken after the incident as she destroyed her wings and becomes the fake Goddess of the Ilian Church, a church that was formed to revere Ilia and Elysium while also vilify the Other and also keeping the mana in check.

  • Both Klee, Ryo and Venna: So, that’s the end of the story?
  • The Host: Yeah, that’s pretty much it. What are your thoughts on it then?
  • Klee: Klee likes it Papa. Yes, this Augus person is the worst! He sounds scary. Also, did Papa say that there is a cannon in the story? Klee wanted to use that!
  • The Host: Yes Klee, there is a cannon, but that cannon is used for bad things. So I hope the story can be a friendly reminder to not use the weapon for bad things.
  • Klee: Oh, Klee remembers now. Sorry about that Papa!
  • Ryo: You should listen to your papa Klee, I hope you can be a good kid somehow in the future.
  • Klee: I know that Ryo, Klee will always listen to Papa no matter the circumstances! Klee wants to be a good girl
  • Ryo: That’s the spirit!
  • The Host: So, little Ryo, what are your thoughts on the story?
  • Ryo: It’s pretty interesting though. Yeah, Augus is an evil fellow. Poor Zethia, Ilia and Mordecai, they did nothing wrong to deserve this yet here they are.
  • The Host: So Venna my dear, what are your thoughts on the story so far?
  • Venna: It’s short but I think it serves its purpose. There are some characters that I found interesting however like Elysium for example. Reforming the world to their own liking and enslave all of humanity to his will huh? I wonder if I kind of heard that story before. Maybe that’s just some coincidence and all. Nevermind that! I applaud your storytelling.
  • The Host: Why thank you! Anyways, anyone wanted to hear the seemingly redeeming factors and me telling you guys if he’s the most evil person or not?
  • Venna: Hmmmm… Not sure if that’s redundant or not but… I’m all ears anyways but please make it quick okay! I can’t wait for the Harvest Festival to come which is tomorrow by the way and I have something important to attend to.
  • Ryo and Klee: Yes! Yes! We want to hear it!
  • The Host: Alright! I’ll try my best to keep it brief as much as possible.

Redeeming Factors

Alright, so the real kicker is that, the Forgotten Truths story made a notion that Humans are Evil as they are responsible for the ruination of nature which also sicken its mana despite its advanced civilization. As a result, the dragons decided to attack humans because of their habitats being destroyed. Alas, the conflict between humanity and dragons ensues. One can argue that Augus simply did his atrocities so that he could protect his own nation and claims it is for the sake of humanity alone.

  • Venna: Wait, so… This person portrayed himself as a good guy that cared for his nation and humanity? Isn't he supposed to be the bad guy or am I missing something?
  • Klee: Klee doesn’t understand too… Klee thought that this Augus person is a bad bad man like the Dodoking attempting to kidnap Dodoco for me but Papa said Augus did this for his nation. Klee is now confused.
  • Ryo: Same here, can you explain this. I really don’t like people who destroy the environment and kill those poor dragons like this Augus person.
  • The Host: Alright, hear me out will ya! I will explain this.
  • Both Venna, Klee and Ryo: Very well then.

So here’s the thing about Augus: It is not redeeming at all because Ilia calls him out on his bullshit intentions. Considering the fact that he has no hesitations to kill humans and dragons to further his own plans. His last moments also painted him as a megalomaniacal evil person who wanted to rule humanity as a god and when he saw Morsayati’s rampage which killed humans and dragons alike, he was completely ecstatic by it like a fanatic and wanted to use him for his own purpose by weakening him. So no, in the end, he was a genocidal supremacist decorating his nasty intentions with kind words saying that it will benefit humanity while in reality, it’s just gonna benefit himself in the end.

  • Both Ryo, Venna and Klee: Ah! Now we get why Augus is still a villain through and through. Thank you!
  • The Host: Alright, thanks for listening. Now do you want to know if he is the most evil person in the setting?
  • Venna: Carry on. But make it quick okay.
  • Both Klee and Ryo: We want to know it too please!
  • The Host: Very well then.

Heinous Standard

  • Klee: Papa, Klee has a question, what is a heinous standard?
  • The Host: Alright, let me explain…
  • Venna: Please make the explanation brief, since it's already 10.00 PM around here and I have no time to be in this studio.
  • Ryo: Me too, since I want to participate in the Harvest Festival as well.
  • The Host: Alright, I’ll make this one brief: The heinous standard is the measurement to determine if a villain is evil enough for this setting as several heroes and villains could contribute to the heinous standard if they did something awful in story such as murder, rape, torture, Fate Worse than Death and so on.
  • Venna: I see… Hmmm, I’m curious how Dragalia Lost heinous standard looks like, I’m willing to hear it out for now.
  • Klee: Yeah papa! Klee wants to hear it out too.
  • Ryo: Me too.
  • The Host: Alright, let me try my best to explain briefly.
  • Venna: Be sure to make it quick, don’t be a chatterbox alright. I have no time for it as the Harvest Festival is close.
  • The Host: Okay then.

So, I’m not gonna downplay this but… Dragalia Lost’s heinous standard is kind of insanely high. I don’t remember all of them and I haven’t research all of them but I’ll try to tell what I know about this game:

Okay, for starters, there are the likes of Morsayati who is responsible for everything bad happened in the first half of the story like oppressing people through Dyrenell Empire, trying to release the flow eternal to remake the world in his own bidding and then also responsible for Chronos shenanigans, and according to a proposal by Zerukin, Chronos attempted to threaten multiple timelines which netted him a highest bodycount and yes, made Morsayati even heinous than before considering he is responsible for creating Chronos, others like Leonidas let an assassin terrorized his city and tried to commit genocide against the Dragons in order to usher the new era of humanity, Phares who enslaved several dragons across the world for his own purposes and also experimenting on them and when he got possessed by a being known as Progenitor, he attempts to enforce a linear world (He is also responsible for the reaction of Fake!Harle a.k.a. Loki btw), Father Nikolai brainwashed innocent children into assassins, Origa, Graht and Basileus attempting to sacrifice 666 people to resurrect Satan and Fake!Harle a.k.a. Loki trapping the real Harle in another world, has some horrific Chronic Backstabbing Disorder tendencies, attempting to destroy a village and bring chaos to the world as he sees fit and even has no hesitations to destroy his master’s world as well. Not only that, he also corrupts several soldiers, fiends and Kamuy with black mana into frenzy.

That’s not all, the beast Phraeganoth has the power to destroy the world and also manipulate a corrupted king to release him even if he wasn’t a sentient beast, White Nyarlathotep trapping 200 innocent villagers in an accursed library, several Agitos who are pretty much murderous and had no hesitation to destroy everything in their path due to their tragic nature, the Dragon Agni who at point destroy the world because he had nothing to do and has a nation destroyed, Akasha tricking people to give their souls to Hastur and tried to get Lathna to embrace White Nyarlathotep, the Syndicate members including the Doctor raiding many hamlets to gather test subjects for the fucked up experiments that Aldred can attest to, and then there’s Elysium… As they are like… The combination of Lucius and Karna Masta from Brave Frontier and YHVH from the Shin Megami Tensei series. They are responsible for creating Morsayati, contributing the ruination of the Old World and turn it into a medieval stasis, having no hesitations to kill all humans because of them probably causing chaos and trying to remove the free wills that human had after losing hope in the notion of humans and dragons not destroying themselves or each other. So yeah… The heinous standard here is kind of bonkers. Not on Berserk, Honkai Impact 3rd, Dragon Ball or Warhammer levels of bad but it’s still high.

  • Venna: So, let me get this straight. This work has an insanely high heinous standard due to other people committing crimes like mass murder, experiments and so on. That’s a tough one. Why do you waste my time in this charade after explaining this Augus fellow is when you are probably hesitant to call him a qualifier at all? I am being blunt here because it doesn’t seem Augus stands out enough as one and you waste my time on this charade. I might not be the most patient person out there but please truncate yourself in the future.
  • Ryo: I have to agree with mom here. I think we’re wasting our time being here. Unless you have a solid argument, bring it out since we don’t want to stay here due to the Harvest Festival approaching faster than ever and it’s now 11.05 PM here. Well, at least I already play with Klee and be with mom though so that’s a positive.
  • Venna: Awww thanks Ryo, once we’re done, I have a special task just for you, then again I can do it myself since my fears basically conquered a long time ago thanks to Makima.
  • Klee: Papa… Klee is confused, can you tell Klee what’s going on? Why did other people commit horrible things even though this Augus person is awful? Why did Papa decide to talk about this evil person in the first place where other people are just as horrible?
  • The Host: Relax! I have many explanations and justifications on why I think Augus stands out enough. You're probably going to be convinced but I’ll understand the doubts.
  • Venna: Carry on! Make it quick! I don’t want to be here any longer but at the same time, I’m kind of leery about your arguments. I’ll hear it out.
  • Ryo: Me too, I’ll hear you out before I leave this place.
  • Klee: Yeah, Klee will hear Papa’s answer to all of this. But right now, can I play with Ryo?
  • Ryo: Sure, let’s play with Dodoco again but I’ll be as quick as possible because tomorrow is the Harvest Festival after all. Although you can join if you want!
  • The Host: Very well then, I’ll make it brief on why Augus is actually pretty stand out on his own.

You see, the thing that made him stand out the most? Is his resources. He is a minor villain and he is a human. Sure, he has a war general with advanced technology on his belt. But he doesn’t possess so much magic but his resource is a bit limited compared to other villains in Dragalia Lost given how restricted he is as a minor villain and all. Heck, even with more resources, I think Augus had caused so much damage in the story and his end-goal also will net him a huge body-count. He is like Erebus from Warhammer 40k but for Dragalia Lost as alongside Elysium, he is responsible for nearly everything wrong in the story.

If Augus doesn’t exist, Elysium perception towards humans won’t be validated to the point they decided to cause a medieval stasis. If Augus doesn’t exist. He won’t be responsible for creating Morsayati in the end because he is the reason why Mordecai exists in the first place after trying to summon a creature from another world. Yes, there is another human named Lambert who helps the Dyrenell Empire to release Morsayati. But Morsayati existence won’t be possible if Augus didn’t cause so much damage in the long run. So yeah, I think he keeps but barely considering he and Elysium are responsible for the state of the world the protagonists are in and nearly everything bad in Dragalia could be solely traced back to the Forgotten Truths event so yeah…

  • Venna: So, that's it? Alright then! I kind of wonder with the heinous standard that high, is there any evil people that stood out in that world?
  • The Host: That's a tough one... Maaaybe Fake!Harle and Elysium but I kind of torn on that. And apparently in other place, The Doctor has been approved but I am not so sure on that...
  • Venna: Nevermind, I just waste my time. Let's finish this charade shall we!
  • The Host: Alright then, let's finish this as fast as we could since you and Ryo are impatient after all...

Final Verdict

In the end, I think Augus barely keeps despite the jacked up standard. I understand your concerns but I would love your final thoughts. How’s the show overall?

  • Klee: It was great Papa! Even better, Klee has some fun with Ryo here!
  • Ryo: Well, I guess I do have some fun after all because I do love playing with Klee after all even though I kind of made her angry at times because I didn’t know.
  • Klee: It’s okay, Klee forgives Ryo for what happened.
  • Ryo: Really? Thanks! We can play again later once the Harvest Festival starts okay?
  • Klee: OKAY! (Klee then gave a huge thumbs up towards Ryo as she happily smiles)
  • Venna: Well, I’m glad that’s over, now if you excuse me, I’m gonna ask Ryo to do a special task. Or I could do it because my fear with scarecrows is already conquered thanks to Makima.
  • Ryo: Sure mom, I’ll hear you out.
    (Suddenly Venna gave a vial for Ryo filled with a strange liquid that has a horrific smell)
  • Klee: P-U! (Klee then tries to cover her nose with her fingers) Klee doesn’t like the smell. That potion Aunt Venna holds smells horrible. Klee has a bad feeling about this.
  • The Host: Well Klee, if that’s the case, let us put our mask on!
  • Klee: Alright papa, let’s put our mask on. (Both The Host and Klee than decided to put a breathing mask in order to avoid smelling the horrific stench from the vial.)
  • Venna: Why are you so scared? I made this potion with tender love and care and it’s a good luck charm for everyone.
  • Ryo: Well, it might smell putrid, but I get why you made this potion after all. Is it for the Harvest Festival?
  • Venna: Why yes, I spent a long time on it, and it’d really mean a lot to me. Do you want to do some favors for mom?
  • Ryo: Sure, why not!
  • Venna: The town… There’s a statue in the center, right? Of a goddess, holding a chalice? Do you think you can pour this vial into the chalice she holds? It’s a good luck charm after all! I made this to ensure a wonderful harvest season for everyone. Or I could do this alone as my friend already conquered my fears for me.
  • Ryo: O-oh, uh… I dunno… I mean, tonight the chalice is gonna fill up with moonlight! And it’s supposed’ta have the same effect…! Plus, um… I’m not supposed to touch the statue, really… It’s considered very sacred, and uhm...uh...If I touch it, I could get in trouble for uh… Vandalisms, n’ stuff…
  • Venna: Please, Ryo? I spent a long time on it, and it’d really mean a lot to me. You don’t even have to come back after you do it! You can just go to bed at home! It really isn’t a big deal you know. I doubt you would get in that much trouble. And… I’ve done so much for you, haven’t I? Can’t you do this one favor? For me? For your mother? After all she’s done for you?
  • Ryo: Yeah, of course I’ll do it! I mean, it's just a good luck charm, right? There shouldn’t be any harm in it! Maybe it'll even bring us extra luck this harvest season! And we'll get giant pumpkins!
  • Klee: Uh oh… Klee had a bad feeling about this…
    (Suddenly, a little crow then enters the studio through the window that was smashed by a brick as he brought a video recorder. After entering the studio, the crow then stood on the table near the host as it began to speak in masculine voice).
  • The Mysterious Crow: CAWWWW!!! Don’t listen to that old hag! She’s evil!
  • Ryo: Oh! That’s the mysterious crow that told me about you mom, he said that you were an evil witch and all. Is that true?
  • The Mysterious Crow: CAWWWW!!! Yes, that witch is evil, I have seen it with my own eyes and I experienced it. She murders several people that got lost in the forest so that their bone can be used as an ingredient and she plans to turn the world into her own personal cattle so that humanity across the world will become her endless feast as she reign supreme like a queen across the world. To add to an insult to injury, she had committed an unforgivable crime at this moment that endangered not only the person behind me, but also the people in this studio.
  • Venna: I’m sorry, do I know you? Little crow (Her inner thoughts: Wait a minute… I know this voice. Ingram!!! Grrr… I hate this kid, he always gets in my way. Very well then. If you want to play it that way… Mommy will give you a severe punishment after this charade has finished.)
  • The Mysterious Crow:' I have a huge amount of evidence that she committed an unforgivable crime that not only endangered you mister, but also endangered the lives of the people here.
  • Ryo: I don’t understand. Why do you do all of this? Mommy Venna did nothing wrong!
  • The Mysterious Crow: CAWWWW!!! That’s for you to believe, kid. She isn’t someone to hang out with. I know what you’re thinking. You want something subversive, right? Everyone talks about an evil witch in the woods, so you wanted to befriend her and prove them wrong, right? And then it turns out that it’s all one big misunderstanding! She was a good witch after all! Or maybe she was bad, and it just took the kindness of someone else to make her better. That's what all the storybooks teach you, right? Tough luck, kid. It doesn't work like that in the real world. Sometimes people are just evil and there's no helping it. And all the second chances in the world won't make a difference.
  • Ryo: You keep saying this kind of stuff... But I don't understand. Ever since I met her, she's been nice to me. She helped me get back home, she cooks me dinner, she teaches me stuff.
  • Klee: Klee doesn’t understand either. Why are you interrupting Papa’s show just to disturb the peace?
  • The Mysterious Crow: “sigh”, CAWWWW!!! Both of you won’t get it anyways. You will discover her true nature once I give this big guy behind me the evidence that the witch isn’t what she seems.
  • Venna: Why… You… Little…
  • The Host: Calm down! Calm down! I think we got carried away there. Anyways little crow, I hear you out about the evidence that you wanted to bring.
  • The Mysterious Crow: Alright, here it is. (The crow then gave the Host the video recorder that he brought). See the video through the video recorder, you will know what I meant!
  • The Host: Very well then, I’ll see the evidence through my own very eyes. If it’s a lie, then get out of my studio.
  • The Mysterious Crow: CAWWWWW!!! Trust me, you won’t regret this.
    (As the host saw the video through the recorder, he then saw Venna standing at the lobby, murmuring about something)
  • Venna in the lobby: Heh… That idiotic host. As if I would get interested in a cute boy and nurturing him like he was my son. Thank god I threw a brick on that host without him noticing. With that said, time to bring Ryo into the studio and had no choice but to hear that idiotic host’s ramblings that would bore me to death and waste my time anyways. (Venna then runs away from the scene into the exit after saying that)
    (After seeing the video, the host’s jaw drops and he becomes appalled at what he sees.)
  • The Host: Venna… What is the meaning of this?
  • The Mysterious Crow: CAWWWW!!! See, I told you she’s an evil witch!
  • Ryo: I still don’t understand. What’s wrong with Venna? She did nothing wrong.
  • The Host: See this video for yourself, you will understand.
  • Klee: Can Klee see the video too?
  • The Host: Sure, why not?
    (As the host gave the video recorder to both Klee and Ryo, both of them were appalled for what they saw)
  • Klee: I knew it, Klee senses something bad from you Aunt Venna!
  • Ryo: V… Venna, but… Why? I thought you were nice to me.
  • Venna: (Suddenly, she was sweating after she was questioned by Ryo) Ummmm… Uhhhh… I can explain Ryo. That video is fake. Yeah, it’s fake!
  • The Mysterious Crow: CAWWWWW!!!! Oh cut the crap old hag! You have planned this attack before and you’re planning to get away with it right? Guess what? You’re out of luck right now and I got some help with a mysterious red-haired woman to record that video.
    (Venna’s inner thoughts: Makima, that bitch. Why did she betray me all of a sudden! You will pay for this...)
  • The Mysterious Crow: CAWWWWW!!!! So, any last words for you, dumb old hag?
  • Klee: Papa, can I blast that witch to oblivion with my Jumpty-Dumpty?
  • Ryo: Venna… Wh…
    (Suddenly, Venna then burst out an evil laugh out of her)
  • Venna: Oh… You silly people. Yes, I was the person who threw the brick at this stupid host. Why? Because he’s an idiot that ruined my reputation thats why. Thanks to you, my life has been ruined because any chances that I had presenting myself as a benevolent witch were ruined because YOU become an idiot snitch that tells my crimes to the public for fame and fortune.
  • The Mysterious Crow: CAWWWW!!! As if your reputation were stellar in the first place, you hypocritical old witch.
  • Venna: Well considering I was exposed, I will transform and kill you all. Except for you Ryo… You are integral to my plan!
    (Venna then turns into a monstrous raven attempting to kill everyone at the studio as the people in the studio becomes panic)
  • Ryo: Venna! Please… Stop this! (Ryo then began to cry, touching Venna and begging her to stop)
  • Venna: Not until I kill everyone in this studio. Especially you, (stares at the mysterious crow) Ingram! Doing what you know best. Getting in my way. You always were a disappointment to me, Ingram.
  • Ingram: CAWWW!!! Catch me if you can, old hag! (Ingram then began to flies away to escape from the scene)
  • Venna: Grrrr… I’ll get you for this.
    (As Venna was distracted by trying to catch Ingram, the Host then whispers to Klee about something)
  • The Host: Pssst… Klee, you know. I think it’s time for something
  • Klee: What is it Papa?
  • The Host: Time to execute the plan. Me and Mama Makima prohibited you from doing this. But this is an exception...
  • Klee: Oh! Now Klee’s got it! Leave it to Klee Papa!
    (Suddenly, Venna’s then shifted her vision towards Klee)
  • Venna: You… What are you going to do… Punny little elf girl?
    (Klee then releases her ultimate weapon to defeat Venna, which is revealed to be the bomb, Jumpty Dumpty)
  • Klee: Jumpty Dumpty go!
  • Venna: Oh crud…
    (As Klee throws her Jumpty Dumpty towards Venna, she then runs away and scream from Klee in order to save herself. However, as a result, the studio itself ended up in chaos and some of Klee’s bombs exploded as a result. Although it is seen that both Ryo and the Host are still fine.)
  • The Host: Oh dear, Makima’s gonna kill me if she sees the studio is absolute shambles.
    (Venna continues to run from Klee who still throws her bombs towards her as she screams while the host shift his eyes towards Ryo, seeing that he becomes heartbroken after seeing what happened).
  • The Host: Hey kid, are you okay?
  • Ryo: I don’t know Mr. Host guy, I thought Venna is a kind witch and if I believe myself, she could be redeemed in the end. But… I was wrong to trust her.
  • The Host: Sometimes life happens, there are some people who are seemingly nice to you at first only to backstab you in the long run. Or there are some people who are harsh at you but reveal themselves to be a nice person. I’ve experienced this kind of thing before. Sometimes, life has its ups and downs so yeah…
  • Ryo: I see… Perhaps I should observe and travel across the world more. I was isolated by my father because he cared so much about me.
  • The Host: That’s… Perfectly fine, I can understand why your knowledge of the world is limited. Hopefully, when you grow up, you will become a better person with a good perception in the future. I’ll make sure of it.
  • Ryo: Really… Thanks.
  • The Host: I think I’m gonna close this show for now before the damage has been done… Oooh… Makima’s gonna kill me. (Suddenly, a group of birds including Ingram gathered with each other as they formed a person’s body. It was then revealed to be Makima). Oh dear god, speaking of the devil...
  • 'Makima: Hello there darling, did I miss anything? (Seeing the chaos that ensued at the studio). Okay... What happened to the studio that I rent for your show?
  • The Host: Errr… Uhhhh… Nothing… Nothing at all sweetie!
  • Makima: I see, very well then… Both of you and Klee will get a special kind of punishment for lying to me. (Makima then brings her own little whip as she hits her right hand with said whip). Oh joy, what am I going to do with you today and Klee? Please be honest with me darling.
  • The Host: Oh dear god, please no. Alright! Now, it’s time for me to close this show! Until then, see you guys next time in the next EP! Bye bye!
    (After the show is closed, there’s a noise can be heard in the distance, one is the scream of the Host getting punished, one is a scream of a woman.)
  • Venna: No… Please no… Don’t throw bombs at me. I repent! I repent!