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Back again for doing a PE Proposals. Alright, here's a rather interesting proposal that come from one of the most popular works of all time. However, this character doesn't appear in the anime. Regardless, I think he's worth of an EP of his own so yeah...

What's The Work

YuYu Hakusho is a 1990 manga created by Yoshihiro Togashi which also get an anime around 1992. The story tells us about Yusuke Urameshi, a street delinquent who died for the first time after he attempted to save a kid. Initially, considered Yusuke's naughty acts when he was in the living world, he would be sent to hell. But due to his attempts to save the kid, he got a second chance to live and then becomes The Spirit Detective in order to hunt several demons who became a threat of humanity.

During his adventures, he gathered several companions such as Kuwabara, the used to be rival of Yusuke and is also a delinquent, Kurama, a benevolent fox demon and Hiei, three eyed demon who got reformed at the end despite being an evil demon at first. While at first some of the arcs of the manga focuses on Yusuke being a Spirit Detective, the story also focuses on the Tournament Arc where I recall that demons were pitted against each other because of the wealthy businessman wanting to satiate their boredom.

Anyways, later chapters of manga also focuses on the story of "The Three Kings" of the Demon World who, after one of them is seemingly dying, the other two try to control the Demon Realm. One of them was Mukuro who... Actually had a fucked up backstory and the person who is responsible of said fucked up backstory is the one that I'm going to propose today considered I've read the chapter of the manga and yeah...

Who is He/What Has He Done

So...The person in question who is responsible for Mukuro's fucked up backstory was revealed to be in fact...Chikou. Basically, Chikou is actually a slaver and the seemingly adoptive father of Mukuro. During her birth, Mukuro's body was surgically modified from inside out so that Chikou would have a good time playing with her...

You see what I mean about playing with her? See, here's the thing: Mukuro herself was actually revealed to be made as a sex slave since her birth and not only this was told vividly by Mukuro herself, we saw what happened by the Discretion Shot where Mukuro was forced to wear an exquisite dress while Chikou pinned her down in order to rape her. Oh! And to salt the wound in the injury, Chikou raped Mukuro everytime she celebrate her birthday and as a result, she got a scar as a birthday present.

When Mukuro attempts to kill Chikou, he implanted false memories towards her by making her thinking that she was a loving father so that Mukuro would have a hard time to kill him. Because of the sexual abuse she received, Mukuro had no choice but to disfiguring her face with an acid which resulted on Chikou throwing her out.

Fortunately however, during the present day, Hiei comes to Chikou castle and punishes him by bounding him to a plant which would constantly heal him until his neck was cut off. As a birthday present, Hiei told Mukuro that she could do whatever she wish to Chikou by torturing him until she got bored at the end of the day while Chikou himself begs for mercy. Fitting for a disgusting rapist/slaver like him.

Freudian Excuse/Mitigating Factors

Nada...Chikou is a bastard through and through and for a villain that only appears in one chapter of the manga? I think he had enough of a personality and characterization with his sadism on raping Mukuro, how he begs for mercy when he achieved his fate even though he had it coming and how he manages to implement Mukuro with a false memories to save his skin off. So yeah...

Heinous Standard

Now I'm not gonna lie, the heinous standard of YuYu Hakusho is high. There are several demons who tried to open a portal realm to the demon world to human world which would resulting in a massacre of the humans and one of the notorious antagonist participating in this scheme is Elder Toguro and that's not his only crimes btw as when the sadistic puppet show is the least crime that you had, you knew you're a fucked up shit beyond redemption. Speaking of demons... The Saint Beasts also uses Makai insects to make humans into mindless zombies and then there's Rando who apparently killed other 99 masters and obtained their techniques but that was mostly offscreen villainy at best.

There's also several corrupt rich people who established the Dark Tournament for their own amusement and some of the rich people are also the members of a criminal syndicate known as Black Black Club, founded by Gonzo Tarukane who also abuses Hiei's sister physically and emotionally just to get the diamonds. And yeah, as far as hurting children goes, there's Gouki who eat souls of children.

Regardless, I think Chikou can make it to the PE list. Here's the thing, rape is a rather unique crime in the series and what Chikou had done to Mukuro is a rather uniquely fucked up crime at its finest. This is one of the cases where a PE villain had only one victim but a burst of cruelty that they had done literally puts them on this category. Everytime when Mukuro's birthday comes, Chikou has no hesitation to rape her as a birthday present and everyday, she got a scar because of it... That is one of the most disgusting and reprehensible act that no other villains of YYH has ever commit so there's that.

Final Verdict


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