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Did this guy on TV Tropes, some certain proposal spark my interest with proposing him in this wikia. And as a result, I'm gonna propose this guy on this wikia as fast as possible. But first, hear this song for fun when reading this proposal.

P.S. I'm mostly gonna copypaste my proposal from TV Tropes and adding some new spice on him so yes... And also fuck self-plagiarism rule OwO

What's The Work

Connected is a 2008 Hong Kong action-thriller film and basically a remake of an obscure film called Cellular that starred Chris Evans, Kim Basinger, William H. Macy and Jason Statham. So basically the story is about a man named Bob who receives a distressed call from a woman named Grace who has been kidnapped by corrupt Interpol agents with a hidden agenda.

Now, The Interpol themselves are pretty guilty in their crimes and contribute to the heinous standard. But there is one person that is stand out and basically their ringleader....Enter Fok Tak-Nang.

Who is He/What Has He Done

Senior Inspector Fok Tak-nang is a corrupt Interpol agent with a hidden agenda. He is basically the ringleader of Grace’s kidnapping. The film started where Grace and her car were knocked out by Fok’s men after she took her daughter to school. After she was knocked out, they went to her house, started ransacking the place and killing Grace’s maid where Grace was forced to watch. After this, Fok and his men brought Grace to an abandoned house. After she got trapped and tries to use the phone, one of Fok’s men destroys it. But luckily Grace manages to fix it and manages to contact Bob so that he could save him by lending his phone to a near police officer.

However, the call soon went interrupted as Fok and his man enter the abandoned house. Fok asked where her brother Roy is. When Grace answer that she didn’t know where her brother is, Fok and his men abducted Roy’s friend, Joe and forces Grace to call her own brother. If she refused, Fok’s men will beat Joe (which they already did) and then forces Grace to watch. When he asked Grace if she knew where her brother was. Grace replied that she didn’t know. Because of this, Fok kills Joe and then plans to abduct her daughter, Tinker.

When Fok’s men successfuly abducts Tinker, Bob chases after the abductors but ended up losing their sight of them in the struggle. It was also revealed that Fok orders one of the Interpol agents, Michelle, to impersonate as Grace. After Fok returns to the abandoned house, He then threatens to kill Grace’s daughter if she doesn’t tell where Roy is and when she answers that she didn’t know where her brother is and said that he was probably at home due to something happening to him, Fok prepares to kill Grace. However, he was interrupted by Michelle and got a message that Roy was fell down from the hill and ended up in hospital. Fok then prepares to abduct him.

When Fok and his men went to hospital, Bob manages to distract them by throwing his gun. However, this went backfired a bit since Fok and his men were revealed to be an Interpol Agents. Not only that, he succeeded in kidnapping Roy and took him to the hill so that Fok could retrieve Roy’s camcorder. When Fok and his men manages to grab Roy’s backpack, Bob intervenes and took Roy’s backpack and then flees from the Interpol agents. Unfortunately, he loses the connection with Grace.

As Grace tries to contact Bob, she is encountered by one of Fok’s henchman. However, she kills him and manages to find her daughter. Unfortunately, they got caught by Fok. When Bob tries to look at Roy’s backpack, he founds a camcorder and then Bob looks on one of the footage....In there, Bob founds the reason why Fok has been kidnapping Grace,Roy and Tinker. It was revealed in the footage that was taken by Roy that Fok and his men brutally executing American Drug dealers and stealing their contraband. And because of this, Fok tries to capture Roy and got rid of the evidence. When Fok finds out about Grace talking to Bob in the phone and thanks to Bob intervening with their business, Fok then threatens to kill the thing that Grace loves and then tries to shoot Roy and Tinker while forcing Grace to watch. Fortunately he got interrupted due to the call from Bob. Bob tells Fok that they need to meet him in the airport in an exchange for the hostages.

At the airport, Bob’s plan to met with his sister and his son are foiled as Fok conveniently stands between them and Bob's hiding place. After telling Fok to go towards the parking lot, he demands that Grace, Roy and Tinker be released. They flee to a patrol car that is also in the lot. Unfortunately, Bob is caught by Fok and his men, and fights against them until Fai catches up to them. Fok and his men are arrested by Detective Cheung and his Serious Crimes Unit. After Bob hands the videotaped evidence over to Detective Cheung, Fok and Tong, one of Fok's henchman, appear, and Cheung reveals that he was working with Fok. Fok then deletes the evidence and then prepares to kill Bob. A violent confrontation ensues in a loading dock in the airport and Bob confronts Fok in a scaffolding which the latter gave a No Holds Barred Beatdown to Bob and prepares to kill him. After Bob reveals he still has videotaped evidence on his cell phone and threatens to send it to the police, Fok kicks Bob off the scaffolding. A net manages to save Bob's fall, but sends Fok falling to his death. Killing him for good.

Freudian Excuse/Mitigating Factors

None that I concerned. As for Fok’s relationship with his underlings, Despite sharing crimes with them, I don’t see Fok interacting with his underlings a bit and he’s just treat them as what minions do. Nothing more. And yes, he may try to kept the Wong family alive but it was just a pragmatic villainy so that he could get the evidence. Not only that, when he got the evidence, he just tries to kill Bob anyway.

However, there's this elephant in the room I need to address a bit: Admittedly, he was one of the candidates that I want to contest because the discussion regarding action-thriller movie baddies that were rejected back then and I was rather a bit hesitant that Fok's bodycount? Isn't enough. But after seeing his American counterpart proposal and his admitted re-proposal again. Meh, I think I'll pass him.

Heinous Standard

This is where it gets tricky. Bob, the protagonist of the movie, thanks to his reckless driving for the pursuit of the kidnappers, ended up hurting some people like some construction workers. Luckily enough, the victims aren’t dying but ended up getting hurt. He also holds the store at gunpoint and so that he could got a charger, But funnily enough, he direct his gun to the floor although it manages to scare some people and no one is dying and he’s a debt collector. He definitely doesn’t count after all as he try to save Grace from the abductors and trying to kept his own promise to his son. Fok on the other hand, he murders several people, kidnap a person because her brother capture him shooting some drug dealers, ransacking the person house and kills the maid and he ended up sharing his own crimes to his fellow Interpol agents with him being a ringleader of the kidnapping and giving some orders to his underlings. Not only that, he also tries to kill a child after founding the person contacted a stranger to save her...Yea.

Final Verdict

Come to think of it, alright. He's an easy keep. Reason why I propose him in the first place is because he is one of the villains in my childhood that manages to scare me and when I rewatch the movie during the proposal? He's worse than before and I remember him being much more worse and sadistic compared to the American version so yea...