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Bored. Now since my EP of the first duo I put on the wiki, Adompha and Dwerulas, are successful (The page for both of them will be separate despite sharing similar crimes btw). It's time for me to propose another duo and this time is from the anime that I knew the most. Who are they? Let's find out!

What's The Work

Dream Eater Merry is a 2011 anime that tells us the story about a mysterious girl who wore a strange clothes called Merry Nightmare who falls on Yumeji Fujiwara—a boy with a strange powers that is an ability to see people’s aura and lives a comfortable live with his childhood friend and the literature club that he joined—one day and finds the way to his world and here’s the thing about Merry.....She is actually a dream demon or dream eater that who's searching for a way to get back to her world. Yumeji decides to help her. But meanwhile, an evil demon called Pharos Hercules is leading other dream demons to make humans into their vessels in order to raise an army, killing those that oppose him which causes humans to lose sight of their goals and ambitions. Yumeji eventually becomes Merry's partner, using his ability to scout out dream demons so Merry can hunt them.

Now, considering the anime itself is vastly different compared to it's manga counterpart and around Episode 6, there is a case about several innocent highschool students losing their ambitions and turning into nothing but apathetic shells of themselves. So, who is responsible for the students condition on becoming apathetic shells of themselves? Well, there are two candidates that I want to discuss today and they are none other than Ryota Ijima and Mistleteinn Treesea.

Who are They/What Had They Done

Well, for starters, Ryota Ijima himself is actually introduced as a benevolent highschool counselor in Yumeji's highschool at first, acting friendly towards Yumeji all the time. However, towards Episode 9, Ryota reveals his true colors as nothing but a sadistic bastard who forms a pact with a dream demon who can control plants called Mistleteinn Treesea.

Well you see, Mistleteinn herself is actually revealed to be a vicious dream demon who was born in the Land of Nightmares who, prior to the main story, butchered several of the Dream Demons that attempted to capture her and the leader of the Dream Demons that tried to capture her, Lestion, had a vendetta until this day and tries to finish Mistleteinn once and for all by forming a pact with a human girl named Chizuru Kawakami.

Speaking of pacts, after Mistleteinn made a pact with Ryota Ijima due to their sadism were compatible with each other and the latter had a goal to crush every child's hopes and dreams, the duo began a devious scheme by implanting the dream demons on the children Ijima had counselled while Mistleteinn butchered the dream demons for fun which resulted on the children themselves turning into nothing but apathetic shells devoid of their ambitions. This is not an isolated incident as we saw a lot of people becoming apathetic shells of themselves and according to Episode 6, the students who experienced that reached hundreds of victims.

Around Episode 9, Ijima then reveals his true nature as a not so benevolent teacher by beating one of his students by kicking her brutally in her head and it was soon revealed the duo began to implement a dream demon towards Yumeji's childhood friend, Isana Tachibana, which resulted on Yumeji, Merry and his companions fight against Mistleteinn and Ijima. During the battle, Mistleteinn display several sadistic streak by attempting to pierce both Isana and her dream demon so that she could make a human skewer out of them. However, Chizuru stepped in to stop Mistleteinn and said that she would protect Isana and her dreams no matter what, due to forming a bond with her. Mistleteinn then grew bored and said she'd let them go until next time with the promise to kill everyone of them.

After Lestion told his story about Mistleteinn towards Yumeji, Merry and his companions, they began to prepare a final battle once and for all against Mistleteinn and Ryota Ijima. During the final battle, Ijima was acting mostly as a delighted spectator while Mistleteinn goes hand in hand combat. Despite dominating at first, Chizuru and Lestion performs a heroic sacrifice to defeat Mistleteinn once and for all. However, it was soon revealed that Mistleteinn survived and then imprisoned Merry in a bud of sorrow, hoping that she would be destroyed by her own despair. Turns out it didn't last long as Merry was saved and then proceeds to defeat Mistleteinn once and for all. It is unknown what happened to Ijima afterwards.

Heinous Standard

So since this is an anime original content and both Mistleteinn and Ijima being the anime only original characters? I'd say they passes the baseline themselves. Implementing dream demons and having one of them butchered said dream demon in order to turn the students into becoming nothing but apathetic shells? Is kind of unique crime in my books and we saw a lot of people turning into apathetic shells devoid of ambitions and dreams which, according to Episode 6 of the series, is a LOT.

It helps that the duo both had a standalone crimes of their own with Mistleteinn slaughtering the dream demons that tried to capture her in the past which rack a huge bodycount and Ijima betraying his student's expectation by brutally beating her. The two are possibly the same character in one body with Ijima being the brains of the operation and Mistleteinn being the brawn of the operation so yeah...

Freudian Excuse/Mitigating Factors

Let's get this out of the way first. Starting with Mistleteinn herself. There is a quote from Lestion saying that Mistleteinn herself is a dream demon created in the deepest pits of hell from the negative emotions of humans. This probably skews her moral agency right? Except no...Her own species, Dream Demons, were shown to have agency of their own and it was proven that one of the demon made from nightmare itself, is also capable to feel love with human being.

If that wasn't enough, Merry is also the biggest evidence that dream demons can also choose their moral agency considering her willingness to learn the things that the human world provides and the real big bad of the manga, Pharos Hercules, who is also a demon made from nightmares and his goal? Attempting to merge the dream world with reality for I guess the benefit of his own people. So with that said, Mistleteinn herself is a sadist and embraces her own sadism, it's one of the reasons why she and Ijima were mutually compatible with each other. It's almost like Ryuunosuke Uryuu and Caster's relationship or at the very least, the relationship between Amy Kiriwo and Baal from Iruma-kun.

As for Ijima himself? I admit I kind of dismiss him due to the fact that he flunks the standard hard due to Mistleteinn's extra crime. However, I should note that being the brain of the operation trying to implementing dream demons towards his own students and let Mistleteinn butcher them without a second though? I'd say Ryota himself shares a huge responsibility with Mistleteinn too.

And yes, I admit another reason why I didn't think highly of Ijima is probably because of the moment where he screams Mistleteinn's name when she was seemingly defeated when Chizuru and Lestion performing an Heroic Sacrifice by attacking Mistleteinn, implying that he does show some care towards Mistleteinn to some degree. However, looking back at the scene again, I don't think it holds up for the variety of reasons because Ijima himself goes back to his sadistic personality after seeing Mistleteinn is still alive and the scene heavily implied that Ijima doesn't care about Mistleteinn, only her powers and he seemed distraught because I think...He was at a disadvantage. So yeah... I think he passes in my books.

As for both of them? No! The two does bond a Villainous Friendship but not out of genuine care, but because they share their mutual sadism with each other. Much like Piper Shaw/Kieran Wilcox or Amy Kiriwo/Baal, it's not mitigating at all.

Final Verdict

I think both of them are keeps. How about you?

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