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Alright, so it's been a long time since I've done PE proposal eh? Well, time to put another one and this one is already on my backburner for so long so I decided to prune this one first. Who is the candidate? Well, let's find out.

What's the Work

Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth is a 2005 survival horror game. One of my personal favorites despite haven't played it yet (Dw, I did skim the LPs so I know the gist of the story), the story tells us about the Private Investigator from Massachusetts, Jack Walters. You see, 6 and a half years ago before the main story, Jack investigates one of the cults that apparently worship an extra-terrestrial being known as The Yithians as the neighbors began to show concerns towards them. After Jack investigated the cult, he was then put into a mental asylum and it was revealed that he is a descendant of the Yith and all stuff. Keep in mind that the Yithians are not the ones that we are talking about today...

Instead, let's get back to the present where Jack was released from the asylum and resume his job as a Private Investigator. He was then contacted by the regional manager of the First National Grocery Store, Arthur Anderson, to find out about a missing person named Brian Burnham, who supposed to be a manger of the Grocery Store in a town known as Innsmouth. Initially declined, Jack decided to do a job anyways.

Here, Jack founds out that Innsmouth? Is basically almost like a small scale North Korea with the buildings are pretty much dilapidated and lack of trade towards the outsiders because of their prejudiced view towards them. Most of the town are populated with monstrous-looking hunchbacked citizens who are oppressive towards normal looking people and also towards the outsiders. You see, those monstrous-looking citizens? Are revealed to be the hybrids between humans and the fish-like monster known as Deep Ones.

Here's the story on how why Innsmouth looks like this before we get into the candidate: Basically a sailor named Obed Marsh tried to save his town that were began declining in trade by sailing overseas until he met with a tribe in the Pacific Ocean known as the Kanakies led by their chief, Walakea. This is where Obed knows about Walakea's strange religion that worshipped the Deep Ones as they were given Golds and Fishes in return. Desperate on saving his town, Obed has no choice but to practice this kind of religion as a last resort to save his town and thus established a new religion known as Esoteric Order of Dagon who worshipped the leader of the Deep Ones, Father Dagon and his consort, Mother Hydra.

Things went fine and dandy at first until the Christian folks started rioting towards Obed and his cult due to reportedly missing person in the town and lack of people attending the church ceremonies. As a result, Obed and his followers were thrown in jail until the fateful night in 1846 as the Deep Ones began a horrific massacre in the town as hundreds of people were killed and in turn, Obed become the ruler of Innsmouth while forcing the citizens to participate in the Esoteric Order of Dagon and took their oaths while also having no choice to play as a tyrant to prevent a greater evil and his leadership was passed through the generations and turns the Innsmouth into a dilapidated shithole that it is today.

Anyways, with that being said, our candidate here? Is the great grandson of Obed Marsh himself and is also the leader of the Esoteric Order of Dagon. Meet Robert Marsh everyone.

Who is He/What Has He Done

Hoo boy... So Robert? Continues his grandfather legacy to lead Innsmouth with an iron-fist which again, I tell you, still makes Innsmouth looks like small scale North Korea. Any healthy looking people are being abused and oppressed by Robert Marsh and his brethren and Robert has no hesitations to executes the people left and right who defy The Order of Dagon. Some of the victims that were executed are the likes of Zadok Allen, an elderly drunken fisherman who decided to tell all of the stories regarding Order of Dagon towards Jack, Thomas Waite who was accused of murdering his daughter (Although he didn't die from execution, he will be lynched by the Innsmouth Citizens and as a result, he committed suicide as a last resort), Ramona, and the father of one of Innsmouth Citizen, Rebecca Lawrence, who was executed because he defied The Order of the Dagon.

And considering Innsmouth being a Small Scale North Korea? Robert and his brethren of course has a rather hostile attitude towards the Outsiders. After Brian Burnham manages to seduce one of the important figures of Innsmouth, Ruth Billingham, and tried to escape the wretched hellhole by trying to break Thomas Waite's safe, Brian was then imprisoned and will become a sacrifice for Father Dagon and Mother Hydra as a result. And of course, being an outsider who only wanted to do his job finding a missing person, Robert then orders most of the Innsmouth Citizens to hunt Jack and kill him which causes him to escape Innsmouth.

Meeting with Brian Burnham in the jailhouse, the two then decided to escape alongside Ruth until Brian was shot by one of the Innsmouth's citizens and Jack was rescued by the FBI. It was then revealed that FBI had keep a watch on Innsmouth for some time because of the widespread criminal activity that the town has considering half of the population of the town were involved in it. After gaining an incriminating evidence from the Marsh Refinery, the FBI and the military then launches a full-scale raid towards Innsmouth.

During the raid, the FBI and the military decided to arrest Robert Marsh who hid himself in the Esoteric Order of Dagon as he protects the Headquarters by casting a black magic spell which causes the military having some seizures when entering the building. As Jack snooped around in the Headquarters of the Esoteric Order, he then found Robert Marsh's diary about his grandiose plans to continuing his grandfather's works to translate the tablets of Dagon and summon the Deep Ones to bring the humanity at their feet which would scream The End of the World as We Know It as he found that the Time of Humanity is done and all stuff.

When Jack decided to crash the party, Robert then orders his cultists to kill Jack while he retreated to the smuggling tunnel that led to the Devil's Reef. As Jack tries to pursue him, he then accidentally fell into one of the smuggling tunnels until the sailors of the ship, SS Cutter Urania, pick Jack up to their ship. As SS Cutter Urania and the other two ships attempts to approach the Devil's Reef, Robert, alongside the cult members then summons the wave caused by Father Dagon and the Deep Ones to attack all of the members of SS Cutter Urania which killed most of them.

After defeating Father Dagon and the cultist who summoned the waves to kill the SS Cutter Urania members, Jack found himself in the Devil's Reef and at one point, experienced a dream about Robert Marsh and his cultist sacrificing a human just to summon the Deep One which is true considering Jack's Yithian's powers. After Jack manages to access the city of Y'ha-nthlei, it is soon discovered that he created a magic barrier to protect the city so that he could continue his work translating the tablets of Dagon. When encountered by his brother, Sebastian, Robert then told him that his business and his experiment have no further use for The Order much to Sebastian's anger as he shot his brother. This resulted on Robert retaliating by killing him with a black magic and when Jack encountered him, the two then fight against each other until Jack manages to kill Robert by stabbing him with a knife, killing the mad cultist once and for all.

If you want to ask me about the end of this game? Y'ha-nthlei was destroyed by the military, Dagon and Hydra were thwarted for now and The Order of Dagon were disbanded and Innsmouth are destroyed as a result. However, Jack ends up committed suicide in the asylum after the Yithians used him as a pawn to kill the Flying Polyps that were imprisoned beneath Y'ha-nthlei so yay I guess? A sequel was planned for this game but considering Headfirst Productions bankruptcy... It never happened.

Freudian Excuse/Mitigating Factors

If you want to ask me? I don't think there's any mitigating factors that can be attributed towards Robert. He's just a fanatical religious nutjob who is solely devoted towards The Order of Dagon and just want to see the human race fall so that The Deep Ones can reign supreme. And yeah, you'd be forgiven that one can intepret that he does seem to idolize his ancestor to some degree which is understandable but no... I don't think that's mitigating either given I think Robert's goals went against grandfather intentions to make Innsmouth great again and preventing the greater evil to surface.

And initially, I dismissed Robert due to him shutting the lab for experimenting on civilian seems like an Even Evil has Standards Moments but no... He did that because it's no further use to him and his goals so... In the end, I'll let you guys decide on this one.

Heinous Standard

As far as the heinousness goes, true that Robert doesn't cause the Innsmouth citizens being oppressed or at the very least complicit in his crimes which turns the city into a small scale North Korea given that this is the leftover of Obed Marsh's wrongdoings. Speaking of Innsmouth Citizens, I would considering Charles Gilman given he is a Serial Killer who tortures and cannibalizes his victims for pleasure but I'm not sure about him for reasons.

And as for Robert's brother Sebastian? He certainly meets the standard by committing inhumane experiments and attempting to sell a contagion that he made to the highest bidder towards the enemies of the state. He doesn't count because he does display some care towards his family, bitterness with Robert aside, and he wants to do what's best for Innsmouth. Robert? I think just clenches the heinous standard given it is stated that his plan would be a lot more grandiose compared to his brother which is culling humanity at its finest and put them beneath the Deep Ones and he does have a sizable bodycount as well from executing the dissidents of the Orders and killing several sailors from SS Cutter Urania and given that there are two ships that aided Urania to attack the Y'ha-nthlei? Yea... I suggest his onscreen bodycount is a lot higher.

Final Verdict

Unsure, I'll let you guys decide on this.

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