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Alright, a brand new proposal from me. Initially, I was hesitant on proposing this character in question but given she was proposed on another site and got approved as a result despite my initial hesitations, meh... Sure, I will try to give it a shot on this wikia regardless. Before doing this, I have to thank MasterN for proposing said character on another site because yes, this character is from the game that I also skimmed but hesitant due to substantial plot issues.

What's The Work

Do it For Me is a side-scroller game by LixianTV--who apparently is an editor for Markiplier and also an animator--that tells us about a mega simp who got infatuated by a charming girl albeit a bit creepy one at that as he was tasked to kill all of the monstrous creatures known as Wooffles. As the game progresses however, things is not what it seems as the girl hides some dark secrets at the end... Yes, the girl is the candidate I will be discussing today.

Who is She/What Has She Done

(Alright, full disclaimer alert: Before you read this EP, I need to note something, in the work proper, the candidate in question pretty much has no name. However, for a little bit of a fun, I am going to call the characters in the EP as Roger for the Boy and Emma for the girl because why not. The candidate in question will stay unnamed when I created the page on her so if you want to ask me, just call the candidate in question the unnamed girl and Roger the unnamed boy in the comment section. I'm okay if you call him Emma but it's not his canon name, it's just a name that I made up for this character for fun :P)

Alright, so our ultimate simp Roger here got infatuated by a girl named Emma. Emma? Decided to use this as an advantage to manipulate Roger to kill all of the monstrous creatures known as Wooffles. Towards the end of the game however? Well... It was then revealed that the Wooffles themselves are the innocent students in their school as Emma has been manipulated Roger to commit several murders just for fun. Anyways, the game itself had an outcome of Five Endings and special thanks to MasterN to tell me the requirements to get the endings:

  • Puppet: If you collect at least one heart and kill at least one wooffle without getting your way to do so, this ending is where Roger has somewhat of a Heel Realization as he became aware that Emma was a monster all along who manipulated him for her own benefit. When got caught by the police, Emma decides to play a victim which causes Roger to be captured by the police at the end as she got away with her crimes.
  • Blind Love: If you collect all of the hearts and kill all the wooffles, Roger enhances his simping nature up to eleven as he was thrilled doing the massacre so that he could win Emma's love. Emma, being an uncaring psychopath she is, didn't respond to Roger's feelings as she start picking a gun on her locker as she attempts to massacre everyone in the school, starting with the teacher's room in order to leave no witnesses.
  • Innocent Love: Or better known as where Roger becomes full Denji from Chainsaw Man mode. If you collect all of the hearts but don't kill any single wooffles, he suddenly had a Heel Realization much like the Puppet ending as he refuses to kill all of the students. This resulted on Emma attempting to perform a murder spree starting with killing Roger. Despite the things she had done, Roger still loves her, much like what happened with Denji and Makima in Chainsaw Man lol.
  • Psychopath: If you kill all of the wooffles but not collecting the hearts, this ending has the protagonist doing the massacre on his own volition instead of the fact that he did this because he simps for Emma and ends up killing Emma at the end, liberating himself from her control.
  • Awake: If you didn't kill all of the Wooffles and didn't collect the hearts, Roger again, has a Heel Realization much like the Innocent Love and Puppet ending as he becomes aware on being manipulated by Emma to kill all of the innocent students in school which causes him to call the police in order to get her arrested. Fortunately, this is the best ending that the game had because Emma ended up being arrested in the end due to illegal possession of a firearm.

Heinous Standard

As for Heinousness issues? Not a problem. The elephant in the room is that yes, in the Psychopath ending, Roger does the massacre on his own volition but keep in mind that the girl also mediate the murders in the first place. Keep in mind that in two endings? Emma attempted to ramp up the bodycount by performing another massacre at the end as evidenced in the Blind Love ending where she tried to massacre all people in school starting with the teacher's room so at the end, she becomes a lot worse compared to Roger who commit massacre on his own volition at the Psychopath ending and keep in mind her characterization is played as consistently as ever in both endings.

Freudian Excuse/Mitigating Factors

As far as freudian excuse and mitigating factors goes in the game... There's none to be exact. True that in Blind Love? Roger does show love with her and become thrilled as he watched the massacre happened. Thing is, she never responded that love back, being an uncaring psychopath she is.

Any other mitigating factors? Well, I have to admit that the reason why I hesitated is because of the game fulfill the substantial plot or not given the game is short, around 20 minutes of playthrough as I've seen ManlyBadassHero and Alpha Beta Gamer's playthrough of it and most of the story happened if you get some of the endings which is why I'm hesitating if the game has substantial plot at all. But here's what MasterN has to say on the matter via his EP on another site:

"As for the short length itself, that is my primary concern- whether there is substantia plot. I say that there is characterization- the main character is a Love Martyr who has an internal struggle symbolically represented by the Retraux game world, has a Heel Realization in three endings, and becomes totally crazy in two, while the girlfriend is a controlling sadist. Not much, but it is definitely there, at least for me."

Mmmmm... Can't say I agree but given the characterization and all and how I'm adamant on keeping Mr. Widemouth on the list? Meh... Sure, I'll give this one a go but I'm still unsure.

Final Verdict

Eh... I could go either way nonetheless, mark me as an abstain but leaning on cautious no for now. This one can be a double edged sword and you'd be forgiven if you think the game has no substantial plot or some of the endings can screw the heinousness. you could watch the walkthrough here if you want to clear some doubts.

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