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NOTE: This blogpost is NOT for glorifying PE status. I re-created this list for archival purposes and to show that both Villains Wiki and TV Tropes had different standards when it comes to qualifying someone for Pure Evil/Complete Monster category. This can be moved to Pure Evil wiki if people disagrees with this to be on the wikia although I'll archive it. However, I also made this list just for fun. Special thanks to the user, Lord Raymond D. Vink, for this list and I decided to revive it with my own version even though it's almost the same. Also, there is a reason why I decided to revive this post: To show that both two sites are not infallible when it comes to information regarding PEs and enforces the idea that PE/CMs will always belong to YMMV and will always be subjective in the long run.

List of PEs who are both approved and rejected by TV Tropes and Villains Wiki respectively. If there is anyone I missed, feel free to tell me in the comments below. Thoughts?

Addendum: If you want to suggest me about the villains who was rejected on TV Tropes as PE but approved in this site and vice versa, please tell me their reasoning why they were rejected in the first place and which site that reject him yet approved him in the end.

Villains Approved by Villains Wiki, but not TV-Tropes:

On the way to be approved

Villains who were used to be Approved but now Removed

Villains Who Used to be Rejected but now Approved

Villains Disapproved by Villains Wiki, but not TV-Tropes:

Special Cases

  • Sonic.Exe (Rejected from Villains Wiki for Exploitation but still approved on TV Tropes+Several stories involved demonizing character are moved to the sister site, Villains Fanon Wiki)