Alright. This is a new kind of blogpost of mine. Since a person called Jaythegeraldman proposed the idea of reviewing several villains and I saw several reviews created by another users such as AnSon828511, I don't see why not on creating my version of villain review. The format will be a bit different since I'm mostly listing the Pros and Cons of the villain that I will mostly review. Regardless, let's begin the review shall we.

Who is She?

Kurara Tendo

Incompetents like you should at least make themselves useful as test subjects for a new drug... Right, Chichi?

Kurara Tendo or better known as The Sparrow Woman is the main antagonist of the 2018 anime known as Release the Spyce. She is the current head of the criminal organization known as Moryo and is an Expy of Ernst Stravo Blofeld as this makes sense due to her nickname "The Sparrow Woman" as she carried her sparrow, Chichi, to have a bit of cordial chat with it despite Chichi was mostly act as Tendo's accessory. Most of the time, she acts as a faceless yet mysterious antagonist in earlier episode until she reveals herself as a beautiful yet still mysterious woman in Episode 6 who ended up eliminating her conspirators.

As the head of Moryo, she is wholly devoted to her mission to Take Over the World and her own organization and is a rather ruthless terrorist mastermind. If you decided to work for Moryo, expect that she will eliminate you or using you as an experiment if you ended up screwing up or becoming a liablity. Beautiful and dangerous, she is truly worthy on becoming Tsukikage's most dangerous adversary.

Anyways, yeah... You probably know her as she was approved as a PE on both TV Tropes and this wikia alone. You can thank me for that :P And I'll be honest that her PE EP is one of my personal favorites and I call it one of my best accomplishment in a site. Granted yes, PE is not a badge of honor but regardless, I would love to review this villain in question whether she had pros and cons at the end of the day.

Pros of her Being a Villain

Here are the list of pros of her being a villain:

  • First of all, I love her design, it's beautiful, sexy yet intimidating at the same time. With her sultry red and black kimono, her blonde hair and purple eyes, you know that she's going to be a rather beautiful yet intimidating villain. I do really like her disguise as Fumiko Torimaru as well, reflecting a beautiful yet gullible persona so that she could infiltrate Tsukikage a bit.
  • As a High ranking of Moryo, she's surprisingly devoted and competent with her job, willingly to take extreme and pragmatic measures to achieve her goal. Sure, at the end, she might not care for her own higher ups but Kurara clearly is fanatical and devoted to Moryo's goal on brainwashing people and taking over the world to guide them to a new age. She will definitely get rid of the people who become a liability or screwing up with her plans but you won't deny she definitely got a style when it comes to committing several crimes due to her cold hearted pragmatism, her intelligence and her devotion to succeed (With the exception of running the Prostitution, yeah...That's a bit skeevy). Oh! And do I need to mention that she seemingly doesn't like too much overt destruction of a property because it doesn't contribute to her plans...Yeah, she's definitely ruthlessly pragmatic albeit the standards can came across as hypocritical which is always welcome btw.
  • Her appearance in a show about cute girls doing cute things was truly unexpected. I admit I didn't expect the show to have a Game Changer or at the very least a Pure Evil villain. Yet Kurara proves me wrong and her first appearance has her experimenting on her subordinates who failed her and she then doesn't hold back to commit more heinous acts in later episode. It helps that she is a rather threatening and intimidating villain who took her job seriously like if you see her for the first time, you knew that she is someone who you don't want to mess up with which is actually pretty interesting in my books and her appearance does cause a bit of a whiplash as you know something serious is going on.
  • If you're on her good side, she's surprisingly a bit friendly to talk to despite she does have no hesitation to use you for her own ends. In addition, she does have a cordial relationship with her parrot and all despite treating it mostly as an accessory to bring. Her personality can be a bit seductive like a mother when she's outside her work.
  • I do love her final battle between Momo and Tendo. It's a bit intense and the choreography is kind of decent but damn, Tendo doesn't pull no punches when it comes to fight Momo and there is a shades of graceful loser after being defeated at the end as she fall into her death.
  • I love her VA, Shizuka Ito, and she does a decent job at voicing this character.

Cons of her Being a Villain

Now with the pros out of the way, let's go to her con:

  • I admit she's a bit mysterious when it comes to her story. I really wanted to know her a lot more. Who is she and why she does suddenly have a high devotion with Moryo? Granted that mysterious villain doesn't necessarily means that it's bad writing. If you pull your cards right, mysterious/enigmatic villains can be threatening and frightening but with Kurara's case? I would love to know more on why she's join Moryo and suddenly got devoted and all.
  • Despite spending her time as a faceless mastermind, her reveal is kind of meh in my opinion. It would be interesting if the reveal in question actually ended up making The Sparrow Woman as a character who is close to the protagonist (It would make sense if Sparrow Woman is revealed to be the owner of the cafe where the spies hang out) which would make it rather gut punching. But considering the twist ended up giving the Sparrow Woman title to a woman whom we actually never knew about or having a personal relationship with the spies before the reveal (I know that Momo's mentor, Yuki, had a rather intense hatred with her as she was the one who killed her mentor in front of her. But I'm mentioning the previous episodes before the reveal) feels making the reveal kind of weak in my opinion.
  • Given that she is an expy of Ernst Stravo Blofeld, you would be forgiven that her goal feels rather generic as she aims to take over the world and rule the humans with a new order and it's kind of understandable. It does help that the flaw was mitigated a bit due to her extreme devotion of her job and the way she did it. It's not the most original of plot but yeah...

Final Verdict

At paper, you could argue that Kurara seems like a two dimensional villain who is seemingly tried to take over the world for her own gain. That and her reveal in Episode 6 is kind of meh in my books. But as the time went by, I started to grow love her due to her character design, her seductive personality, her cold hearted pragmatism and her devotion on her job and for an anime original project, she does her best on what she's given. You have an opinion on her, leave the comment below and I would love to see your reaction with her.

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